Morning meal Tostadas from The Minimalist Kitchen




1 tbsp neutral oil

1 big egg

1 corn tortilla

1/4 mug surplus Refried Black Beansor tinned (see note)


1/4 avocado, cut

2 tbsps Quick-Pickled Red Onionsor Quick-Pickled Radishes and also Carrots(see note)

1 tbsp surplus Ancho-lada Sauceor store-bought (see note)

Pinch of Alfaalfa sprouts (optional)

Fresh cilantro leaves

Crumbled cotija

Lime wedge


Make the tostada: Heat a 10- inch nonstick frying pan over medium-low. When the frying pan is cozy, include the oil. Split the egg where the oil swimming pools, utilizing a silicone spatula to draw in the whites of the egg. Transform the warmth down more or draw the frying pan off the warmth for a 2nd if the whites of the egg start to bubble.

Cook for 1 min, and after that spoon the oil in the frying pan over the whites of the egg till prepared with. Meticulously eliminate the egg from the frying pan. Reserve.

Add the corn tortilla to the remaining oil in the very same frying pan. Transform the warm up to tool, and also fry the tortilla for regarding 2 mins on each side till toasted. In an additional edge of the frying pan, reheat the refried black beans till cozy.

To offer, position the pan-fried tortilla on a plate, and also leading with a shmear of refried black beans. Garnish with avocado pieces, the sunnyside egg, marinaded veggies, Ancho-lada sauce, alfalfa sprouts, if preferred, cilantro, and also cotija. Provide it fresh capture of lime, and also offer right away.

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