NES Health and also Bioenergetics with Harry Massey


How Bioenergetics is Changing the Future of Health - With NES Health Founder Harry Massey

Today’s podcast may amaze you a bit, due to the fact that we’re diving right into a location of health and wellness I do not generally speak about. I’ve never ever looked deeply right into bioenergetics or held much supply in so-called energy medicine, yet after Harry Massey of NES Health did a check on my little girl at a seminar, I cannot reject there appears to be something to it. Not just might Harry identify exactly what was happening with my little girl, she appeared far more comfy after the check.

I’m generally the very first to be hesitant, yet it appears rewarding to explore the concept and also the scientific research right here. Allow me understand exactly what you assume!

NES Health: Changing the Way We Treat the Body

As I stated, Harry Massey is the founder of NES Health, a firm concentrated on progressing healthcare making use of a combination of physics and also biology. After years of study, Harry created the BioEnegetiX WellNES System, which has the ability to remedy the power and also check of exactly what Harry calls the human-body area. He asserts he’s aided countless individuals boost their health and wellness via this modern technology, and also after seeing exactly what he had the ability to outline my little girl’s signs I do not question it!

How does it function? That’s exactly what this podcast responses extensive, yet simply put, NES Health has actually created a system and also a tool to gauge and also boost the electric power of the body, relocate towards the metrics related to health and wellness and also relocate far from the electric mayhem related to condition.

On top of that, Harry has an amazing individual tale concerning exactly how he dropped significantly ill in his 20 s for no noticeable factor and also was also bedridden for several years– and also exactly how the system he at some point found obtained him back on course.

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • why all life (including our bodies) is a huge power exchange system
  • what Einstein relates to bioenergetics
  • exactly how our cells connect with the atmosphere around us– for far better or even worse
  • the electric costs discovered in our body organs and also why they matter
  • exactly what takes place when our power areas obtain misshaped
  • the power of ideas and also feelings (and also why they manage every little thing)
  • infoceuticals: exactly what they are and also why you may wish to take one
  • the link in between youth injury and also future condition
  • exactly how an MIHealth check jobs
  • and also much more!

Resources We Mention:

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Books by Harry Massey

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