Calendula Tea Benefits & Recipe


Calendula tea recipe

I like calendula for its charm and also its healing properties Calendula tea is simply one method to harness the recovery power of this outstanding natural herb. While you normally simply consider tea for alcohol consumption, this certain tea is so flexible there are a million various methods to utilize it.

Well, near that anyhow!

Marigold Tea?

Yes, calendula is a type of marigold blossom! We do not recognize precisely just how and also why it was called, we do recognize that marigold comes from “Mary’s Gold,” a name provided to the blossom in honor of the Virgin Mary.

Before you attempt to make tea from any type of marigold, you need to recognize there are 2 categories of marigold– Taget and also Calendula. The Calendula range is the only range made use of inside. The Taget category (likewise called French Marigold) is normally not edible.

Some of the lots of usages for calendula blossoms consist of illuminating salads and also normally tinting food and also textile. Medicinally calendula has actually been made use of to deal with amenorrhea, conjunctivitis, high temperatures, cuts, scratches, swellings, and also burns, in addition to small infections of the skin.

A tincture of calendulacould decontaminate injuries and also advertises collagen manufacturing at injury websites (for fast recovery and also much less scarring). I commonly have this cast useful as component of my natural first aid kit.

How to Make Calendula Tea

Calendula is and also is a lovely blossom among my faves to expand. I’ve expanded my very own prior to considering that it is the least costly method to resource calendula, however the years I have not expanded it I buy it here.

This is ways to make tea from calendula, complied with by a couple of even more methods to utilize this tea for greater than alcohol consumption.

Calendula Tea Recipe

Calendula blossoms could be quickly dried out in the house and also saved in mason containers till should make tea.


To completely dry calendula for tea:

  1. Gently rive flowers and also put them in a dehydrator.
  2. Set at 90 ° F for 12 hrs.
  3. After 12 hrs, massage them in between your fingers to understanding of any type of dampness. If they are not totally dried, continuously dry out till they are.
  4. Store in a mason container till all set making tea.

Making tea:

  1. Bring one mug of water to a boil.
  2. Add one tbsp of dried out flowers to a tea round and also steep for 10-12mins.


You might allow calendula flowers air-dry in your home or outdoors (on a non-windy day!), however it will certainly take a lot longer. See this post for detailed instructions.

Nutrition Facts

Serving Size 1 mug

Amount Per Serving

Calories 2

% Daily Value

Sodium 2 mg


Total Carbohydrates 0.5 g


* Percent Daily Values are based upon a 2,000 calorie diet plan. Your everyday worths might be greater or reduced depending upon your calorie requires.

10Ways to Use Calendula Tea

Calendula could be made use of in oils and also casts however the tea is among my favored (very easy!) methods to harness its recovery power. A 2013 review of 84 studies on calendula located an excellent variety of antibacterial, anti-viral, and also anti-inflammatory advantages, particularly for the C. officinalis range.

Because of these outstanding residential or commercial properties, you could utilize calendula tea for:

  • Sore throat rinse— Gargle calendula tea to calm an aching throat.
  • Antiseptic mouth rinse— Swish in the mouth for sores and also moderate gum tissue problems.
  • Acne face clean— Wash confront with tea as part of a natural anti-acne regime.
  • Antiseptic, recovery spray— Use as a spray for baby diaper breakouts, dermatitis, or various other skin irritability.
  • Hair rinse— Use as a hair wash for scratchy scalp.
  • Digestive help— Calendula tea aids calm food digestion and also could be particularly practical for stomach abscess.
  • Menstruation regulatory authority — Calendula tea could aid manage the menstruation however as a result of its capacity to cause menstrual cycle, do not take calendula tea inside while expectant.
  • Fever reducer — Calendula tea aids cause sweating so it might be practical in dealing with a high temperature (though I usually don’t try to reduce a fever).

Other Tips

  • For topical usage, a spray container functions well.
  • For interior usage, 3 to 4 mugs a day of tea suffices.
  • I would not provide this tea to babies that typically aren’t consuming strong food yet), however older young children and also children might have 1 or 2 droppers complete a day.
  • For older youngsters (4 years and also up), beverage like a regular tea (might have to include honey considering that the preference is bitter).
  • Add a number of mugs to a bathroom for older grownups and also youngstersfor a nice soak You could also include complete fresh flowers to the bathroom.
  • Freeze little sections of the tea in silicone ice trays to constantly have some accessible (or to calm irritated skin).
  • Make homemade fruit snacks with the tea!

Have you ever before attempted calendula tea? Exactly what’s your favored method to utilize it?

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