Genuine Moms Share Pictures of Their Baby’s First Snow


Seeing snow for the very first time is enchanting. Do you have an image of the very first time your infant saw snow? We asked actual mothers to share their infant’s very first snow photos with us, and also they are also charming!

first snow
Image using Facebook/Alana

Alana: She liked it! She was 9 months old!

first snow
Image using Facebook/Chrissy

Chrissy: We reside in the South so we hurried outdoors to see it dropping equally as it began due to the fact that there was no informing if it was mosting likely to last! This remained in March of this year. The week prior to and also the week after she remained in brief sleeves!

first snow
Image using Facebook/Letticia

Letticia: Absolutely enthralled with the snow at 5 months old!

first snow
Image using Facebook/Caley

Caley: She was simply over a years of age.

first snow
Image using Facebook/Kindra

Kindra: I liked the appearance of marvel on Owen’s face as he saw the snow loss. Among my favorite pictures of perpetuity.

first snow
Image using Facebook/Valorie

Valorie: Right at a years of age.

first snow
Image using Facebook/Charlie

Charlie: He was virtually a years of age and also he did NOT like it!

Image using Facebook/Sarah

Sarah: Love love love

first snow
Image using Facebook/Ashley

Ashley: Such a cutie!

first snow
Image using Natalie S.

Natalie: Henry was 4 months old for his very first snow. He liked the snow, however he disliked the wind! We returned within after a couple of photos.

How did your infant like their very first snow? Was it an enjoyable experience, or did you hurry back inside to cuddle?

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