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It’s Big-Ass Salad week, and also we’ve obtained one more healthy and balanced, hearty alternative for your Primal lunch or supper food selection. Attempt this delicious Mediterranean salad covered with Primal Kitchen® Dreamy Italian Dressing, dished out with pieces of avocado, cherry tomatoes and also smoked poultry.

Throw this keto-friendly, high-nutrient salad with each other, and also drizzle on our scrumptious and also aromatic Primal Kitchen Dreamy Italian Dressing to your heart’s material. Loaded with Mediterranean feelings, impressive taste, and also lots of healthy and balanced fats, this clothing is an assured cupboard staple and also family-friendly fave.

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Time: 35 minutes

Servings: 4



Place the poultry strips on a warm grill. Brush them with Primal Kitchen Avocado Oil, and also spray with oregano, cut salt, rosemary and also pepper.

Turn, the poultry strips over, and also repeat. Grill till no more pink.

Meanwhile, incorporate combined environment-friendlies, avocado, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, pumpkin seeds, and also bacon little bits right into 4 offering bowls.

Add pieces of smoked poultry per, and also leading with luscious Primal Kitchen Dreamy Italian Dressing.


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