Pricey Mark: Collagen or Glycine, Keto and Gallstones, Uncooked Liver, Stevia Itching, and Gaining Muscle, Shedding Fats


For at present’s version of Pricey Mark, I’m answering 5 questions taken from this Twitter thread. First, does collagen supply something particular above and past glycine? Second, what’s the connection between keto and gallstones? Third, do I like to recommend consuming uncooked liver, and why or why not? Fourth, why does one reader’s scalp itch when consuming stevia? And at last, what’s one of the simplest ways to lose fats and achieve muscle on the identical time?

Let’s go:

If collagen is damaged down into amino acids within the intestine earlier than being absorbed, is it simply the amino acid profile (i.e. excessive glycine) that makes it so helpful? Anything?

Glycine is a significant motive why we want collagen in our diets, nevertheless it’s not the one one.

While you feed folks collagen derived from pork pores and skin, rooster toes, and cartilage, many different collagenous peptides appear in the blood. You don’t get any of those from remoted glycine:

Proline-hydroxyproline, a peptide with protective effects on osteoarthritic cartilage degradation.

Glycine-proline-hydroxyproline, a peptide that makes it into the blood and turns into proline-hydroxyproline, which makes it into the skin.

Collagen peptides have helpful results above and past glycine alone—though glycine is nice for balancing out methionine consumption from muscle meat consumption. It’s additionally been utilized in a number of research to improve multiple markers of sleep quality.

A member of the family has an advanced well being historical past together with most cancers and desires to eat keto. However, now she finds she has gallstones. Any ideas on a great way to assault this difficult challenge?

Has your member of the family already gone keto? Did going keto come earlier than the gallstone reveal?

In that case, that’s really regular.

The first position of the gallbladder is to gather bile from the liver, focus it into potent super-bile (my time period), and launch the concentrated bile to interrupt up incoming dietary fats into smaller molecules that lipase can assault and digest. Dietary fats is the biggest driver of gallbladder emptying.

If the gallbladder isn’t recurrently emptied, gallstones can type. Often manufactured from hardened ldl cholesterol, gallstones are fairly widespread and infrequently produce no signs. Issues come up when regular gallbladder emptying flushes out a stone sufficiently small to make it into however too massive to move by way of the bile duct and a blockage happens. Gallstones also can immediately harm the partitions of the gallbladder, resulting in cholecystis, or gallbladder irritation.

A high-fat weight loss program can exacerbate and even uncover gallstone points by rising gallbladder emptying. Bear in mind: the extra fats you eat, the extra typically you empty your gallbladder—and all the things in it.

However high-fat diets don’t typically trigger gallstones to type. They solely reveal pre-existing ones. The most important danger components for gallstone formation are:

  • high intake of high-glycemic carbohydrates.
  • Excessive estrogen ranges, which focus ldl cholesterol deposition within the gallbladder. For this reason ladies, particularly pregnant ladies and/or these taking hormonal contraception, usually tend to have gallstones.
  • Weight problems, which additionally will increase levels of cholesterol within the gallbladder.
  • Weight reduction, with a caveat: high-fat weight reduction diets cut back and even stop gallstone formation. In reality, if you examine individuals who shed weight on a low-fat weight loss program to those that lose it on a high-fat weight loss program, research shows that 45% of the low-fatters develop gallstones whereas not one of the high-fatters develop them.

As soon as the gallstones are all clear, sustain with the keto consuming, as consuming extra fats will preserve your gallbladder recurrently flushed and away from stones.

Is Uncooked Liver fit for human consumption?

I’ve eaten uncooked liver earlier than. I do know individuals who eat uncooked liver. I can’t advocate it, nevertheless, as a result of I don’t know what sort of liver you have got entry to. Who raised the animal? What did it eat? What had been the processing situations?

However as a result of I do know individuals are going to do this…

Freeze it first for a number of days.

Purchase from a trusted supply.

Purchase solely liver from well-raised, grass-fed, natural animals.

If it seems to be unhealthy, it in all probability is. I might by no means eat a pale, flaccid liver with ugly spots, cooked or uncooked.

Don’t eat uncooked (and even medium) pork liver. An enormous proportion of pigs carry the Hepatitis E virus, which is transmittable to people and concentrates within the liver.

Why does stevia make my scalp itch?

Stevia will be an allergen really. It’s not quite common, however as increasingly folks use stevia, extra might be revealed to have an allergic response.

I’d simply skip it.

Is it attainable to realize muscle and shed weight with correctly timed IF round exercises?

It’s attainable, though you might not really shed weight, however somewhat physique fats (which is best).

One of the best ways I’ve seen folks do it’s the basic Leangains technique.

Quick from eight p.m. to 12-1 midday.

Fasted exercise within the afternoon, maybe with a bit of BCAA or whey isolate earlier than the exercise. Raise heavy, compound actions.

After the exercise, stroll for 20 minutes. Brisk tempo to make the most of all of the free fatty acids swimming round.

Then eat. In case you’re going to eat carbs, do it on this meal and preserve the fats low-to-moderate. Load up on protein.

Eat as a lot as you want till eight p.m.—the top of your consuming window. Favor protein and, once more, for those who’re consuming carbs preserve fats decrease than typical.

Preserve the fasting interval on daily basis. On relaxation days, eat low/no carb and better fats. Protein at all times excessive. Go for walks on relaxation days.

That’s it. That often works rather well, nevertheless it presupposes you have got a versatile schedule and may really prepare within the afternoon everytime you need. Your mileage might fluctuate—although it’s going to work at any time.

Muscle achieve received’t be as fast as it will ingesting a gallon of milk a day, consuming pizza smoothies, and cramming ice cream made with whey protein at evening, however it’s going to reduce fats achieve and even perhaps assist you lose fats as you achieve muscle. No ensures, nevertheless it’s one of the best technique I’ve seen.

That’s it for at present, people. Thanks for studying, take care, and make sure you depart a remark down beneath you probably have any questions.

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