A Glimpse Into Mankind’s Greatest Mystery: Is There Life After Life?


As long as there have been reasonable human beings strolling the planet, the human race’s biggest secret has continued to be the exact same: exists life after life?

Dr. Raymond Moody was among the initial mainstream medical professionals to bring up the topic in his revolutionary job, Life After Life, released in1975 As a doctor, Moody had actually long had an interest in accounts of individuals that had actually returned from a Near Death Experience (NDE) with tales of their trip to an immortality. Nearly all of these experiences birthed comparable features: the individuals left their bodies, took a trip with a passage, met family members that had actually handed down and also really felt bathed in a relaxing white light of tremendous convenience and also love.

Moody shared his final thoughts by mentioning: “I do not mind stating that after speaking with over a thousand individuals that have actually had these experiences, and also having actually experienced lot of times a few of the uncommon and also truly confusing functions of these experiences, it has actually offered me wonderful self-confidence that there is a life after fatality. Actually, I have to admit to you in all sincerity, I have definitely no question, on the basis of exactly what my individuals have actually informed me, that they did obtain a look of the past.”

But experiencing an NDE is not the only method to have an individual link with the immortality. My visitor on Feisty Side of Fifty Radio, Sharon Prentice, PhD, had simply such an experience when her spouse passed away. She accompanied him as he went across over, leaving her body and also really feeling a drifting experience that thrust her much from the planet she understood. Eventually, nevertheless, they split– her spouse to go on to proceed his trip to the opposite and also Dr. Prentice to go back to the planet airplane and also to her body.

I had actually unknowned of the Shared Death Experience (SDE) up untilmy interview with Dr. Prentice Her account was spellbinding to state the least and also I urge you to hear her various other life experience.

Dr. Prentice blogs about her SDE with wonderful level of sensitivity and also understanding in her perfectly crafted publication, Becoming Starlight.It is with wonderful individual enjoyment that I recommend you examine that out along withher website Dr. Moody was, actually, so pleased by Dr. Prentice’s account that he created the foreword to this impressive publication.

Whatever your religions, this is a tale you will certainly intend to listen to. Whether you abide by an arranged religious beliefs, consider on your own an agnostic or count on a Universal Spirit, I urge you to check out this extraordinary glimpse right into the immortality. We could long dispute the methods of decency below in the world. If Dr. Prentice’s experience holds real for all of us, we are each predestined to come to be starlight … and also I can not believe of anything even more remarkable compared to that!


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