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As 2019 attracts to an in depth, the compilation and best-of lists are doing the rounds. After I see an article on superfoods, it makes me barely loopy. Is consuming an açaí bowl the dimensions of soccer ball actually a good suggestion? Some can get away with it, however most ladies I do know over 40 discover that this so-called superfood jacks up their blood sugar. I put on a steady glucose monitor, so I can inform you with certainty that açaí will not be a superfood for me, and might not be for you. Let’s take a more in-depth take a look at these superfoods, objectively assess their dangers and advantages, and see what is likely to be true for you.

I’ve been speaking about the advantages of most of those superfoods since 2013, again once I revealed my first e-book THE HORMONE CURE.


Avocados are a fruit–a berry with a big central seed. This is among the authentic superfoods that include wholesome fat. In case you are doing keto or gluten-free, avocados in all probability characteristic weekly, if not every day, in your meals as a result of it’s a meals that checks all of the containers. For this reason you will see avocados in so lots of my recipes for shakes, salads, even desserts. Plus they’re scrumptious.

Advantages of avocados:

  1. They’re a supply of wholesome fats that stabilizes blood sugar. Retaining your blood sugar in a wholesome vary is one in every of THE most vital steps you may take to increase your healthspan and maintain your mind wholesome as you age.
  2. Avocados are excessive in omega-3s and play a significant position in lowering neuroinflammation and nervousness. They’re additionally good in your coronary heart well being as a result of they’re wealthy in monounsaturated fats, considered protecting.
  3. This miracle meals has additionally been proven to lift dopamine, the feel-good hormone in your mind. Sure, avocados make you cheerful. Avocados are wealthy in precursors to dopamine—amino acids named tyrosine and phenylalanine so including this meals to your food regimen as usually as you may, might increase your temper.1

Are there dangers to consuming avocados? The principle downside I see in girls over 40 is that they eat an excessive amount of of a superb factor. Since avocado is a calorie-dense meals, the suitable serving is about ⅛ to ¼ per day. One California or Florida avocado has about 300 energy, and 24 grams of carbohydrates.

After I’m following the kind of ketogenic food regimen that I characteristic within the new e-book I’m writing, consuming an excessive amount of guacamole will pull me out of ketosis, so I maintain to a most of ¼ per day, about 2 to three occasions per week. For many of my sufferers, a well-formulated and modified Mediterranean ketogenic food regimen is the least inflammatory and the almost definitely to lead to secure insulin ranges and fats burning–and meaning limiting carbs together with growing wholesome fats. (By corollary, essentially the most inflammatory food regimen is the Normal American Food plan, which is excessive in carbs and fats, and low in superfoods.)

Fermented Meals

Fermented meals are nothing new in lots of components of the world, however for folks within the US making an attempt to enhance their well being, they’re comparatively unfamiliar. Fermentation is the breakdown of gear by the motion of yeast or micro organism. Fermentation is how we find yourself with wine or beer. But it surely additionally supplies us with fermented meals reminiscent of sauerkraut, kimchi, kefir, kombucha, miso, and tempeh. You may ask your self, why do you need to eat meals filled with micro organism within the first place? Good query. Most often, consuming meals that’s so outdated it’s fermented could be a giant no-no. However within the case of those conventional meals like sauerkraut or kimchi, fermentation yields main bonuses in your well being.

Advantages of fermented meals:

  1. They include loads of the great micro organism that you just want for a wholesome intestine. A wholesome intestine is a basis for each body and brain health. Intestine dysbiosis (a intestine that’s out of stability with too many dangerous micro organism) may be the reason for so many well being issues together with ones we sometimes consider as “psychological well being” reminiscent of nervousness and despair.
  2. Fermented meals are sometimes low in sugar and energy, however excessive in fiber, which makes them splendidly filling.
  3. Fermented meals additionally assist stabilize your blood sugar, which reduces meals cravings, retains insulin sensitivity excessive, and aids weight reduction.2,three

What are the dangers? I discover that sufferers with small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) have a troublesome time tolerating fermented meals. I like to recommend therapeutic the SIBO first, and progressively enhance the dose, beginning with ½ teaspoon of sauerkraut or kim chee. Able to make your personal superfood? Listed below are a few of my favorite fermented foods that you are able to do at dwelling.


Make 2020 the 12 months you embody this superfood in your food regimen frequently. They’re a significant supply of betalains, phytonutrients that counter irritation, defend the liver, and have antioxidant exercise.

Advantages of beets:

  1. Beets kick irritation’s butt. Chronic inflammation is on the root explanation for not solely continual illnesses that we’re conversant in reminiscent of coronary heart illness, most cancers, Alzheimer’s and diabetes however might properly be behind the explanation you’re struggling to shed extra pounds because of the impact of continual irritation on the thyroid.
  2. They’re a potent detoxifierfour: Betalain is that crimson pigment present in beets. Anybody who has ever peeled a beet with naked fingers will know what a potent quantity of this pigment the basis vegetable accommodates. Betalains promote cleansing within the physique by enabling the manufacturing of enzymes within the liver.
  3. Identical to avocado, beets elevate dopamine ranges in your mind, which makes my Red Velvet Shake a mood-booster.

Whereas I like the advantages of beets for heart problems, they’re starchy if you’re watching your carbs. One cup accommodates about 13 grams of carbohydrates, so I restrict my consumption of beets to ½ serving, often as soon as per week.


For keto followers, MCT oil is a every day a part of their food regimen serving to them to get into ketosis. However for a lot of, MCT oil is unfamiliar territory. MCT stands for medium-chain triglyceride. This oil is a really environment friendly sort of oil derived from coconuts that will get quickly transformed into power in your mind and physique as a result of it doesn’t require a cease on the liver for processing.

Advantages of MCT oil:

  1. It’s straightforward in your intestine. You don’t want bile acids to digest it, so it places much less stress in your GI tract.
  2. Good in your mind: I usually add a tablespoon to shakes after a exercise
  3. MCTs enable you to really feel extra full than long-chain fatty acids present in vegetable oils and may also help regulate the Fatso gene. The official identify of the Fatso gene is the Fats mass and weight problems related gene. This gene is strongly related together with your physique mass index and, consequently, your danger for weight problems and diabetes. In my e-book, YOUNGER, I usually suggest utilizing MCT oil as a dressing for salads.

Inexperienced Tea and Matcha

I’m a slow-metabolizer of caffeine so espresso makes me really feel too jacked up and disrupts my sleep. A morning cup of matcha (floor up inexperienced tea leaves) not solely energizes me with out the rev of espresso, nevertheless it gives a complete host of different advantages.

Advantages of Inexperienced Tea and Matcha:

  1. Matcha supplies a wealthy dose of polyphenols. These are antioxidants that stop oxidative stress from making you outdated and sick. One of many shining stars of matcha’s solid of characters is epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG).5
  2. Inexperienced tea leaves, stems, and buds include six forms of anti-oxidants generally known as catechins (of which EGCG is one), and all six clear your physique of free radicals and might weaken the chilly virus. Meaning if you catch a chilly, you’re much less more likely to get sick.
  3. Inexperienced tea has been proven to induce glutathione manufacturing and assist liver enzymes involved in detoxification.


Turmeric is a spice used extensively in Asian cooking. It offers dishes like curry their attribute yellow shade.

Advantages of turmeric:

  1. Fights irritation: spices like turmeric, ginger and garlic goal inflammatory pathways, and thereby might stop neurodegenerative illnesses. Boost your morning with my model of the Turmeric Latte
  2. Its anti-inflammatory properties make it one in every of my favourite spices so as to add to dishes like quinoa. Quinoa is an historical seed that may be a nice supply of zinc and folate, which can assist stop dementia. Turmeric plus quinoa is a mighty mixture to enhance your well being and enable you to age properly. In case you can’t discover turmeric root, use turmeric powder sprinkled on meals.
  3. Raises dopamine: you will see turmeric on my checklist of meals suggestions to assist battle habit in my newest e-book BRAIN BODY DIET

Make a decision so as to add these superfoods to your buying checklist in 2020. Your physique will thanks.


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