Competition: You Might Be Primal If …


The Prize:

The complete collection of Primal Kitchen ® Bars …-LRB- ****************).

12 PRIMAL KITCHEN™ Chocolate Hazelnut Bars:The PRIMAL KITCHEN™Chocolate Hazelnut Bar is the desired mix of delicious chocolate as well as hazelnut most of us like as well as bear in mind, as well as it ’ s guilt-free too. Nutritional bonus offer: it ’ s loaded with helpful healthy and balanced fats, 15 grams of healthy protein as well as reduced in carbohydrates as well as sugar (just 3 grams). To craft the ideal high-protein, low-sugar bar, we’ve toasted our hazelnuts for pleasant fragrant taste as well as crisp, crispy structure, as well as combined them with bitter delicious chocolate.

12 PRIMAL KITCHEN™ Macadamia Sea Salt Bars:Who does not like the definitely buttery, pleasant taste of macadamia nuts with a tip of sea salt? PRIMITIVE KITCHEN™Macadamia Sea Salt Bars were produced with Mark’s preferred nut in mind as well as consist of just 12 grams of carbohydrates– the most affordable carbohydrate bar in the PRIMAL KITCHEN™schedule!

12 PRIMAL KITCHEN™ Dark Chocolate Almond Bars:Turkish almonds as well as baked pumpkin seeds are enrobed in a dark delicious chocolate, crunchy, sugar covering with an included touch of coconut for a discreetly pleasant preference as well as strongly helpful effect on your health and wellness. All PRIMAL KITCHEN™healthy protein bars are made with grass-fed collagen healthy protein from Brazil. Collagen has actually been revealed in order to help boost joint wheelchair, boost rest high quality, assistance nail, hair as well as skin development, as well as improve food digestion. *

12 PRIMAL KITCHEN™ Coconut Cashew Bars:What do you enter a PRIMAL KITCHEN™Coconut Cashew Bar? Monounsaturated fats for heart health and wellness, prebiotic fiber for digestive system health and wellness, plus anti-oxidants, minerals as well as 15 grams of healthy protein from grass-fed collagen. That’s even more collagen compared to a mug of bone brew! Cashews, almonds as well as pumpkin seeds overfill with a nutty crisis, while coconut imbues our bars with a luscious, pleasant taste.

The Contest (an Oldie however a Goodie):

If you lived in the mid-1990’ s, you might bear in mind comic Jeff Foxworthy ’ s realm of “ You may be a hillbilly if … ” wit. Today I ’ m searching for “ You may be Primal if … ” jokes. Assume one up as well as leave it in the remark board.


  • You may be Primal if you ’ ve been prohibited from your neighborhood supermarket for continuously going against the “ No t-shirt, no footwear, no solution ” plan.
  • If you ’ ve never ever utilized a lift,

  • You could be Primal. Ever before.
  • If you like your apple withworms,

  • You could be Primal.
  • If you mistakenly damaged your next-door neighbor ’ s 2nd tale home window with a kettlebell,

  • You could be Primal.
  • If every butcher in America could identify you on the place,

  • You could be Primal.
  • You may be Primal if you gauge family members, good friends, as well as kids not by the nerve of their personality, however by exactly how much you might toss them.
  • You may be Primal if you ’ ve began to utilize Tabata periods for recipe cleaning, purchasing, shaving, as well as dating.
  • If you make visitors take off their footwear prior to leavingthe residence,

  • You could be Primal.
  • You may be Primal if you gauge time by the variety of cows you ’ ve eaten given that an occasion happened … “ When did we take that journey to Portland? ” “ Oh, that had to do with 3 cows back. ”-LRB- ***************************).


Anyone worldwide could get in, though this reward might just be offered to U.S. participants. When it comes to a global champion, replacement rewards of equivalent worth will certainly be delivered.

The Contest End Time:

Tuesday, June 18 th, 2018 at Midnight PDT

How the Winner Will Be Determined:

I ’ ll select a handful of my faves as well as allow all you choose the champion via a viewers survey.

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