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For in the present day’s version of Dear Mark, I’m answering questions from final week’s Collagen vs Whey put up. You guys had numerous questions, largely about collagen, and I’m right here to reply them. Can collagen assist with plantar fasciitis? Do you have to take collagen and whey collectively in the identical smoothie, or do they cancel one another out? If an individual can’t have whey, is there an equal protein powder supply? Is glycine a very good alternative for collagen? What about liquid whey from uncooked milk—how does it examine to powdered whey? If I needed to get my glycine from meals, what would I have to eat and the way a lot of it?

Let’s discover out:

Is there any proof that collagen dietary supplements may also help with plantar fasciitis? Affected by this just lately and the stretching from MDA has helped however seeking to get that final 10% of therapeutic so there isn’t a ache.

Fascia is principally pure collagen. If collagen supplementation has been proven to enhance ache in different components of the physique made from collagen, just like the knees or tendons, and enhance collagen synthesis in collagenous tissues like pores and skin and joints, I see no purpose it shouldn’t additionally enhance the fascia. Boosting collagen synthesis is boosting collagen synthesis, and supplemental collagen does it.

A superb factor to strive is eat 20-30 grams of collagen with 200 mg of vitamin C 30 minutes earlier than a exercise that you understand targets your plantar fascia.

Hey Mark,

Is there any profit to having them on the similar time? Or do they cancel one another out?
I’m a giant fan of stirring collagen into any meals I make which have sauce.
What a couple of 50/50 smoothie of whey and collagen?
Thanks for any perception!

I’m unaware of any distinctive profit.

When you concentrate on how collagen seems within the pure world, it’s normally alongside muscle meat.

Whole culinary traditions revolve across the consumption of collagen and muscle meat collectively. Suppose Vietnamese pho (bone broth and meat). Suppose French (decreased broth-based sauce poured over meat). Suppose Mexican (bone broth-infused rice served with meat). Hell, go all the way in which again to the Pleistocene and people had been boiling smashed bone fragments in abdomen casings.

No purpose to separate them.

It’s potential for an individual to be allergic to casein and I don’t assume it’s potential to have totally casein free whey protein besides perhaps the isolate. Nevertheless, if the individual is allergic it wouldn’t be protected. What’s the subsequent greatest full protein if an individual can’t use whey, and needs the comfort of a powder? I’ve seen beef protein earlier than, however don’t know of the standard.

I’d say go for egg white protein. Extraordinarily full, tasteless, and blends seamlessly into something.

Is it true that collagen doesn’t work/assimilate with out vitamin C? I attempt to take mine with some cherries or lemons.

It appears to work higher. The latest study that discovered pre-workout collagen improved tendons additionally included vitamin C.

I typically purchase uncooked A2 milk from Jersey cows, and make my very own whey. Questioning how that compares to powdered whey?

That’s superior. The liquid whey can have a broader vary of vitamins, however the powdered whey will probably be extra concentrated and much larger in protein. Keep in mind that whey protein is principally dehydrated liquid whey and also you’ll get an image of how a lot liquid whey goes into whey powder.

My curiosity on this has led me to begin finding out biology as a result of I wish to know extra about vitamin and digestion. As a result of the way in which that my nails modified appears unbelievable to me and it actually makes me marvel what else collagen is doing.

You make a very good level. I typically use enhancements in a single space of well being as assurance that different areas of well being are additionally bettering. I’m positive that’s not at all times true, however I feel that’s a reasonably protected assumption more often than not.

My query to you Mark could be to echo the identical query others have posed, ie are there any downsides to me taking whey, collagen and glycine concurrently in my pre-workout shake? In any other case I’ve an actual dilemma, because it seems that there’s superb science to help having each collagen/ glycine in addition to quickly digested important aminos (from whey) in your system earlier than endeavor a ‘fasted’ exercise.. A troublesome query I do know however any perception you could have could be a lot appreciated!

There’s no purpose to keep away from it. Do it. Needs to be good for each your connective tissue and your good points.

Would glycine dietary supplements have the same impact as collagen? Glycine supplementation could be means inexpensive than collagen:
• 30 grams of collagen (=~10 grams glycine) from Nice Lakes = 5 tablespoons, prices =~$1.13 if you happen to purchase the eight pound bag.
• 10 grams of glycine from Bulk Dietary supplements =~$zero.18 if you happen to purchase the 5 kilogram bag.

Pure glycine is nice for issues like balancing your intake of methionine. As I wrote within the authentic put up, muscle meat is excessive in an amino acid referred to as methionine. Methionine metabolism depletes glycine, so the extra meat you eat, the extra glycine-rich connective tissue, bone broth, and collagen supplements try to be consuming to stability out the amino acids. That is the essential basis for consuming all that collagen I like to recommend.

However balancing methionine for longevity and well being isn’t the one purpose we’re consuming collagen. Collagen is essentially the most considerable protein within the physique, offering tensile energy to our bones, teeth, ligaments, tendons, and cartilage. It’s an essential structural part of the pores and skin, lungs, intestines, and coronary heart. And so far as the proof to this point obtainable suggests, consuming the amino acids that make up collagen individually doesn’t have the identical impact on these collagenous tissues as consuming them collectively in a collagenous matrix.

In a single study, rats with osteoporosis ate collagen hydrolysate that scientists had marked with a radioactive signature to permit them to trace its course by means of the physique. It survived the digestive tract intact, made it into the blood, and gathered within the kidneys. By day 14, the rats’ thigh bones had gotten stronger and denser with extra natural matter and fewer water content material.

One other study discovered comparable outcomes, this time for cartilage of the knee. Mice who ate radioactive collagen hydrolysate confirmed elevated radioactivity within the knee joint.

Whenever you feed folks collagen derived from pork pores and skin, hen ft, and cartilage, many different collagenous peptides appear in the blood. You don’t get any of these from remoted glycine.

All that stated, pure glycine is usually a useful complement. As talked about, it’s nice for balancing out methionine consumption from muscle meat consumption. It’s additionally been utilized in a number of research to improve multiple markers of sleep quality. And glycine is in all probability a very powerful part, if you happen to had to decide on only one, of collagen.

Collagen is good, however glycine isn’t a foul possibility. The truth is, I’d argue that maybe collagen plus supplementary glycine may supply the most effective bang in your buck.

Mark, are you able to please do a put up inspecting the completely different quantities of glycine in precise meals, i.e. pork rinds, hen pores and skin, connective tissue wealthy cuts of meats, and so on? I’d actually wish to get my collagen and glycine from meals sources and know the way a lot of the meals I must eat as a way to get the 10g you point out.

I’ll do a fast reply.

An oz. of pork rinds offers you three.38 grams of glycine.

An oz. of roasted hen pores and skin offers you 1 gram of glycine.

A pork tail of about four ounces will provide you with nearly three grams of glycine. Oxtail needs to be about the identical.

So getting your glycine from meals alone is totally doable, however you’ll in all probability have a better time if you happen to like chicharrones/pork rinds and animal tails. There are some larger high quality pork rinds on the market as of late, just like the Epic brand ones.

Hello Mark – thanks for your whole nice data!!!
I make do-it-yourself Greek yogurt at house – I pressure it in a fantastic mesh strainer and get an unbelievable about if whey in consequence. I typically combine about 1/four cup again into the yogurt to get the appropriate consistency. I throw the remaining out. Is that this consumable as whey for the weight loss program?

It’s consumable. However remember the fact that liquid whey isn’t as protein-dense as whey powder. It’s nonetheless good to eat and an incredible supply of probiotics.

Thanks in your questions, everybody. Take care!

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