Folic acid supplementation – a skinny line between prophylaxis and carcinogenesis.


Foliates are of nice organic significance for the right functioning of the physique. To start with, they supply one-carbon residues within the processes of nucleic acid synthesis, proteins or amino acid conversions. They’re vital for the manufacturing of a protecting myelin sheath on nerve fibers. They shield the fetus from the prevalence of congenital neural tube defects. The intensely dividing tissues – marrow and fetal tissue – have a very excessive demand for folate. Thus, folate deficiency may end up in critical disturbances within the physique. Presently, a well-liked strategy to complement deficiencies is supplementation with folic acid. it’s an artificial compound and really cheap to supply.11

The protection of normal high-dose folic acid has not been clearly resolved. A discrepancy within the results of this substance is noticed. Experimental research point out a optimistic impact of folic acid on the physique offered that no simultaneous carcinogenesis happens. If there are neoplastic adjustments, folic acid probably contributes to the promotion of carcinogenesis!

Latest analysis places folic acid in an unfavorable mild. 

The Chicago Well being and Growing old Venture (CHAP) is a mission of long-term analysis into widespread, continual illnesses occuring at outdated age. In a six-year examine on the affect of folic acid on cognitive processes, three,718 folks aged over 65 participated. The outcomes of this examine confirmed a statistically vital relationship between the excessive provide of folic acid and the acceleration of cognitive efficiency impairment. The best deterioration of cognitive capabilities was noticed within the group supplementing folic acid in extra of 400 μg / d.

This stunning discovery forces researchers to additional analysis on the cognitive penalties of folate supplementation by older folks.

Extra concern in regards to the security of folic acid is offered by research on the impact of this compound on the immune system. A cross-sectional examine was carried out involving 104 wholesome postmenopausal ladies (> 60 years). Through the supplementation within the plasma of the examined ladies, unmetabolized 78% folic acid (pharmacologically inactive) was detected. The presence of unmetabolized folic acid reduces the exercise and cytotoxicity of NK (Pure Killers) cells, which can contribute to the promotion of carcinogenesis.

The restricted potential to metabolize excessive doses of folic acid is probably attributable to the polymorphism of the dihydrofolate reductase (DHFR) gene, which reduces folic acid to energetic tetrahydrofolate (THF). This step is essential for the inclusion of folic acid within the folate metabolism.

The subsequent metabolic pathway, and for many individuals – a barrier, is the response of THF to 5-MTHF transformation beneath the affect of methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase (MTHFR), whose genes additionally usually present polymorphisms. The polymorphism of the MTHFR gene implies an ineffective conversion of folic acid and the lack to optimally remethylate homocysteine. This leads to the induction of neurodegenerative processes, the prevalence of issues with being pregnant reporting and fetal defects, the elevated threat of autoimmune illnesses and a lot of different harmful results.

It’s estimated that the polymorphism of the MTHFR gene happens in 30-40% of the European inhabitants. Due to this fact, contemplating your personal well being, it’s value eliminating dietary supplements containing folic acid, and reaching for the secure methylated forms that immediately enter the cyclin conversion cycle.

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