4 Recipes that Prove Why Wild Alaska Seafood is a Great Choice


This web content was created in collaboration with the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute, a public/private collaboration in between the state of Alaska as well as the Alaska fish and shellfish sector to advertise its wild, all-natural, as well as lasting fish and shellfish.

Show of hands: How several of you have stood in front of the fish instance, staring backward and forward in between your options as well as had definitely no concept what to get?

We do not indicate simply picking in between salmon or halibut for supper, however exactly what is absolutely the finest selection? Wild-caught or farmed? Pacific or Atlantic fish? Is this certain varieties being overfished? Is this fish secure to consume? Is it worth the cost?

Among all the options offered to us, there is one name that we feel you could rely on, which’s Alaska fish and shellfish.

Certified Alaska fisheries are dedicated to adhering to lasting as well as secure angling methods, every one of which is wild-caught. The Alaska fish and shellfish sector strives to make use of 100% of the fish they capture– transforming components of the fish that could not be marketed on the marketplace for points like fishmeal, fish oil, as well as family pet food.

Harvesting just the most effective fish and shellfish additionally indicates Alaska fish and shellfish is a healthy and balanced selection for you as well as your family members! Alaska fish and shellfish is normally high in a number of vital vitamins, consisting of vitamins E, A, d, as well as c, in addition to those critical omega-3 fats, which have actually been revealed to enhance cardio health and wellness as well as assistance protect against cardiovascular disease.

When acquiring fish and shellfish, request Alaska as well as you could be positive you are sustaining lasting, well handled fisheries.

Ready for some dishes ?! Here are 4 dishes that we’ve established utilizing wild-caught Alaska fish and shellfish, simply for you. Take pleasure in!

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