Body Art Dedicated to Our Babies


Do you have any type of body art committed to your youngsters? We asked our participants to share the tattoos that they entered honor of their children.

Sara T: My youngsters were embraced as embryos. This is them 5 days after perception.

body art
Image using Facebook/ Sara T

Jennifer C: I have a tiger for my 1st kid with a scorpion on its breast (he was birthed the year of the tiger as well as is a Scorpio). Second kid is a lion with the turtle that kips down to a serpent (he’s birthed the year of the serpent as well as is a Leo). As well as my little girl is an ape with a tail that develops into the Leo sign (she was birthed the year of the ape as well as is a Leo). 2 resting children in angel wings for the 2 children we shed.

Jenny S: For my kid, as well as it’s on my arm that I bring him with, so one day when he’s also huge to bring about I could still take a look at this as well as bear in mind exactly how once his little bottom rested right there after he went to sleep in the vehicle as well as should be lugged right into your home, or constantly he remained in my arms to have a look at brand-new points.

body art
Image using Facebook/Jenny S

Danielle B: I have my kid’s impact with his name as well as birth day. Since he has an unusual hereditary problem as well as he has actually been solid with all his health and wellness issues as well as supports are solid, as well as I have a 2nd one that is a support. The support additionally has the bow twisted around it as well as the name of his problem on it.

Linda H: Those are for my 3 little girls. I have not obtained heaven&& pink butterfly that I desire for my angel child yet as well as I’m getting something for my kid after he’s birthed (due 5/13/18).

body art
Image using Facebook/Linda H

Sandra D: I obtained my little girls call 3 days after getting home from supplying her as well as I additionally have one in memory of a kid I shed. I intend on obtaining my children as children (all 3) on my shoulder eventually.

Crystal J: My spouse as well as I have these matching tattoos with our little girl’s names as creeping plants in the form of a heart.

body art
Image using Facebook/Crystal J

Nicole B: This is not my tattoo however I will certainly be obtaining this with my little girl’s name either in it or listed below it. She has actually enjoyed Mickey/Minnie given that she was a child.

body art
Image using Facebook/Nicole B

Alyson W: I have my little girl’s 3-month impacts on my top right shoulder. In 18 much more days, I will certainly place my kid’s 3-month feet listed below hers. The photo is her 3-month feet tattooed as well as his newborn feet hrs after he was birthed.

body art
Image using Facebook/Alyson W

Debra H: Yup, their names get on my wrist as well as I have roses in the shade of their birthstones. I require to obtain a brand-new one for my latest youngster … Some very watercolor purple violets with her name, Violet, under it.

Linda M: The leading one is in fact my kid’s name in his very own handwriting in preschool. The elephants, my little girl as well as I have coordinating ones! The lower one, I obtained the infinity indication as well as my kid had Mom tattooed on his hand!

body art
Image using Facebook/Linda M

Cassie F: My fiancé as well as I obtained matching tattoos a week after our little girl Anna-Mae died. I wish to obtain her impacts positioned like a butterfly as well as a fox with a rainbow tail for her little sibling, my rainbow child.

body art
Image using Facebook/Cassie F

Yvonne K: I have an item my youngest laid out when she was 8. She really did not assume much of it, however I enjoyed it. When her papa as well as I divided, she mosted likely to cope with him. I was influenced to obtain it tattooed. She was impressed that I actually utilized it.

Beth L: I have an infinity indication with my little girls’ names in it. (The photo is from the day it was done, thus the red!)

body art
Image using Facebook/BethL

Megan K: I have my earliest little girl’s handprints on my shoulders. I intend to do my various other 2 youngster’s handprints (one from each) on my back making the form of a heart.

body art
Image using Facebook/Megan K

Angela H: My better half as well as I both have this. It has my ladies’ initials (additionally the deathly hallows from Harry Potter as well as is a rainbow since I’m queer).

body art
Image using Facebook/Angela H

Lauren R: P for Parker, S for Siena, as well as a heart. On my foot I damaged while marathon training to be a much better mother for them. This sought I finished it in April.

body art
Image using Facebook/Lauren R

Do you have any type of body art committed to your children? Share in the remarks!

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