On Religious Development – Neghar Fonooni


Typically I simply need all the pieces to fuck proper off.

I don’t at all times *need* the drama, the stress, the WORK of getting to course of and handle each goddamn feeling and energetic trade. Typically I wish to numb and distract and cope, as an alternative of discover what’s occurring beneath the floor, the teachings the Universe relentlessly doles out.

This dedication to “increased consciousness” and private development is fuckin’ exhausting—and generally it wears me out, proper all the way down to my bones.

It’s greater than “okay” to really feel this fashion—it’s HUMAN. I’m human. You’re human. Sooner or later you’ll need everybody and all the pieces to fuck all the best way off so you possibly can eat your chocolate lined pretzels and binge on Netflix in peace. And that’s simply fantastic, bb.

Not each second of your human expertise must be spent in religious introspection. You could be self conscious and concurrently select to take a look at. You don’t have to dissect each funky temper and unpack each single set off.

Typically what you want is just a few hours—days, even—of not giving a fuck, all of the whereas figuring out that you just do.

Catch your breath.

Take a break from all the pieces, together with your self.

This journey of self exploration is a marathon, not a dash.

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