Childhood Years Cancer: Ways to avoid & Alternative Treatments


Childhood Cancer- Avoidance, Treatment and Understanding the Odds with My Kid Cures Cancer

You’re the CEO of your kid’s health and wellness.

This effective and also easy declaration by Ryan and also Teddy Sternagel absolutely captured my focus lately. It summarizes an effective lesson they picked up from a challenging trip. I’m so thankful they’re right here to share not just exactly what moms and dads in this circumstance could do to combat cancer cells, however likewise methods to assist lower youngsters’ threat to begin with.

If you remain in this circumstance or recognize a person that is, or if you simply would like to know exactly what you could do to secure your youngsters (as high as any type of moms and dad could), this episode is for you.

Fighting Childhood Cancer (With All We’ve Got … )

At age one, Ryan and also Teddy’s boy Ryder was identified with Stage IV cancer cells. By incorporating the very best of different and also traditional cancer cells therapies, Ryan and also Teddy were able not just to assist their boy, and now add to a higher option for all youngsters and also family members via their outstanding site and also podcast, My Kid Cures Cancer.

Thankfully, this tale has a pleased closing and also Ryder is doing remarkably well! The Sternagel family members’s tale works as a beaming instance of exactly how hard a mother and father will certainly defend their kid’s health and wellness.

Hugs and also petitions to all you available directly impacted by cancer cells and also combating this difficult fight.

In This Episode You’ll Learn

  • exactly how Ryan and also Teddy Sternagel found out of their boy’s medical diagnosis, and also their steady battle to conserve him
  • stats on traditional cancer cells therapy success prices in kids
  • methods different and also traditional cancer cells therapies could co-exist
  • just how much option moms and dads really have in their kid’s therapy
  • exactly what the stats claim (and also do not claim) regarding the success of traditional cancer cells therapies
  • methods moms and dads could deal with tough (disabling) clinical choices
  • the best ways to begin a family members way of living of health and also cleansing in your home to lower cancer cells threat
  • easy methods to produce a much safer residence setting with less carcinogenics and also contaminants
  • and also extra!

Resources We Mention

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Books the Sternagels Recommend

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Have you or a person you enjoy combated cancer cells? Did you attempt any type of different or all-natural techniques that aided? Please share!

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