Lycopene – how does it work and the place to seek out it?


Lycopene is a pure ingredient of meals. It has antioxidant properties, subsequently lycopene contributes to sustaining good state of health and helps our immune system. In what meals merchandise can we discover lycopene? How does it affect our organism?

What merchandise are the supply sof lycopene?

Lycopene is an orange-red pigment which seems in a pure kind in pink vegatables and fruits. The primary supply of lycopene are tomatoes and tomato merchandise. They play an vital function in offering this factor with weight-reduction plan, which is attributable to their excessive consumption within the uncooked or processed kind (juices, concentrates, sauces).

Lycopene may be additionally present in watermelon, apricots, ruby pink grapefruits, pink guava, nevertheless, the consumption of those merchandise is low compared to tomatoes.

The content material of lycopene in merchandise

The content material of lycopene in tomatoes is influenced by their selection and the extent of ripeness.

The extent of lycopene will increase together with the ripening of greens and is the very best in merchandise coming from summer time crops.

In processed merchandise there are small losses of the content material of lycopene. Aside from this, different actions carried out throughout the manufacturing of tomato merchandise affect the advance of the discharge and absorption of lycopene, similar to fragmentation, pickling, freezing and in addition the presence of fat in a weight-reduction plan. Because of this, our organism might higher make the most of lycopene. This compound is extra delicate to the exercise of oxygen and lightweight than temperature. It’s proof against excessive temperatures, boiling in water and steam, stewing and microwave heating. Undernourishment and the presence of intestinal parasites decreases the utilization of lycopene by our organism.

The focus of lycopene in blood relies upon not solely on consuming habits and age, but in addition (in ladies) on the part of the menstrual cycle – the very best focus takes place in the midst of the part of yellow physique. The focus of lycopene in blood serum is decreased with age.

The exercise of lycopene

In plant cells, lycopene performs an vital function within the absorption of sunshine and takes half within the technique of photosynthesis as an ingredient supporting chlorophyll.

Lycopene belongs to carotenoids, which have antioxidant properties. Antioxidants bind reactive oxygen types (free radicals), that are thought of the reason for cancers and cardiovascular system illnesses (coronary coronary heart illness, atherosclerosis, hypertension).

Free radicals additionally contribute to pores and skin discoloration and participate within the processes chargeable for aging of the organism. It will be important that lycopene not solely neutralizes free radicals, however can be in a position to restore different antioxidant components, e.g. lutein.

Lycopene has inhibiting affect on the synthesis of ldl cholesterol and furthermore it helps to get rid of “unhealthy” cholesterol (LDL) from blood. Aside from this, lycopene improves the state of skin.

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