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For as we speak’s version of Pricey Mark, I’m answering questions from the remark sections of the latest posts on daily keto carb limits, within-meal keto carb limits, and electrolytes. I’m addressing questions on alcohol, uniform carb allowances versus customized, potassium supplementation, salt urge for food, salt water, electrolytes after the transition, whether or not fruits slot in, and why I don’t depend above-ground non-starchy greens.

With out additional ado, let’s go:

How does alcohol depend in the direction of the 50g of carbs per day? Would that be measured proportionate to the caloric values (ratio 7 (a) : four (c) ) or is it simpler to easily ignore alcohol together with the fiber … ?

Alcohol doesn’t “depend” as a carb, however I wouldn’t ignore it.

The physique stops burning different macronutrients within the presence of alcohol till the alcohol is metabolized. If you eat alcohol, the physique suppresses oxidation of fats, carbohydrates, and protein. The alcohol itself can’t actually be saved as fats, however its inhibition of conventional gas oxidation means you’re extra more likely to retailer fairly than burn dietary fats.

In the event you’re retaining carbs low to enhance physique composition, it’s best to undoubtedly take alcohol energy under consideration.

Why is 50g of carbs set because the higher restrict for everybody? Wouldn’t it make extra sense to set the restrict utilizing macro share?

My BMR is roughly 1300 kcal, so 50g of carbs corresponds to a macro ratio of 15% (a bit above the urged 5-10%).
Is it extra essential to comply with the 50g higher restrict or the macro share?

Ease of use. I wish to make this as easy as attainable for as many individuals as attainable.

And once more, it’s whole carbs, not internet, and also you’re consuming entire meals, so variety of these 50 grams will probably be fiber and thus indigestible (by you).

All of it appears to steadiness out in the long run and find yourself “decrease carb” than one may assume by “50 grams of carbs”—for most individuals.

If individuals do that and it doesn’t work, then they will include follow-up questions and get the detailed steering they want. They will get extra particular and take the (admittedly small quantity of) time to calculate their macros.

How about low-sodium salt for further potassium?

Not a giant fan. Potassium citrate powder appears to work loads higher than potassium chloride (low-sodium salt) in a number of areas:

Bone density.

Kidney stone formation.

It’s fairly tasteless, whereas potassium chloride’s style is kind of distinct.

Simply be sure you clear potassium supplementation along with your physician, particularly if in case you have or suspect you might have kidney well being issues; the kidneys excrete extra potassium, and a nasty kidney could make potassium supplementation harmful.

I’ve struggled with postural hypotension since childhood, but it surely was brought on primarily by extreme warmth. Just lately I made the connection that if I don’t drink caffeine, it goes away fully. Quickly as I drink it I’m lightheaded once more, *particularly* if I’m additionally pregnant. I may in all probability profit from rising my salt consumption dramatically. I discover that if I add 1/4tsp sea salt to a cup of water it tastes wonderful, in order that in all probability signifies I want extra salt. I heard an interview the place somebody advisable including salt to water particularly in case you drink espresso, and so they stated it tastes gross such as you’re consuming sweat, however I actually suppose it tastes scrumptious.

This can be a actually essential level. Your yearning for salt seems to trace carefully with salt necessities.

The extra sodium you want (and the extra you’ve excreted), the higher salt will style in case you’re consuming a pure, entire meals eating regimen with out the skewing impact of processed meals merchandise. That’s in all probability why salt in your water “tastes wonderful.” This jibes with my private suggestion for salt:

“Salt meals to style. Don’t keep away from added salt in case your style buds and instinct counsel you would and will have some further.”

I hesitate to supply iron-clad numbers for potassium and magnesium (regardless that I gave some ranges within the final put up). “Sisson says take 200 mg of this and 300 mg of that.” We don’t need that. We don’t know everybody’s wants. We don’t have a “potassium urge for food” or a “magnesium urge for food,” however potassium tracks largely with sodium and most of the people aren’t getting sufficient magnesium so I really feel comfy saying “eat extra of them” and having individuals comply with their salt urge for food.

Nonetheless, I’ll additionally point out that some persons are clinically salt-sensitive, and the consequences could be important, particularly when it comes to blood stress. It’s all the time finest to allow you to physician know. It’s a particular should in case you’re salt delicate.

Does anybody make a “sole” by diluting pink Himalayan salt, Pink Hawaiian Alaea, and many others. into water?

Any success with that methodology?

I’ll generally put a couple of wholesome pinches of Hawaiian pink salt right into a glass of water earlier than mattress. After I get up, it’s completely dissolved and I throw it again. Tastes good for positive.

What I do typically is have a few mugs of black espresso within the morning with the final one having butter and coconut oil in it.
Then stroll 18 holes whereas consuming a few bottles of spring water every with a pinch of Himalayan sea salt.
Appears to work for me


I prefer it. If it appears to work, it’s working.

Thanks a lot for this articles, Mark. You’re the first keto knowledgeable I’ve learn who says so as to add electrolytes “for the transition”! I’m not within the transition interval…however I nonetheless take all my electrolytes each day. Is an individual who’s fat-adapted imagined to wean themselves from supplemental electrolytes?? I’ve been keto for over 18 months, and I actually don’t suppose I’ve heard that exact recommendation earlier than. Might you make clear? Thanks once more!

Whereas transition is crucial and full fat-adaptation means you received’t be shedding water/glycogen as typically and all of the electrolytes with it, you’re not out of the woods totally since you’ll nonetheless be having fun with low insulin ranges. And what doesn’t change post-transition is the inhibitory results of low insulin on sodium retention. In the event you’re residing a low-insulin life-style, you received’t retain as a lot sodium—you’ll expel extra—and it’s best to in all probability preserve greater ranges in your eating regimen long-term. Preserve your physician within the loop.

Since potassium loss is downstream of sodium loss (from the kidneys making an attempt to steadiness out your potassium:sodium ratios), you’ll additionally must maintain potassium consumption up.

And just about everybody may use extra magnesium, so taking some further there, too, is probably going a good suggestion.

Query, so ought to the carbs be coming from below-ground greens like beets and onions and carrots, or if it falls beneath stated carb quantity per meal, does it matter if it comes from greater sugar fruits or from potatoes? My meals are typically often proteins and above floor greens, so I wouldn’t be counting any of these. For instance I actually like pink girl apples. Those I purchase state 16g carbs per apple. Having a kind of with a meal can be wonderful? How about and not using a meal, would that be extra more likely to knock somebody out of ketosis?

Beneath floor greens and potatoes and fruits all work and depend. An apple counts, is totally wonderful to eat if it suits your private carb allowance (and even when it doesn’t—it’s your alternative!). When you’ve got an apple by itself, there received’t be any fats or protein to decelerate the assimilation of glucose, so that you’ll get a “quicker hit” that might “knock you out” of ketosis. However finally it’s about that meal within the context of your each day carb consumption, your train ranges, whether or not you’ve simply educated or gone for a protracted stroll, your fat-adaptation progress, and your objectives.

I’m unclear as to why Mark says “don’t depend above floor, non-starchy greens”. I imply, they’ve internet carbs after you subtract the fiber. Certainly a carb is a carb? I can simply eat 15 grams of carb per day in kale and broccoli alone; generally in a single meal..

It typically takes extra glucose to digest the glucose in leafy greens, broccoli, and different non-starchy greens than they really comprise. The result’s a internet loss or a wash when it comes to useable glucose.

You received’t ever discover an athlete carbing up with kale earlier than a race.

That’s it for as we speak, people. When you’ve got any additional questions or feedback, let me know down beneath!



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