I’ve Got My Eyes On You (While You’ve Got Your Eyes On Me)


I’ve obtained my eyes on you. As well as, do you recognize where they are looking? Right into your eyes and also right into the globe of marvel that lives behind them; where you have a tendency to live.

But, I see another thing when I consider you, as well. Just what do I see? I see that you are looking right back at me.

Yep, equally as high as I have my eyes on you, you have your eyes on me as well.

child talking with mother

When you were bit, I looked you as if you were a wonder and also you recalled at me (I think) assuming the very same.

Sometimes, you still do.

As you have actually expanded, so have your eyes and also the ideas, dreams, and also fantasizes that conceal behind them. As well as, as they expand larger and also you get older, so do my stress and anxieties and also worries that this life, and also I, will not become all that you have actually really hoped.

The point is, dear kid, that you and also I sort of contribute to just how this life plays out for you, at the very least somewhat.

Life is vibrant, as are individuals you will certainly run into in it. A hunch what, hun? Are you and also I.

This complex and also typically insane, yet absolutely gorgeous and also raw life is going to toss both accomplishment and also sadness at you. You are mosting likely to have some severe low and high, and also you will certainly invest a great deal of time either web content or be pouting in the between.

When I consider myself as your moms and dad, I do not see myself taking care of the everyday effectively, and also I most certainly do not see myself taking care of the captain hook with any type of form of poise. The issue is, however, that if I do not see myself doing a great work at life, after that just how in the heck can you. Oh, yeah, you could not.

Your eyes hardly leave mine since relatively, that’s where they really feel most safe and also while that can not make me really feel any type of better, it likewise makes me really feel a little bit stressed.

Worried concerning exactly what, you ask?

Worried that I am not establishing the very best instance of ways to be a great individual.

Worried that I scream way too much; at you and also points that do not go my means.

Worried that I anticipate way too much; from you, Daddy, myself and also this life.

Worried that I anticipate inadequate; from you, Daddy, myself and also this life.

Worried that I am absent sufficient which you see me with my face in the phone much frequently. Since my smart device was in mine,

Worried that I have not held your hand sufficient.

Worried that you are consuming way too many poultry nuggets and also inadequate veggies. Since of me,

Worried that we typically aren’t exercising your letters sufficient and also that you will certainly drop behind in college all. Since I am not paying it sufficient interest,

Worried that I am allowing my partnership with your papa fail.

Worried that our residence will certainly constantly remain in a state of chaos since I simply could not appear to remain arranged

And I am fretted that, in general, I am simply drawing at being a mama and also spouse.

But, things is, with your eyes on me so extremely all the moment, I should exhibit self-confidence in my capacities as a mama and also an other half. I should acknowledge that am most certainly making a distinction. I should do this for you to ensure that when you consider my eyes, you see somebody you wish to mimic; an individual that is generous, solid and also qualified. That is the sort of individual I desire you to be; consequently that is the sort of individual I should be.

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