Expensive Mark: What Are the Variations Between Vitamin K2 MK-Four and MK-7?


For immediately’s version of Expensive Mark, I’m answering a query concerning the completely different types of vitamin K2. Everybody is aware of the significance of vitamin K2—not less than round these elements—however only a few perceive the variations between the assorted types of vitamin K2. What are the respective advantages of vitamin K1, vitamin K2 MK-Four, and vitamin MK-7? The place can we discover every one?

Let’s discover out:

Hello Mark,

Have you ever ever finished an in-depth take a look at the variations between vitamin K2 MK-Four and MK-7?

No. I’ll do one now.

For many who don’t know, vitamin K2 is available in many alternative types referred to as menaquinones. MK-Four and MK-7 are a very powerful menaquinones. Just about all of the vitamin K2 you’ll encounter in meals and in dietary supplements is both MK-7 or MK-Four (or each), so these are those we most care about. There are additionally ones like MK-11 and MK-10, however we don’t know as a lot about them. What we do know appears to counsel they act lots like MK-7. Regardless of the case, they’re good.

What Are the Basic Advantages of Vitamin K2?

It directs calcium the place to go within the physique, sending it to the best locations and stopping it from going to the fallacious locations. You need calcium in your bones and teeth. You don’t need calcium clogging up your arteries or forming kidney stones in your kidneys. Vitamin K2 is the messenger regulating each good and dangerous calcification.

It improves vitality utilization, partially by growing insulin sensitivity. The extra insulin-sensitive you might be, the higher you’ll be able to burn glucose with out requiring tons of insulin. This lets you each deal with glucose and hold burning body fat.

It’s an necessary regulator of intercourse hormone standing. Very similar to it places calcium in the best locations and removes it from the fallacious locations, vitamin K2 will increase testosterone in males and reduces excess testosterone in women.

It protects tissues in opposition to most cancers, selectively inducing cell demise in most cancers cells however not in wholesome ones.

It’s a strong inductor of gene expression. Normally phrases, it turns good genes on and dangerous genes off.

What Concerning the Advantages Of Vitamin K1?

Discovered in lots of unfermented inexperienced plant meals, vitamin K1 isn’t ineffective by any means. It usually heads straight to the liver, the place it contributes towards regulation of blood coagulation—the thinning or thickening of blood. Folks with issues controlling blood coagulation typically find yourself on warfarin, a drug that promotes blood thinning and prevents blood clots. We are able to convert vitamin K1 to vitamin K2, however this is determined by quite a few elements, like intestine well being (a lot of the conversion happens within the intestine) and utilization of sure medicines (statins inhibit conversion).

Again to vitamin K2. Vitamin K2 does what vitamin K1 can do, however extra successfully, after which some.

Essentially the most-studied is MK-7. The vast majority of the MK-7 you eat goes to the bones and liver. Within the bones, the MK-7 produces osteocalcin—a hormone which regulates bone well being, will increase testosterone, improves cognitive operate and train efficiency, and maintains wholesome insulin and glucose ranges. Few folks know the ability of the bones (they’re truly organs) and MK-7 is among the most necessary co-factors for realizing that energy.

One of the best sources of MK-7 are fermented plant meals, like natto (fermented soybeans, however natto made with black beans and presumably different legumes will even be excessive in MK-7).

MK-Four tends to build up and act within the peripheral tissues, serving to forestall in opposition to undesirable and/or unhealthy calcium accumulation. It’s additionally integral to gene expression and activation.

One of the best sources of MK-Four are animal meals, like egg yolks, rooster legs and thighs (and rooster darkish meat usually—I wager the oysters on a rooster carcass are extremely excessive in K2), and goose liver. Pork can also be fairly excessive in MK-10 and MK-11, whose organic actions haven’t been elucidated however are prone to be very useful.

One other good supply of a mixture of menaquinones is tough cheese, with emmental, jarlsberg, and edam being highest.

Nearly everybody ought to take a vitamin K2 complement containing each MK-Four and MK-7. Lots of the most troublesome and harmful meals and medicines wreak havoc by inhibiting vitamin K2-dependent processes.

A bunch of researchers made a strong case that statins, warfarin, canola oil, and hydrogenated soybean oil set off a number of metabolic and way of life ailments by inhibiting vitamin K2-dependent processes within the physique:

Statins scale back ranges of a mandatory co-factor for changing vitamin K1 into vitamin K2 within the brain, testicles, kidney, bone, and different tissues. So for those who’re taking statins and wish vitamin K2 enhancing bone well being, sexual operate, cognition, and decreasing the danger of kidney stones, you want to take additional.  You probably want additional (throw in some CoQ10 when you’re at it, as statins additionally inhibit its manufacturing).

Warfarin—the blood thinning treatment—reduces vitamin Ok recycling within the physique, decreasing vitamin K2 ranges and even inducing arterial calcification. In impact, taking warfarin replaces the physique’s have to naturally regulate blood coagulation via vitamin Ok, and pure processes drop off.

Canola oil and hydrogenated soybean oil each include compounds that seem to inhibit vitamin K2 manufacturing within the physique.

Should you take statins, warfarin or eat canola oil and hydrogenated soybean oil, you must in all probability ask your physician about supplementing with vitamin K2.

Equally, postmenopausal ladies ought to take vitamin K2. In a current study of postmenopausal ladies, these with osteoporosis had a lot decrease ranges of vitamin K2 (MK-7) than these with out.

However to be sincere? Supplementation might be a good suggestion for everybody.

Thanks for studying, everybody. Take care and when you’ve got every other questions on vitamin K2, drop them down beneath!

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