Baked Candy Potato Taquitos Recipe


I’ve a weak spot for fried meals. I feel it’s that excellent crunching sound while you take a chew, however I’m positive the hot-delicious melted insides assist a bit, too.

It’s really one of many causes I’ve all the time refused to purchase a fryer—moderation and fried meals aren’t phrases that are likely to go collectively in my very own life so I’ve all the time prevented shopping for a fryer. I can’t be trusted.

Since we don’t typically fry meals in our home, I’ve gotten artistic through the years with baking meals you’d historically fry. Some experiments don’t work, whereas others, comparable to these taquitos, are nearly as crispy and golden brown as their fried counterpart. Somewhat little bit of oil brushed on the tortillas is de facto all you want.


For the filling, particularly vegan filling just like the one I’m utilizing at the moment, I like to stay to a vegetable or two together with beans — black, pinto, or white beans. Mashed beans make for a filling that sticks collectively, which makes the taquitos simpler to roll.

I wish to swap out the greens relying on the season. Proper now, with our crisp fall climate, I gravitate towards candy potatoes. However for spring, it’s all concerning the greens comparable to kale and spinach, and in the summertime, it’s zucchini and peppers.

Vegetarian Taquitos Recipe


As soon as the filling is made, making the taquitos is so simple as rolling the taquitos, brushing them with little bit of oil, and baking them.

Just a few phrases of knowledge from through the years: smaller, store-bought tortillas which have been heated in a humid towel make for the very best meeting. I’ve discovered the shelf-stable tortillas to work finest second to contemporary, selfmade tortillas. In case your tortilla cracks whereas rolling, they in all probability aren’t heat or damp sufficient.

Additionally, after rolling, be certain that the taquitos are positioned seam facet down. And to duplicate that excellent crunch, brushing the taquitos with oil earlier than baking.


These candy potato taquitos freeze nicely. Simply place the assembled taquitos on a rimmed baking sheet lined with wax paper. Be sure that the taquitos should not touching one another. Pop the sheet pan within the freezer and freeze them till they’re strong. Switch the taquitos to a freezer-safe container and freeze for as much as six months.

There’s no have to thaw earlier than baking. Simply add about 5 minutes to the bake time.


To maintain these vegan, I wish to drizzle with a variation of the cashew sauce. It’s nice with cilantro and garlic—I wish to preserve it easy.

Eat these taquitos as a tasty film snack or serve with them alongside a easy salad with greens and roasted greens for a lightweight vegan dinner. These taquitos are additionally an ideal hand-held toddler meal! As an alternative of topping the taquitos, I give my son a small bowl of cashew dip with these taquitos.

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