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Do we really need air filters?

There is some dispute regarding whether air filters are truly essential for a healthy and balanced house. Real, you could do a great deal for your interior air with a few well-chosen indoor plants and also it is one of the most cost-effective and also all-natural means to detoxify interior air. Given that indoor air is more polluted than outdoor air, and also with all of the chemicals and also off-gassing products utilized in house structure and also home furnishings today, air filters and also cleansers could just assist … as long as you get hold of the best one.

Indoor Air Pollutants

Whether it’s furnishings off-gassing or cleansing items utilized around your house, interior air top quality is frequently even worse compared to outside air. Also when we’re making use of the most safe items we can, it’s challenging to obtain far from these toxic substances and also chemicals completely. Include that a number of us need to maintain our home windows shut for months at once when it’s warm or as well chilly outdoors, and also interior air contamination is inevitable.

Some of the typical resources of interior air contamination are:

  • individual treatment and also cleansing items
  • cigarette smoke (also exactly what’s generated on a person’s garments)
  • gas varieties
  • water-damaged products
  • furnishings (pushed timber particularly)
  • brand-new structure products (brand-new floor covering, rugs, renovating, and so on)

And below’s exactly what these resources are adding to the interior air we take a breath:

  • asbestos
  • organic toxins
  • carbon monoxide gas (Carbon Monoxide)
  • formaldehyde
  • lead (Pb)
  • nitrogen dioxide (NO2)
  • chemicals
  • radon (Registered nurse)
  • mold and mildew

All of these interior air toxins enter our lungs and also flow via the body … not an optimal circumstance, specifically where young children and also children are worried.

Health Effects of Indoor Air Pollution

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), interior air contamination could trigger prompt signs and symptoms such as:

  • irritability of the eyes, nose, and also throat
  • migraines
  • wooziness
  • exhaustion

Long-term, bronchial asthma signs and symptoms could appear or get worse. Research studies additionally indicate ultimate breathing conditions, cardiovascular disease, or even cancer cells.

Research released in the journal Neurotoxicologyreveals that youth medical diagnosis of bronchial asthma, allergic reactions, Asperger’s and also Tourette’s could be connected to direct exposure of some interior air toxins.

A 1996 research additionally shows long-lasting direct exposure to interior toxins perhaps triggers Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS). MCS is a condition (not acknowledged by clinical companies) where the person responds to chemicals in the setting. Typically the signs and symptoms are exhaustion, mind haze, wooziness and also migraines. While it could not be formally acknowledged, countless stories from chemically suffering individuals recommend even more research studies are required.

Reducing Indoor Pollution

Though we can not obtain away from toxins completely, we could lessen the quantity of interior toxins in our residences. A noticeable area to begin in tidying up interior air top quality is to decrease the resource of toxins. Structure products, furnishings, cushions, cleansing and also individual treatment items, and also air fresheners could all add to inadequate air top quality. Below are some suggestions for lowering the resources of inadequate air top quality:

  1. Replace old furnishings and also cushions with less toxic choices.
  2. Replace standard individual treatment and also cleansing items with all-natural ones. (I could recognize where you could discover a couple of dishes for homemade home cleaning products or all-natural DIY beauty treatments!)
  3. If structure or rehabbing your residence, aim to utilize safe products from reputable “green” companies.

An excellent antique airing of your house by opening up home windows frequently could assist, yet if you reside in a location with a great deal of air contamination or struggle with seasonal allergic reactions, this could not be a great option for you.

Ways to Filter Indoor Air Naturally

There are numerous means to tidy up the air and also enhance air top quality in your house. I utilize a mix of all them:


A simple and also inexpensive means making an effect on the air top quality in the house is to utilize plants. Nearly any type of plant will certainly assist tidy up interior air (they soak up gases– consisting of CO2– via their fallen leaves) yet some are much better at it compared to others. A few of the most effective plants for cleaning indoor air are:

  • bamboo hand
  • lavender
  • aloe
  • tulip
  • English ivy

If creeping young children make you yearn for an additional choice, take into consideration hanging plants on a wall (or proceeding to the following couple of tips).

Negative Ions

Another means to tidy up interior air is via adverse ions. Several toxic substances are favorably billed. Both beeswax candle lights and also Himalayan salt lamps tidy the air by producing adverse ions which connect to toxic substances and also eliminate them from the air. Beeswax candle lights and also salt lights are additionally both kicking back and also attractive, making them a terrific enhancement to an all-natural house. It is necessary to keep in mind that neither of these services produces a great deal of adverse ions and also could refrain from doing a lot versus even more contaminated air.


Did you recognize the V in HVAC means air flow? That’s exactly how essential it is! An HVAC system that’s functioning appropriately ought to deal with air flow for you (yet make certain it’s been serviced lately!)

If your house is warmed with timber or various other alternate to an HVAC system, air flow is still essential. When feasible, allowing and also opening up a home window in some fresh air could do marvels. , if it’s as well chilly outside close off one space and also open up the home windows in that space for a hr or so.. When it’s complete of fresh air, shut the home windows and also open up the door to the remainder of the residence. The fresh air will certainly flow via your house yet will not influence the temperature level inside (much).

Again, if you have seasonal allergies or reside in a location with suspicious air top quality, this could not be an alternative for you.

Air Filters

And ultimately … yes, air filters are a terrific means to cleanse the air in the house! With all the choices around, below are the need-to-know truths on air filters I’ve found out via test, mistake, and also much study.

Why We Still Need Air Filters

Even after all the various other actions are required to decrease toxic substances in the house, a great air filter deserves the financial investment. Simply believe, presuming we invest half our time resting (or, if you’re a mom, a quarter of your time!) making use of an air filter also simply in the bed room could decrease direct exposure to air-borne toxic substances by 50%.

Do Air Filters Work?

Air filters do have a favorable effect on the quantity of toxic substances airborne. One research discovered that air filters got rid of greater than 70% (and also as long as 95%) of toxin fragments airborne. Various other research studies recommend that as a result of the decreased impurities airborne, vascular and also breathing (heart-related) signs and symptoms enhanced.

There typically aren’t way too many drawbacks to making use of an interior air filter, truthfully, yet a couple of points to bear in mind: If air filters remain in HVAC systems yet the systems are musty or have various other irritants, the air filter could not be aiding you. It’s additionally not real that a great air filter lowers the need for frequent dusting and also vacuuming ( sorry!), which is a vital ways of eliminating all yukky chemical fragments and also irritants from the house.

Different Kinds of Air Filters

There are several kinds of air filters offered on the marketplace, yet they all fall under one (or even more) of these classifications.

Ionic Air Filters

Ionic filters utilize electric cost to get rid of fragments from the air. This sort of filter generates adverse ions that bring in fragments airborne. As stated over, beeswax candle lights and also salt lights operate in a comparable means.

Carbon Air Filters

Activated carbon could soak up smells and also fragments airborne. Carbon is especially efficient capturing smells like cigarette smoke.

UV Light Air Filters

UV light air filters get rid of pollutants by revealing the air to a UV light. The UV light reduces the effects of most carbon based natural substances (like mold and mildew and also germs).

HEPA Air Filters

High performance particle taking in filters (HEPA) could get rid of approximately 99.97% of fragments airborne, making them the gold requirement for air filters. HEPA filters operate in 3 means:

  1. HEPA filters obstruct fragments as air moves via the filter. Bits that are close to a fiber airborne filter are captured and also entraped.
  2. Larger fragments can not get used to the modifications in air circulation in the filter and also face the fibers (and also obtain stuck).
  3. Microscopic fragments relocate an arbitrary, zig-zag like pattern (since they ram various other particles). They have a greater opportunity of being captured by the fibers since of this and also the means the filter is developed.

Zeolite Air Filters

Zeolite is a mineral that is extremely absorptive. It is composed of light weight aluminum, moisturized silicon substances, and also oxygen and also could catch hazardous gases and also smells such as ammonia, carbon, and also formaldehyde monoxide.

These filters could be utilized alone or in mix with each other.

Best Air Filters

There are many air filters offered on the marketplace it could be difficult to recognize which ones are great and also which ones typically aren’t. Infiltrating the choices (ha!), it appears a mix of entire system purification (a filter in the HVAC system, as an example) and also regional purification (an air cleanser) is ideal.

I own the Austin air purifier from Radiant Lifeand also run it in the household space. I also recently discovered the Air Doctor air filter and also purchased them for our bed rooms for its air top quality sensing unit function and also reduced cost factor. (It’s additionally a fair bit quieter, which behaves.) Since it’s extremely high top quality and also is advised by specialists,

Austin Air Filter

I like the Austin air filter. It integrates numerous of the air filtering system approaches defined over, consisting of turned on carbon, hepa, and also zeolite modern technology to get rid of one of the most toxins. Austin air filters are additionally assigned as “clinical quality” and also get rid of fragments as tiny as.1 microns (a micron is 1 millionth of a meter).

This air filter is additionally incredibly resilient (versus something that will certainly stop functioning and also wind up in a garbage dump in a year). Made from strong steel, the Austin air cleanser will not off-gas like plastic cleansers and also it even comes with a 5 year guarantee!

AIR Doctor Air Filter

The AIR Doctor air filter is similar in efficiency and also top quality to the Austin air filter yet has a somewhat reduced cost factor (and I’ve been able to negotiate it for much lower for a limited time).

This filter additionally utilizes a mix of a state-of-the-art HEPA filter together with a carbon/gas trap/VOC filter. Like the Austin Air it is a 100% closed system and also eliminates also ultra-fine fragments smaller sized compared to.1 microns. This suggests it eliminates extremely near 100% of fragments.

One benefit this filter has more than the Austin Air is an integrated sensing unit that checks the top quality of the air and also readjusts the filter to the appropriate degree of purification.

I value that the AIR Doctor filter is a little bit quieter as a result of enhanced follower modern technology, and also the limited-time deal they’re offering to Wellness Mama readers includes 2 free replacement filters.

Do We Really Need Air Filters?: Bottom Line

The brief response is: Yes! Various other methods for combating family toxic substances (like houseplants, beeswax candle lights, and also lowering toxins) absolutely assist, air filters are essential for a tidy interior air setting. Allergic reaction victims and also youngsters specifically will profit.

Do you utilize an air filter or any one of these air detoxifying suggestions? What has been your experience?


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