Warm Topics: Boomer Issues Small and also huge


If you’re a boomer, you’ve obtained concerns!

Borrowing a line from the late, wonderful Bette Davis, aging ain’t no area for sissies Bette’s monitoring was made long prior to our blossom power came right into complete flower. Like every little thing else our generation has actually touched, we are currently changing the look of getting older.

And I have actually been fortunate sufficient to sign up with pressures with 2 various other boomers (Susan Williams, from Booming Encore, and also Joe Casey, from Retirement Wisdom) to talk about a few of the warm subjects that have aging in today’s culture. Below are our initial 2 video clips. Worries or ideas concerning coming to be an elderly, these vibrant conversations are well worth a couple of mins of your time if you’ve had any kind of inquiries.

  • What do you consider “unretirement,” the electronic divide lots of senior citizens encounter or the life lessons that have age?
  • What concerning maintaining the enjoyable in your life, exactly how the junior participants of culture view aging and also boomer privilege (the power of our numbers and also our riches). You’ll likewise discover my brand-new preferred word, “juvenescence” and also a lot, far more.

So, whatever your ideas, please invest a couple of mins to watch our tackle these warm subjects then do not hesitate to take part the discussion. We invite your remarks.

After all, boomers are definitely not the sissies Bette Davis described in her succinct monitoring, neither are we prepared to meekly transfer to the margins of culture. Oh no. We’re much from that …We’re still loud. We’re still pleased. Currently we’re reinforced by a fantastic large dosage of blossom power in complete flower!


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