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What Is Hen Nest

Edible bird nest or fowl nest soup is a delicacy originated from China that’s identified to have many well being advantages. Folks in China have been consuming fowl nests for greater than a thousand years. 


Edible fowl nest (EBN) is understood to have a particular ingredient known as Nutri collagen that’s stated to advertise youth in human life. Some additionally consider it has magical properties that may remedy most cancers. 


They’re additionally identified to supply many well being advantages reminiscent of enhancing wholesome pores and skin, strengthen the liver, cleanse the lungs, regulates the respiratory system, and enhance the immune system. 


Some folks even declare that after they devour EBN, it helps to stimulate their urge for food, help digestion, and pace up their restoration course of. 


Let’s see some details if all of the sayings are true.

How Edible Hen Nest is Made

Hen nest is a nest constructed from swiftlet’s gummy saliva. 

Swiftlets stay across the Indian Ocean and in Southeast Asia like Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand. Swiftlets construct their nest 3 times a 12 months.


It’s constructed by the male swiftlet to organize the feminine when she has to put eggs. 

Normally, it is going to be cleaned from the feathers after which combined with sugar/honey and water, then it is going to be known as edible fowl nest or fowl nest soup. Some premium manufacturers even combine some ginseng slices in it.


Hen Nest Advantages

Research have proven, fowl’s nest soup is wealthy in epidermal development issue(EGF). 

EGF is nice for pores and skin and tissue restore. Threonine present in fowl’s nest promotes elastin and collagen formation of the pores and skin and prevents pores and skin from growing old. That’s why folks devour fowl nest as a technique to preserve their youthfulness.


Hen nest additionally profit for the restoration of muscle tissue and pores and skin. Hen’s nest soup might assist the detoxing course of, helps cell division, stimulate and regenerate new pores and skin cells shortly.


Hen’s nest soup additionally identified to promotes higher sleep and helps cut back stress, anxiousness, and fatigue. 


Is Hen Nest Good For You

Hen nest comprises an considerable quantity of protein that known as important amino acids. In addition they include hormones like testosterone, estradiol, and substance like carbohydrates and lipids. Hen nests are additionally wealthy in calcium, iron, potassium, and magnesium.

In line with LiveScience, earlier analysis has indicated that the nests include substances that may stimulate cell division and development, improve tissue development and regeneration, and that it could actually inhibit influenza infections.


Is Hen Nest Good For Being pregnant

There are important amino acids and vitamins which may have constructive results on pregnant girls, reminiscent of:

It might assist cut back the chance of pre-eclampsia in pregnant girls. Glycine might additionally lower the potential for neural tube defects and promotes the excellent improvement of the fetus.

It might assist to keep up the hormones that play a component in preventing despair throughout being pregnant and postpartum. Tryptophan might additionally assist cut back stress, anxiousness, and fatigue.

It is called the happiness hormone. Serotonin might play a component in pregnant girls moods.

They’re important for optimum development for youngsters and nitrogen stability in pregnant girls.

Is Hen Nest Good For Youngsters

As talked about above, fowl’s nest comprises many proteins like important amino acids. It might hint parts that may stimulate a baby’s digestive system for wholesome improvement.


When consumed steadily on the beneficial portion, fowl’s nest soup will help stop colds and flus by enhancing the perform of the lungs and kidneys. 


Hen’s nest soup may assist preserve good well being and play a component within the immune system. The amino acids and minerals are important for wholesome improvement.


And fowl nest can be identified to be helpful for neurological stabilization processes and improve reminiscence in youngsters.


Is Hen Nest Good For Elder

The reply is sure, fowl nest is nice to hurry up restoration. As we become older, many of the instances, our physique shouldn’t be good as we used to earlier than.


Dry coughs, continual sicknesses, and fatigue are the most typical criticism that seniors have.


Hen nest additionally helps to help restoration from continual sicknesses. Hen’s Nest assist relieve respiratory illnesses, reminiscent of bronchial asthma or continual coughs. Additionally it is perform to stimulate the urge for food, enhance digestion, and stimulate bowel motion.


Why Hen Nest So Costly

Since it’s purely product of swiftlet’s saliva secretion, fowl nest is dear as a result of it’s hand collected. Normally, it’s present in caves close to shorelines cliffs or beneath eaves of home.


The nests are positioned within the vertical partitions of the caves; eradicating them could be very exhausting and harmful. 


After that, the lengthy work shouldn’t be performed, it needs to be cleansed from the feather, and it’s stated it will take eight hours to be cleaned.


Due to that, it’s offered at a excessive worth; thus, it earned the title, “Caviar of the East.”


It might appear to be some huge cash to pay for some nest, however when you think about the magnificent profit its provide, it’s well worth the worth.


There may be additionally a golden grade fowl nest, which is the best grade of fowl nest. And infrequently offered at a better worth. It’s thought-about the purest as a result of it’s edible upon harvesting and requires much less processing time.


It has thicker strands and has a stronger aroma when cooked. Generally it’s white, gold or pink in colour.

How You Drink Hen Nest

Edible fowl nest is classed as a tonic; subsequently, it ought to be consumed on an empty abdomen to permit the physique to soak up the vitamins higher. Which is often within the morning after you get up or within the night earlier than bedtime.


Folks often served it as soup, however you should use it as an ingredient in lots of dishes.


Here’s a checklist of substances you have to to make one portion of a fowl nest soup:

  • One pcs of edible fowl nest
  • One bowl of water
  • A handful of rock sugar or honey (optionally available)
  • Three pcs of pink dates (optionally available)
  • Two pcs of dried longan (optionally available)
  • 5 pcs of wolfberries (optionally available)
  • Three pcs of ginseng slices (optionally available)


Now, what that you must do is:

  • Wash your palms and put together the substances close to you
  • Put together a bowl with water and the dry fowl nest.
  • Soak the fowl nest for eight to 10 hours (in a single day). Soak it till it expands and softens.
  • Take away any remaining feathers with clear tweezers.
  • Decide a small bowl, and add the clear fowl nest with one bowl of water.
  • Add different substances as you would like ( pink dates, dried longan, wolfberries or ginseng slices)
  • Cowl it with the lid
  • Place the small bowl into a bigger pot and fill it with sufficient water, so the small bowl is submerged. That is known as double boiling. That is to be sure that the temperature of the fowl’s nest soup within the bowl doesn’t exceed 100 levels C, and the vitamins within the fowl’s nest are preserved. 
  • Depart the pot to boil for 15 minutes.
  • Take away it and add rock sugar or honey to make it candy.
  • Combine it for five minutes
  • Your fowl’s nest soup is prepared!


It’s best consumed chilled, so after you let it cool at room temperature, retailer it in a fridge. 


However in case you choose to devour it sizzling, then you may drink it after you boil it.


How A lot Ought to You Eat Hen Nest

It’s endorsed to devour fowl nest for 3 grams of dried fowl’s nest for youngsters between 1 and 12 years previous and 5-10 grams for teenagers and adults. 


P.s: In the event you expertise allergic reactions after consuming it, seek the advice of your physician.


In the event you select a bottled fowl nest, attempt to discover the one that’s low in sugar.


Ideas and Tips

Word: there are loads of faux edible fowl nest out there. So be sure to know the way to spot the true and the faux.


Listed below are a number of ideas for figuring out a faux:

  1. Purchase from a longtime retailer. There are many the explanation why they’re already in enterprise for a very long time. Its as a result of they’ve a wonderful observe file.
  2. Examine the colour and the form of the fowl nest. It ought to by no means be reflective or a pure white. They’re naturally ivory or yellowish. And there gained’t be a 100% an identical fowl nest as a result of they’re a product of nature, not from a manufactured machine.
  3. Scent it. An actual one ought to odor uncooked and fishy earlier than cooked. If it smells like plastic or has no aroma, you have to be conscious.
  4. Actual nests are fragile, so in case you discover a robust nest, perhaps it’s higher to depart.
  5. If it modifications colour after you soak it, get rid of it. No actual nest will change the colour of the water after you soak it for a number of hours. The faux one is often dyed.

After figuring out all of the details above, now you understand why it’s known as the Caviar of the East and what well being profit a fowl nest can provide. Whether or not you’re planning to purchase it for your self or getting a present to your family members, make sure that to purchase the perfect from HoneyCity.

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