May This Assist Your Toddler Get Rid of Pacifiers for Good?


If you happen to’re a guardian who has tried to wean their toddler or child off of a pacifier, you know the way troublesome it may be. Actually, you know the way downright unattainable it may be. Pacifiers begin out as being a kind of lifesaver, soothing a crying, screaming child like magic, however whenever you’re prepared to maneuver on to life after the pacifier, you might face just a little effectively, resistance. 

Toddlers will be probably the most cussed creatures on the planet and when it comes time to half with that little hunk of plastic, it may well really feel like there isn’t a finish in sight. 

Enter the Binka Bear. 

And simply what’s the Binka Bear? The Binka Bear is a genius answer that one mother developed, purely, she says out of ” necessity and a guardian’s love.”

In accordance with founder Kaitlyn Pierce’s story on her website, she created the product again in late 2015 when her oldest daughter (Pierce is a mother of two women) was a couple of months shy of turning three. “I discovered myself torn between understanding what’s finest for her–and her tiny enamel–and disturbing her consolation zone (and our valuable sleep!) by taking away the one factor she was actually hooked up to: Her pacifier,” she relates. 

As that fateful birthday approached, Kaitlyn lastly determined it was time to ditch the pacifier for good, however her daughter, in fact, had different concepts. She had no intention of letting go of her beloved binky. So, Kaitlyn determined to float and let her daughter’s binky stick round–simply in a distinct format. Basically, Kaitlyn helped information her daughter to transition her binky to her bear pal and the binky now “lives” contained in the Binka Bear, so she might proceed to maintain her binky near her, protected and sound, with out really utilizing it anymore. 

That transition is, in fact, a course of, and the Binka Bear comes with a particular ebook to assist mother and father transition their little ones by means of it. The ebook is named “Binka Bear and The Magic of Willowspring” and it is written in a approach that your baby will uncover how Binka should watch for his magic to reach by means of–you guessed it–the pacifier that solely your toddler can present. Cool, proper? As soon as your child is all pumped up about passing alongside the magic, the binky is “sealed” contained in the Binka Bear and hopefully, you each have a better, extra easy technique to transition to life outdoors of the pacifier-obsessed. As quickly as your baby is keen to surrender the pacifier, he/she will seal the pacifier within the Binka Bear after which–and solely then–Binka Bear will get his magic, yay!

The bear is specifically designed to carry 2 pacifiers, one in every hand, simply in case your toddler has some favourite pacifiers to let go of, otherwise you simply want a second try earlier than you actually wean efficiently. The location explains that youngsters discover a variety of consolation in nonetheless having the ability to see, really feel, and even cuddle with their pacifiers by means of the Binka Bear’s palms. 

Whereas there isn’t a “official” age that it is best to encourage your baby to wean off of the pacifier, the Binka Bear website does point out that the American Dental Affiliation recommends limiting pacifier use across the age of two, as that is when it may well actually begin interfering with tooth improvement and trigger issues. Nevertheless, each baby is totally different, so you need to use your individual judgment about when it is proper to introduce the Binka Bear to your baby or use different strategies for weaning off of a pacifier. 

The Binka Bear–which comes full with a guardian prep information, the “Magic of Willowspring” illustrated ebook, and naturally, the bear itself, is sold for $39.99. All the product is patent pending and whereas it is a newer product, it is already generated various buzz round it. Even Hoda Kotb of the At this time Present snapped a picture with Binka Bear’s founder Pierce and is accustomed to the product. And truthfully, it is simple to see why the product has rapidly gained traction. Weaning from the pacifier will be so laborious and admittedly, there’s not a variety of choices to make it a constructive, encouraging expertise, which the Binka Bear hopes to alter, yay!

What do you suppose? Would you utilize a Binka Bear to wean off the pacifier? 

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