Algae: Keto & Vegan Superfood


Algae: The Keto & Vegan Superfood with More Nutrients Than Veggies (& Where to Get It)

I assume it’s risk-free to state we’re all trying to find a quicker, simpler method to safeguard our household’s healthiness in a globe filled with toxic substances and also bad food options. Today’s podcast is about an underappreciated superfood that could aid fill up the void.

They’ve recognize the key in Japan and also Asia for some time …

Sorry, no, it’s not wine or chocolate (disappointment), however many thanks to my visitor Catharine Arnston it could come to be equally as much of a staple in the American diet plan!

Energy Bits: Ancient Algae for Modern Times

When Catharine’s sibling got bust cancer cells in 2009, she right away committed herself to finding all-natural superfoods from around the world that can aid. She was amazed to discover years of study on the remarkable health and wellness advantages of 2 old “environment-friendlies” that have actually become part of the food cycle virtually given that time started … spirulina and also chlorella.

Catharine approached producing a mobile and also tasty method for even more individuals to obtain their environment-friendlies without consuming their veggies, in a manner of speaking. No demand for powders, water, or a blender or food processor … Catharine’s line of “EnergyBits” makes these superfoods yummy, mobile, and also constantly hassle-free.

Even particular eaters will certainly like them!

In This Episode You’ll Learn

  • the shocking factor the Japanese do not typically require any type of vitamins
  • why the initial superfood is among one of the most ignored in the American diet plan
  • just how a tiny offering of EnergyBits could please cravings and also maintain you complete
  • risk-free sorts of algae to consume (and also ones to keep away from)
  • why algae benefits rest as well as psychological health and wellness
  • the distinctions in between chlorella and also spirulina and also which may be an excellent selection for you
  • why we need to in fact desire some germs in our lives
  • the amino acids and also GLA that make spirulina virtually just as good as breastmilk
  • one crucial care if expecting or nursing
  • the best ways to ensure your algae is without toxic substances
  • and also much more!

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