7 Sorts of Remedy I Don’t Need After I’m Residing With Alzheimer Illness


When I am living with Alzheimer disease, which I anticipate I will likely be at some point, I wish to do the issues I like to  do for so long as doable, and to be provided the chance to attempt new, engaging and enriching activities that may fill the final chapter of my life with pleasure and happiness. I don’t want to be labeled or “therapized,” or handled like somebody who’s lower than human, or worse like an object with not more value than a chair.

So please, future care companions, assist me to reside till I die: work together with me, assist me, invite me to grow and learn and to engage life with purpose and meaning and please, please, please don’t stigmatize it by calling it “remedy.” If issues carry on as they’re, individuals who reside with dementia will quickly be getting “meals remedy” each time they’ve a meal! And “sleep remedy” once they go to mattress at evening or have a day nap. It’s utterly ridiculous.

1) Pet remedy

I adored my little cat Pia Roma, who had lived with Mother earlier than she turned my treasured housemate. I hope I’ll have animal companions of some kind close to me till I too say goodbye to this place. Taking care of and loving an animal gives people of all ages purpose and joy. Objective and pleasure are necessary. I like to have animals round me; I see no motive to label being with animals “pet remedy” if and after I’m dwelling with dementia.

2) Music remedy

They are saying music is the common language. It connects folks, speaks to them in particular methods, and touches them at their core. I experienced its powerful effects first hand with Mom. By means of music, I realized many issues and located a lot pleasure. Whereas I believe I’ll like to proceed to expertise music in lots of varieties after I reside with dementia, I don’t see why having fun with music needs to be described as “remedy” just because my mind is altering.

three) Artwork remedy

I create artwork. I’m not a painter or a sculptor or a potter. At the very least not but. However I’ve created and I proceed to create multimedia works that deliver me and others pleasure and happiness. I hope that if I ever come to reside with dementia that I’m in a position to proceed with the creative actions I do now. Why ought to those self same actions be labeled “remedy” if I reside with dementia? The phrase remedy has implications I don’t like and I’ll thanks kindly to not use it after I’m dwelling with dementia.

four) Doll remedy

I by no means performed with dolls. By no means had youngsters. Not , no thanks. But when I did love infants, and taking part in with dolls as an individual dwelling with dementia made me really feel great and glad, why would it not should be referred to as “remedy?” Why not simply say each human being must really feel connection, love, objective, and that means and having fun with dolls, or stuffed animals or no matter, are different methods of attaining that?

5) Poetry remedy

i like to write down and make phrases rhyme,

in fact I do it all the time!

so cease the stigma should you please,

simply because my mind’s diseased.

It’s writing. It’s poetry. It doesn’t all of a sudden grow to be “remedy” as a result of one has a altering mind.

6) Train remedy

Significantly? Train remedy? With a number of exceptions, train is simply plain good for all of us, more often than not, it doesn’t matter what situation we’re in.

7) Gardening remedy

Ummm. Please. See 6) above.

Come to consider it, after I’m dwelling with dementia, don’t give me any form of remedy in any respect. Help me in doing the issues I’ve all the time loved and in exploring new methods of making objective and pleasure in my life. Sure, by all means, try this. However don’t name it “remedy,” as a result of I don’t wish to be stigmatized and have labels utilized to who I’m and what I do after I reside with dementia as a result of I would be the particular person I’ve all the time been solely in a brand new, completely different and equally stunning approach.

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