How one can Seal Meals With out Utilizing a Vacuum Sealer


Sure, it’s doable to hoover seal your meals at residence with out a vacuum sealer! All you want is a zip-top plastic freezer bag and a bowl of water. Straightforward-peasy, however I’ll get into the small print under.

This technique is nice for these of us who solely often have want of vacuum sealer and don’t wish to spend money on shopping for one.

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First off, Ought to You Purchase a Vacuum Sealer?

Vacuum sealers are tremendous useful little devices that can pull out all of the air from a plastic pouch of meals and seal it closed. This helps forestall freezer burn on frozen meals, helps hold shelf-stable components like grains final slightly longer, and makes cooking sous vide simpler.

If you happen to do numerous freezing, bulk-purchasing, or sous vide cooking, it’s positively price investing in a single. Our author Marta recommends this inexpensive one from FoodSaver, the OG vacuum sealer.

However what should you don’t want a vacuum sealer on a regular basis? What should you simply want one often and don’t wish to spend money on a gadget that can sit at the back of the cabinet more often than not?

That’s when it’s finest to make use of a house technique just like the one we’re speaking about right here. It’s not as 100% efficient at eradicating all of the air from the meals as an actual vacuum sealer, nevertheless it’s fairly darn shut. And for many of our on a regular basis residence cook dinner functions, that’s simply superb.

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Which Plastic Baggage to Use?

Purchase model identify zip-top plastic freezer luggage for this technique, that are extra sturdy and have stronger seals than off-brand luggage or common zip-top luggage. I take advantage of Ziploc Freezer Baggage, each gallon- and quart-sized.

One other bonus of freezer luggage is that they final via repeated re-use. I wish to keep away from including extra rubbish to the landfills as a lot as the subsequent man, so I wash and reuse all my plastic luggage till they actually disintegrate. Even as soon as they seal isn’t fairly as stable, these luggage are nonetheless good for storing lunch sandwiches, snacks, leftovers, and the like. (The one exception being if I used the bag to retailer uncooked meat; in that case, I throw them away.)

Sous Vide Teriyaki Salmon Sous Vide Teriyaki Salmon

How one can Seal Strong Meals

Use this technique for sealing stable meals like hen breasts, greens, dried grains and beans, and the like:

  1. Fill a big bowl or inventory pot with water and lay a kitchen towel close by.
  2. Place the meals you wish to vacuum seal in a plastic bag. It’s finest to rearrange the meals in a fair layer if doable, somewhat than bunched up in a ball. This helps it freeze, and later thaw, extra rapidly (or cook dinner extra evenly, within the case of sous vide cooking).
  3. Press out as a lot air as doable along with your fingers and press the seal nearly all the best way closed. Go away slightly nook of the highest unsealed.
  4. Holding the bag by the unsealed nook, decrease it into the water. Use your different hand to press out any air bubbles that may get trapped with the meals.
  5. When you attain the unsealed nook the place you’re holding the bag, press the seal closed.

Whenever you raise the bag out of the water, the perimeters of the plastic ought to be molded to the meals. If the bag appears unfastened or like there’s nonetheless numerous air within the bag, test the seal after which repeat the steps above.

As soon as sealed, lay the bag on the towel to dry. The meals is now able to be frozen, saved, or cooked sous vide.

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How one can Seal Liquids

Liquids and liquidy meals, like hen inventory or beans of their cooking broth, require a barely completely different strategy to sealing. Right here’s what to do:

  1. Fill the bag nearly all the best way full, leaving an inch or two of headroom.
  2. Press out as a lot air as doable along with your fingers and press the seal nearly all the best way closed. Go away slightly nook of the highest unsealed.
  3. Raise the bag off the counter and press it towards the sting of the counter on the waterline, so all of the liquid hangs under the counter and the highest of the bag is above. If there’s any air within the hole between the liquid and the sting of the counter, reposition the bag and press out all of the air.
  4. Seal the bag closed. I normally do that by laying the highest a part of the bag flat towards the counter whereas the liquid hangs under, after which urgent the seal closed with my hand.

This technique in all probability sounds extra sophisticated than it truly is. Give it a attempt subsequent time you’re within the kitchen, and I feel you’ll be shocked at how straightforward it’s to do!

Sous Vide Teriyaki Salmon

One Final Tip: How Seal Meals in Plastic Baggage with out Making a Mess

Okay, one final tip for you! Earlier than you add your meals to the plastic bag, fold the highest edge outward to type a cuff across the high. Watch out of the seams so that you don’t by chance rip them.

Not solely does this shield the seal from stray drips, nevertheless it additionally helps the bag to face upright whilst you fill it!

Any questions? Different tricks to share?

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