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Fluoride is present in soil, water and air. All water our bodies have some quantity of fluoride in them though degree of fluoride may differ.

Baby brushing her teeth
Child brushing her tooth

Ask your pediatrician.

Toothpaste and water provides  have fluoride as it could assist:



  • Strengthen weakened tooth enamel


  • Reverse early tooth decay


  • Restrict the expansion of oral micro organism


  • Sluggish the lack of minerals from tooth enamel


Fluoride in toothpaste is of a better focus than fluoride in water and therefore shouldn’t be swallowed.

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Can infants and toddlers use fluoride primarily based toothpastes?

cute baby with toothbrush
cute child with toothbrush – picture by way of thebump.com

As quickly as a child’s tooth begin coming, the cleansing course of ought to begin with toothpaste no more than a grain of rice or only a smear on the comb.

In an effort to keep away from swallowing of the paste the newborn’s face needs to be tilted in order that the surplus water dribbles out.

If a bigger quantity of toothpaste is used and the newborn or toddler swallows it, they could develop an upset abdomen.


Toothpaste for toddlers


  • On the age of three youngsters be taught to spit, therefore the quantity of toothpaste might be elevated to the scale of a pea.


  • Youngsters beneath the age of 6 ought to brush underneath grownup supervision and their spitting of toothpaste needs to be monitored as they nonetheless have a reflex in direction of swallowing no matter involves their mouth.


  • If the child swallows greater than a pea quantity of toothpaste constantly it’d get an upset abdomen.


  • Extra of fluoride can harm the tooth and the physique features and therefore swallowing of toothpaste needs to be utterly averted


  • Supervising youngsters whereas they brush and maintaining toothpaste out of attain can assist to keep away from this.


  • Fluoride toothpaste is secure for older youngsters with totally developed spit and swallow reflexes and adults.

What’s high-fluoride toothpaste?

Excessive fluoride toothpaste is for individuals with a heavy tooth decay and like every other remedy they’re prescribed by the dentist. This paste shouldn’t be utilized by different relations.

Do fluoride toothpastes have alternate options?

Toothpastes with out fluoride are good substitutes for fluoride toothpastes, nonetheless, they’ll’t management tooth decay, which is why they’re for use extra typically to maintain the tooth clear.


Fluoride toothpastes are largely secure and secure to make use of by youngsters and adults. Nevertheless it’s vital to make use of it in the suitable proportion. Additional care needs to be given when utilized by infants and younger youngsters.


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