12 Savory & Sweet Recipes Featuring Delicious, Nutritious Pecans


Everyone recognizes pecan pie? No Thanksgiving treat table would certainly be total without it!

But this wonderful nut is flexible and also so tasty– and also nourishing!– that it is worthy of to be in the limelight greater than simply annually.


Pecans are the just significant tree nut native to America– kinda cool? And also considering that Thanksgiving is a distinctly American vacation, it makes good sense that we utilize them freely when preparing our yearly banquet.

But did you recognize they include crispy appearance and also all-natural sweet taste to any kind of dish, whenever of the year? They are particularly tasty blended with dried out fruit for a fast route mix, threw over early morning oat meal, yogurt parfaits, or salads, or sprayed as a full-flavored mattress topper on dips or pastas.

Pecans likewise make a very easy, mobile treat all by themselves. They do not call for peeling or shelling, and also are very easy to load right into a lunchbox or knapsack.

It’s not a surprise that several timeless Southern meals utilize tasty, nourishing pecans, considering that a lot of the pecans in the United States are expanded in over a lots Southern states. American family members farmers create over 80 percent of the globe’s pecan supply.

Mexican Wedding Cookies


Pecans are so rewarding and also normally wonderful– however they’re genuinely a nourishment giant.

A handful of pecans– concerning 19 fifty percents– supplies an excellent resource of zinc, fiber, and also thiamin, and also is an exceptional resource of copper and also manganese, a mineral that’s necessary for metabolic process and also bone wellness. Pecans have an one-of-a-kind mix of unsaturated fats, plant sterols, fiber and also flavonoids that amount to aid advertise a healthy and balanced heart *.

In reality, research study shows that consuming an offering of pecans every day could help in reducing your threat of heart problem!


Like other nut, toasting pecans prior to utilizing them in cooking salads or dishes triggers their oils and also highlights their taste. They end up being, well, nuttier!

Try toasting your pecans at 350 ° F for 10 to 12 mins, mixing a couple of times throughout food preparation. When they scent delightfully nutty and also have actually transformed a couple of tones darker, they’re all set.

Like several various other oil-rich nuts, pecans have the lengthiest life span when saved in the fridge freezer, particularly if you acquired your nuts wholesale and also will not utilize them within a couple of weeks. Press as much air as feasible from the bag and also freeze for approximately 2 years. This holds true for both toasted and also untoasted nuts.

Here are 12 of our favored methods to utilize pecans in dishes that go method past pecan pie!

* Note: According to the United States Food and also Drug Administration: Scientific proof recommends however does not verify that consuming 1.5 ounces each day of a lot of nuts, such as pecans, as component of a diet plan reduced in hydrogenated fat and also cholesterol could lower the threat of heart problem. One offering of pecans (28g) has 18 g unsaturated fat and also just 2g hydrogenated fat.

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