Garlic Herb Steak Bites Recipe


I grew up in a really meat and potatoes family. My dad would have eaten steak for dinner each single evening if it had been an possibility. Seems, I additionally love steak! However serving an enormous steak is one thing I reserve for particular events, not frequently, to keep away from the Dad Add 10 Kilos.

These Straightforward Garlic Herb Steak Bites are a good way for steak lovers to have steak with out cooking up an enormous hunk of meat. Plus, they cook dinner in underneath 10 minutes.

I had a suspicion that my children would love these items as a result of they have an inclination to love steak AND they like tiny meals. You by no means know although, proper?

Best Steak Bites Recipe


Steak bites are just about what they sound like. You’re taking your steak and lower it into chunks, cook dinner these chunks, and BOOM! You may have steak bites!

I normally shoot for about 1/2-inch cubes for my steak bites. You shouldn’t should take a number of bites of a steak chunk!

There are numerous advantages of creating steak in chunk kind. For one, you may toss the bites in a scrumptious butter and parsley sauce which coats each aspect of the bites and makes them additional moist and flavorful.

Secondly, you may serve these bites in some ways: They work nice as an appetizer or an entrée!


The precise steak you utilize for steak bites is as much as you, however don’t use one thing that’s too powerful or too lean. That guidelines out stuff like roasts, flank steak, or skirt steak. You need one thing that’s someplace within the center that has some marbling and fats however doesn’t have a super-high fats content material.

I like to make use of New York strip, sirloin, or ribeye steak for these. Though I’d usually desire a very marbled steak for cooking entire, I attempt to discover a much less marbled steak for steak bites. You need some fats, however not as a lot as when you had been cooking the steak entire. In case your steak bites are made with a steak that has an excessive amount of fats, there’s an opportunity that some bites will likely be nearly all fats, which isn’t nice!

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As you may think, these cook dinner a lot quicker than a full steak. Listed below are some recommendations on the right way to make the very best bites potential.

  • Prepare dinner them totally on one aspect—when you attempt to cook dinner them evenly on all sides, you received’t get a pleasant crust on the bites.
  • Toss them in a medium-high warmth skillet and stroll away! Allow them to cook dinner, undisturbed for 3 to 4 minutes and they’ll develop an amazing crust on that aspect. Then you may stir and end cooking the bites. (I’m not OCD sufficient to really flip every chunk. I simply stir them and determine it’s adequate—which it’s.)
  • After the steak bites cook dinner for one more minute or two they’re finished. In my ebook, meaning they’re barely medium within the middle with a tiny little bit of pink. If you’d like them cooked all over, then hold cooking them into submission.
  • On the very finish, add butter and parsley and stir to coat the bites!

Garlic Butter Steak Bites


These are an all-purpose meal. Having some individuals over to observe a sport? Make these and serve them with toothpicks. Want dinner? Serve them with a starch (rice, potatoes) and a veggie or salad.

Bonus! I discover that they naturally assist with portion management. Whereas I’d haven’t any downside consuming an Eight-ounce steak, I don’t have the identical urge to eat, like, 25 steak bites.

The DAD ADD: Steak Chew Grilled Cheese!

Eat Your Food - Dad Add

Do your self a favor: earlier than you even serve these, squirrel away about 6 to eight steak bites so you can also make a grilled cheese sandwich the following day.

For the sandwich, chop up the steak bites, smear a number of items of bread with mustard, and add Swiss cheese. Sandwich all of it collectively and cook dinner in a skillet with some butter or olive oil.

It’s AMAZING. I exploit plain sandwich bread, both white or wheat, however you may fancy it up with some sliced sourdough.

Best Steak Bites Recipe


Eat Your Food - Kid Report v2

These had been a straightforward promote for precisely one among my kids. My four-year-old mainly inhaled them. I barely bought a photograph earlier than they had been gone.

In the meantime, my two-year-old actually sat and watched him eat each single one. Simply staring, like, you loopy, BRO.

I spotted that they had been nonetheless a bit on the large aspect for her, so I chopped hers up into even tinier bites (MINI STEAK BITES!) after which she bought right into a bit extra. Each children ate sufficient that we didn’t should resort to yogurt tubes and applesauce dinner, so I’ll name it a win!

Steak bites, I really like you.


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