Pricey Mark: Does Rooster Trigger Most cancers, Ought to You Neuter, Canine Collagen, and Skipping Dinner


For right this moment’s version of Dear Mark, I’m answering just a few questions. First got here in from an e mail and regards a brand new research exhibiting a hyperlink between rooster consuming and a number of other varieties of cancers (melanoma, prostate most cancers, non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma) amongst British adults. What do I consider the research? Second, did I actually inform individuals to not neuter or spay their canine? Third, can canine take collagen powder, and if not, are there any options? And final, I deal with a remark about early time restricted feeding.

Let’s go:

Hey Mark,

What are your ideas on this research that confirmed a hyperlink between rooster consumption and most cancers?

Okay, let’s do that.

To begin with, the hyperlink wasn’t between rooster and most cancers, it was between rooster and particular cancers. The specificity means that there could also be one thing occurring right here.

Look, I like an excellent roasted rooster. There’s virtually nothing fairly like crispy rooster pores and skin.

However right this moment’s birds are exceedingly excessive in omega-6 fatty acids. Your customary battery-fed hen—which is what most individuals in these research are consuming—eats a food plan of soybean oil, corn byproducts, and different junk excessive in omega-6 fat. These dietary fat are integrated into the animal’s tissues, which get integrated into your dinner, which get integrated into your physique.

Many of the cancers in query have been beforehand and mechanistically linked to elevated omega-6 ranges and/or lowered omega-Three ranges.

Melanoma and different pores and skin cancers?

One study out of Australia—land of pores and skin most cancers—discovered that adults with the very best serum concentrations of DHA and EPA had the least “cutaneous p53 expression.” When your pores and skin is at risk of injury from the solar, p53 expression is upregulated to guard it. The truth that p53 expression was low means that the pores and skin wasn’t at risk; the omega-3s had been defending the pores and skin and lowering the “perceived” (and actual) hazard. Acute intakes of EPA reduce the inflammatory pores and skin response to UV radiation.

One downside of extra omega-6 fat is that they crowd out DHA and EPA from the serum and mobile membranes. The extra omega-6 in your food plan, the much less DHA and EPA you’ll have laying round to guard you from the solar.

Prostate most cancers?

Anti-inflammatory omega-Three fatty acids (present in seafood and fish oil) are generally linked to decrease charges of prostatic irritation and a much less carcinogenic atmosphere; omega-6 fatty acids can set off illness development. A 2001 study of over 6,000 Swedish men discovered that the oldsters consuming probably the most fish had drastically decrease charges of prostate most cancers than these consuming the least. One other study from New Zealand discovered that males with the very best DHA (an omega-Three present in fish) markers slashed their prostate most cancers threat by 38% in comparison with the boys with the bottom DHA ranges.

I didn’t see any strong proof come what may with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, however omega-3 intake is linked to a lower risk. If that’s a causative connection, and extreme omega-6 is competing together with your omega-3s for physiological supremacy within the physique, that would enhance the chance of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. However once more, this isn’t a positive factor.

I couldn’t discover the research talked about within the article, however based on the article the scientists targeted solely on “meat consumption patterns.” They weren’t taking a look at different meals or vitamins—simply what sort of meat they ate. If that’s the case, they wouldn’t have managed for the intakes of fries and mayo and different junk meals usually consumed alongside rooster.

British are consuming extra rooster than ever earlier than, they usually’re moving increasingly away from huge household rooster meals—roasts and such—towards particular person rooster meals for one—pasta and stir fries.

The fastest growing fast food in Britain is fried rooster. That’s rooster that’s been breaded in flour and fried in reused, rancid vegetable oil, then served alongside french fries and smothered in mayonnaise.

Now, I’m not going to say it’s best to eat rooster for each meal. Crimson meat, fish, and eggs provide way more vitamins than rooster, they usually’re a lot decrease in omega-6 fatty acids. However I’m not going to shrink back from a good roast chicken, or perhaps a chicken chili, particularly if I’m utilizing well-raised, ideally pasture-raised chickens.

I’m sorry, are you recommending individuals DON”T spay/neuter their pets?!? Am I studying an article in The Onion? Is it April 1st? What the hell is occurring??? Pricey Bob Barker is rolling in his grave and 1000’s of canine and cats will likely be unnecessarily euthanized right this moment (and tomorrow, and the following day, and the following….) as a result of there are simply too a lot of them.

Nope, I’m simply recommending that individuals learn the literature and perceive that spaying/neutering can have undesirable well being results, particularly for those who do it too early.

Most specialists agree that fixing the canine after they’ve stopped rising is fairly protected and reduces the chance of later well being points. That to me is an efficient compromise.

And I’m not talking to the lots. I’m talking to the individuals studying this who’re basically a dependable, conscientious bunch.

Additionally, a vasectomy is an efficient choice that few individuals think about however extra vets are providing.

Mark, would there be any hurt or profit in throwing in a scoop of collagen on prime of my canine’s uncooked meat&veggie patty?

You could possibly undoubtedly do it. Simply bear in mind that I’ve discovered some canine have unhealthy digestive responses to protein powders of any form. A uncooked rooster foot will do the trick, for those who’re as much as attempting it. I’ve additionally seen freeze-dried tendons in pet shops.

After just a few years of IDF that had me largely consuming between midday and eight, I not too long ago tried early time-restricted feeding (eTRF) and man it appears to work nicely for me. I did it below the affect of this man’s posts:

And I realized about him from an MDA put up…


Two issues.

Sure, some individuals for whom intermittent fasting doesn’t appear to be working might need to swap to an early feeding system. The overwhelming majority of people that skip meals every single day are skipping breakfast. It’s simpler that manner, you possibly can simply have some espresso and hold trucking. However not everybody advantages from it. If that’s you, attempt consuming breakfast (and lunch) and skipping dinner.

And sure, Bill Lagakos is a great resource. At all times love his stuff, even or particularly if it conflicts with one thing I held to be true.

Thanks for studying, everybody. You probably have any extra questions, drop them down under!

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