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We LOVE it when a brand new product lands right here at DS. And that is one thing very totally different to something we have ever stocked earlier than!

Peak DNA is a keto-friendly collegen sourced protein powder with wholesome fat within the type of MCTs.

One 10g serving will present:

57 energy

5.5g protein

three.3g fats

zero.7g carbs

Collagen is a protein naturally discovered within the human physique, in our pores and skin, joints, tendons and extra. It makes as much as 30% of the protein in our physique and 70% of the protein inside our pores and skin. Collagen ranges decline with age, which is why you usually hear it referred in skincare and anti-wrinkle merchandise.

Whey or Collagen? In contrast to whey or casein that are sourced from milk, collegen protein is sourced bones, skins, and cartilage of animal. Peak DNA Food plan Collagen makes use of fish and bovine, marine collegens are significantly properly absorbed on account of their smaller particle sizes. Collagen is definitely extra plentiful in some important amino acids, specifically glycine, proline, and hydroxyproline, than whey or casein, giving it many advantages for well being and muscle constructing. Many individuals additionally discover that it’s higher digesting, in contrast to whey which might trigger bloating. Please be aware that Food plan Collagen does include milk and is unsuitable if lactose illiberal.

We might recommend a whey isolate round exercises (quick digesting, full spectrum of amino acids) and a collegen protein at different occasions of the day, akin to in your espresso with a wholesome protein-fat breakfast, for well being advantages.


Joints. A 24 week research on athletes with joint ache associated to sport discovered proof to assist collagen supplementation aiding joint well being and probably decreasing the chance of joint deterioration in a high-risk group (Clark et al., 2008). The discount in discomfort throughout coaching could enhance efficiency and longevity in sport. In older populations, collagen supplementation has been urged as a doable remedy for ache and arthritis. Like with pores and skin purposes, a few of these points are related to the age-related decline in pure collagen. Think about use alongside different anti-inflammatories akin to turmeric.

Pores and skin. Collagen provides elasticity to the pores and skin, giving it a youthful, wholesome look. Collagen can also assist to cut back the look of cellulite! It’s thought that supplementing collagen will encourage the physique to extend pure manufacturing. Extra analysis is required to find out simply how a lot profit collagen has for magnificence when taken on this kind, as will probably be damaged down fairly rapidly by the digestive system, however followers of it have reported improved pores and skin, hair and nails.

Intestine. Collagen is used to line the digestive tract, so it is smart that it may be an important complement to handle situations akin to leaky intestine. Research have discovered decreased collagen ranges in people with digestive imbalances. Collagen is excessive within the amino acid glutamine which performs an necessary function in strengthening the intestine lining by fueling the cells lining the mucosa of the small gut and balancing mucus manufacturing.

Muscle constructing. Collagen is excessive in amino acids akin to glycine that are necessary for efficiency and restoration. Glycine compliments creatine properly by bettering absorption. For those who aren’t already supplementing creatine, you need to be! 5g per day, every single day, is the perfect dosage for many.

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