Face Scrub with Cumin for Glowing Skin


Exfoliating Cumin Face Scrub

Making your very own face scrub (or body scrub) is among the simplest methods to obtain begun making all-natural elegance items in your home. I currently make this DIY Oatmeal and Lavender Face Scrub yet I’ve seen numerous face items recently including seasonings like turmeric as well as was fascinated by the concept of including all-natural anti-oxidants to my skin treatment regimen.

I’m constantly all set for a reason to rob my kitchen area as well as flavor cabinet for a DIY elegance dish (since allow’s be straightforward, it’s simply enjoyable). I made a decision as well as did some research study to attempt cumin. (Love turmeric extract, yet the discolorations!)

The outcome is this antioxidant-packed exfoliating face scrub that incorporates the recovery advantages of cumin, honey, as well as vital oils for beautiful as well as clear skin.

Make Your Own Antioxidant Face Scrub (Or Use for Body!)

Cumin might not be the very first point that enters your mind when producing a sugar scrub … besides, the scent is more reminiscent of taco night, not a day at the health facility!

Have no concern, it scents happily unique in this dish as well as completely couple with woodsy as well as cozy vital oil scents like incense as well as pleasant orange oils. Tip: This is a wonderful dish for the guys in your life (teen children fighting acne maybe?!).

While this scrub is developed to be mild sufficient for the face, you can definitely utilize it on your entire body!

How Cumin Benefits the Skin

I cook with cumin for its many proven health benefitsas well as take it in tea for digestion, yet it ends up it has a background of usage for beautiful as well as clear skin too, specifically in India as well as Asia.

When cumin is consisted of in a scrub, the skin gain from the nutrients of the flavor. Vitamin C products have actually ended up being preferred in the skin care globe, yet cumin has an upper hand on this elegance fad. Cumin is likewise high in inflammation-fighting anti-oxidants to fix skin damages as well as maintain skin looking young.

Cumin is likewise normally anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory as well as anti-microbial to relieve skin as well as maintain it acne cost-free. The vital oils included in cumin aid tone the skin and boost circulation The cumin in this scrub is ground both to function as an exfoliant as well as for optimum skin call with cumin’s normally happening iron, magnesium, manganese, as well as phosphorous.

Essential Oils for DIY Beauty

Woodsy, citrus, as well as flavor vital oils mix finest with the unique aroma of cumin, nonetheless not every one of these are optimal for skin. A lot of citrus oils are phototoxic (pleasant orange isn’t really), as well as spicier ones like ginger as well as cinnamon require even more safety measures when utilized on skin.

To make points straightforward I’ve simply opted for the woodsy group– tea tree (likewise referred to as melaleuca), cedarwood, sandalwood, as well as incense– as well as one citrus oil that isn’t really phototoxic (pleasant orange.) I’ve likewise maintained the dilution price well listed below optimum restrictions for skin safety and security.

I used this book on essential oils(a wonderful recommendation to have about!) to assist assist my vital oil choices:

Tea Tree— Tea tree oil aids combat acne, calms itching, as well as equilibriums oily skin.

Frankincense— The scent is relaxing as well as basing to the state of mind. It aids discolor marks as well as stretch marks as well as is renewing to the skin.

Sandalwood— The sensuous aroma of this vital oil is stated to be an aphrodisiac. It aids to ease chapped skin, equilibriums oily skin, decreases marks as well as stretch marks, as well as benefits delicate skin.

Cedarwood— There are 2 sort of cedarwood vital oil, Atlas cedarwood (cedrus atlantica) as well as Virginia cedarwood (Juniperus virginiana). Atlas cedarwood is much more poignant as well as aids with dermatitis, acne, as well as dandruff. Virginia cedarwood tightens up pores, equilibriums oily skin, decreases acne, as well as is antibacterial.

Sweet Orange— Not to be puzzled with blood orange or bitter orange, pleasant orange is not phototoxic. It aids to raise blood circulation, raise the state of mind, as well as lighten up boring skin.

Which Carrier Oil is Best?

Feel cost-free to any one of these oils you carry hand, yet if you wish to adjust this face scrub to your particular skin kind (the elegance of DIY items!) I would certainly recommend the following:

All Skin Types— Sweet almond oil is a great selection for many skin kinds as well as among my preferred best provider oils for all-natural elegance items.

Dry Skin— Try olive oil as a much heavier, much more moisturizing selection as well as helpful for drier or elder skin kinds.

Oily Skin— Thinner compared to both olive as well as pleasant almond oil, grapeseed oil is finest for oily skin.

Exfoliating Cumin Face Scrub Recipe

An easy face or body scrub with light exfoliating power as well as an anti-inflammatory increase of anti-oxidants. Makes sufficient for around 18 makes use of for face or 4 usages for body.



  1. In a little dish integrate the provider oil, honey, as well as vital oils.
  2. Add the cumin as well as sugar as well as mix well to integrate. I locate that a rubber spatula functions well for blending this.
  3. Transfer the scrubing cumin scrub to a glass container (I like these) as well as shop in a trendy, completely dry location.
  4. To make use of the scrub, rub freely over face (staying clear of eyes) or body as wanted, after that wash.

Storage: Will last as much as 6 months if you stay clear of obtaining water right into the scrub, as this could trigger it to mold and mildew.

Note: As constantly, it’s suggested to examine any kind of brand-new skin care active ingredients on a little spot of your internal elbow joint 24 hrs prior to utilizing.

Like This Recipe?

Ready to dive deeper right into DIY skin treatment? Below’s my ideas for how you can locate the ideal natural skincare routine for your skin type utilizing active ingredients from your kitchen area. Simply utilize this scrub for any one of the exfoliating actions.

Did you attempt this cumin face scrub? Allow me understand exactly how you like it in the remarks listed below!

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