Hany Rambod’s Classic EVP with a Stim-Blast!


Evogen EVP ExtremeAsk us 5 years back, and also Evogen EVP was the outright gold criterion forstim-free pre workouts Ever since however, the remainder of the market truly captured up.

Now, Evogen has actually rejuvenated EVP Plus (the with energizers variation) and also boosted it right into EVP Extreme.

Upon fast assessment, all we truly saw was the enhancement of 350 mg high levels of caffeine … But after utilizing this pre exercise, the remainder of the active ingredients start to beam.

EVP Extreme Quick Review: EVP Extreme is absolutely nothing like the timeless EVP Plus. EVP Extreme not just consists of a high levels of caffeine super-dose, however corollary energizers that really praise high levels of caffeine, and also effectively. On top of that, there is an alright dose of Citrulline, Beta-alanine, and also Betaine in the formula. A lot more, EVP Extreme includes Yohimbe, however insufficient making your hands perspiring … Meaning EVP Extreme is reducing and also bulking pleasant! Generally, we’re extremely satisfied and also this pre exercise exceeded assumptions.

EVP Extreme Full Review

Energy Effects 9/10

EVP Extreme supplies solid and also extremely impactful power degrees. For some, its mosting likely to be way way too much! Thankfully, there is still EVP Plus (gently caffeinated) and also basic EVP (stimulant-free) for those kinds. For those of you that often utilize 300+ mg high levels of caffeine pre exercise supplements, EVP Extreme is an all-around energizer experience. Much less anxieties, even more practical power, and also all without DMAA.

Strength Effects 9/10

Each offering of EVP Extreme includes 2,000mg of creatine anhydrous (yes, anhydrous and also not monohydrate). When making use of EVP Extreme frequently, this supplies some stamina gains. In addition to this, there is obvious stamina gains from the high levels of caffeine abundant energizer matrix alone. Not a whole lot of pump-based assistance from the citrulline.

Endurance Effects 8.5/10

Since EVP Extreme is a healthy heavy-stimulant pre exercise, its results are mosting likely to last. This energizer power alone is mosting likely to sustain you to press further. This is much less like exactly how BCAAs with Citrulline malate and also beta-alanine gases endurance, and also much more simply an energizer blast to the body.

Crash/Aftermath Effects 8.5/10

With all 300+ mg high levels of caffeine pre exercises, there is mosting likely to be an accident … Its simply an issue of when. EVP Extreme’s collision isn’t really virtually as poor as say, VPX Bang’s Master Blaster pre exercise or perhaps APS Mesomorph, however it will certainly exist. After finishing your lift, consuming some food, and also relaxing– recognize that there’s no embarassment to a fast cat-nap as your body charges from all home plate slamming in the health club.

Taste 9.5/10

Compared to comparable pre exercises, EVP Extreme tasted terrific! This pre exercise includes reduced quantities of more powerful sampling active ingredients like citrulline malate and also beta-alanine which provides the sucralose a much more powerful beginning factor. None-the-less, preference will certainly not dissatisfy!

Price/Value 8/10

Evogen is understood for costly items, and also EVP Extreme is absolutely nothing brand-new. For 24 portions of EVP Extreme, you’re mosting likely to be paying $50 That’s serious, can be found in at over $2 each offering. Is this cost legitimate? We do not believe so. You could obtain 30 portions of PreSeries BULK from Transparent Labs for the very same cost– and also that’s a much remarkable pre exercise with two times the energetic components. Does that mean EVP Extreme isn’t really going to offer? Certainly its mosting likely to offer! With Evogen being repped by both Hany Rambod and also Buenda … Evogen is a sign for supplement technology that a great deal of men want to pay added for (also if theoretically it does not amount to being the overall ideal).

Similar Products

EVP Extreme’s closest opponent is most likely PES Prolific.

Going an action additionally, Legion Pulse and also NutraBio PRE are extremely comparable, simply with bigger doses of citrulline malate.

If you’re searching for even more creatine, after that Labrada Super Charge has an equivalent energizer matrix with even more creatine (as monohydrate).

Review Conclusion 8.75/10

EVP Extreme is an excellent quality item, there is no rejecting this. You’re going to be paying added for that truth, also though we would not rank it ‘the ideal pre exercise’ by any type of ways. All hyper-critical score and also critiquing apart … This is a high quality item that a whole lot of men are going to enjoy. Its just the men like us composing this that have actually actually taken every little thing, that have an unique preference for remarkable items.

EVP Extreme Ingredients

EVP Extreme Formula

In EVP Extreme, they truly did an excellent task with the energizer matrix. Its extremely effective, yet likewise has a tidy sensation to it unlike various other pre exercises that make you really feel split out.

The column active ingredients however are a little unsatisfactory:

  • Only 3,000mg Citrulline Malate
  • Only 1,200mg Beta-Alanine
  • and also just 2,000mg fermented Leucine (not a total BCAA matrix)

With these doses, you would certainly have anticipated the energizers to be reduced, for producing the alternative for taking 2 scoops to strike medical degrees. This is not a choice.

Despite this strange handicap, EVP Extreme still installs well.

Comparing Evogen EVP Versions [classic, plus, and extreme]

Evogen EVP Compared

Compared to the initial EVP and also EVP Plus, EVP Extreme is an entire brand-new beast.

Previous variations equal, with the easy enhancement of energizers to EVP Plus. Contrasting the older EVPs to the brand-new EVP Extreme, you see a totally re-thought technique apart from the fermented leucine.

In the brand-new formula, complete formula openness is valued.

Other Information

Evogen, the manufacturers of EVP pre exercises, presently funds body builder Jeremy Buendia that lately won Mr. Olympia for the 4th time. His figure is extremely excellent and also you could see Evogens demonstration of EVP Extreme featuring Buendia here on YouTube.

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