enhance our auto-immunity


A brand new method to enhance your pure auto-immunity from infections has been revealed by UK scientific analysis.

The analysis has proven that an individual’s pure immunity is lowered by the presence of neurotoxic aluminium build-up within the physique. Thankfully, science has provide you with a secure and non-invasive method to take away aluminium build-up. 

It recommends commonly consuming silicawater naturally wealthy in soluble silicic acid, as a detox that safely removes the aluminium immunity suppressant. It uniquely enters the bloodstream, captures aluminium particles and removes it by means of urine.

Aluminium as alum salts construct up within the physique over a lifetime as a ubiquitous additive to processed meals, bakery, cosmetics, antiperspirants, antacids, medicines, vaccinations, amalgam tooth fillings – in addition to aluminium pots, pans and tin cans.

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Rex Garratt

Rex Garratt, retired journalist and PR, founding father of Silicawaters.com, residence of Acilis by Spritzer artesian silicawater, impressed by UK scientists who found its distinctive pure energy to securely take away neurotoxic aluminium from the physique and mind.
Licensed as a Not-for-Revenue Social Enterprise providing free samples and reductions to help teams impacted by neurological circumstances.

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