Sous Vide and Meals Security: What To Know


Sous vide cooking is amazingly hands-off, straightforward to sync together with your schedule, and able to delivering persistently mind-blowing outcomes. No surprise this methodology is more and more successful over dwelling cooks.

With its vacuum luggage and gently whirring baths of water, sous vide cooking is radically totally different from the skillets and burners we’re used to in standard strategies. So it’s solely pure to surprise how the principles of meals security apply.

In case you’re fearful about cooking meals in plastic or scratching your head about what appear to be unusually low cooking temperatures, take coronary heart—we’ve got the solutions!

Is it protected to prepare dinner in plastic? 

In brief, sure. It relies on the type of plastic you utilize, and what temperature you prepare dinner your meals to.

Okay, then what sort of plastic is protected for cooking sous vide?

A number of us have issues about bisphenol A (BPA) as a result of it’s been discovered to disrupt hormone perform. However BPAs solely seem in inflexible plastics, and never the versatile plastics used to make luggage and wrap.

As a result of your meals solely comes into direct contact with versatile plastics once you’re cooking sous vide, you don’t want to fret about BPAs.

The plastic packaging really helpful by sous vide consultants is nearly at all times manufactured from food-grade high-density polyethylene, low-density polyethylene, and polypropylene. The temperatures utilized in sous vide cooking (at all times properly under boiling) are usually not almost as excessive as these reached in a microwave, so the alternatives for plastics leaching chemical compounds with sous vide are vastly minimized.

Sous Vide Beef Tenderloin with Port, Garlic, and Thyme

What Form of Container Ought to Be Used for Sous Vide?

Most dwelling cooks will use a steel stockpot to carry the water bathtub when cooking sous vide—you in all probability personal a superbly nice stockpot already—however some cooks and cooks like to make use of giant, inflexible polycarbonate containers that have been manufactured for meals storage (comparable to this one).

Such containers do comprise BPA, however needless to say once you’re cooking sous vide, the heated water and the meals don’t come into contact—there’s at all times the plastic bag between them. In case you’re nonetheless feeling iffy about it, there’s nothing unsuitable with sticking to your trusty stockpot.

Carrots Cooked Sous Vide submerge the bag

How will I do know if the luggage I’m utilizing are protected?

You possibly can’t go unsuitable with a bag made particularly for vacuum sealing or cooking sous vide. In case you’re cooking in zip-top freezer luggage and never sous vide luggage, know that name-brand plastic luggage are typically manufactured from safer, higher-grade plastic (polyethylene) than bulk or generic luggage and movies. Who knew there was a such a distinction?

As a rule of thumb, use brand-name luggage and wrap for cooking sous vide. You possibly can at all times save the cheapie stuff for packing lunches. Search for zip-top luggage that say they’re microwave protected (a variety of generic ones will say “not for microwave use” proper on the field).

At Merely Recipes, we advocate utilizing quart- or gallon-sized Ziploc Freezer Luggage for sous vide cooking.

Temperatures round 158°F (70°C) or greater can generally trigger the seams of zip-top freezer luggage to separate. This isn’t a security concern as a lot as a nuisance, because it means water will get into the bag together with your meals.

As a precaution, you may double-bag meals when cooking in zip-top luggage. In case you’re utilizing a vacuum-sealed bag, it gained’t be a problem.

If gently heating plastic luggage is one thing you simply can’t recover from, it’s nonetheless attainable to offer cooking sous vide a spin. You possibly can prepare dinner eggs immediately of their shells, and custardy or dense meals comparable to yogurt or custard (or our Sous Vide Cheesecake in Jars!) will be cooked in glass canning jars.

Can I re-use luggage used for sous vide cooking, both for extra sous vide cooking or for different functions?

In keeping with the producers of vacuum seal and sous vide luggage, sure, however not if the luggage beforehand held uncooked meat, poultry, seafood, or eggs. In case you’re queasy about re-using plastic luggage, look into silicone luggage made only for sous vide. They’re sturdy, reusable, and dishwasher protected.

Easy Chicken and Broccoli Sous Vide

Isn’t it harmful to prepare dinner hen to 158°F as a substitute of 165°F?

It’s the golden rule of cooking poultry, one which’s been pounded into our brains (and for a great motive): At all times prepare dinner hen to 165°F.

Nevertheless—and it is a huge, completely satisfied nonetheless—cooking poultry to 158°F, or different temperatures under 165°F, is completely protected once you’re utilizing the lengthy prepare dinner occasions typically known as for in sous vide cooking. Right here’s why:

The USDA’s really helpful temperatures for safely cooking meats and poultry have been created for standard cooking strategies, like roasting and stove-top cooking. Nevertheless, cooking hen at decrease temperatures for longer durations will kill those self same pathogens simply as successfully.

Give it some thought like pasteurizing milk. Pasteurization, similar to sous vide cooking, is a perform of each temperature and time. One method to pasteurize milk entails utilizing very excessive warmth for a brief time period (ultra-pasteurized); the opposite is to pasteurize at a decrease warmth for an extended time.

Each pasteurization strategies get you protected milk ultimately, and the identical logic applies to meals cooked utilizing standard cooking strategies (which cooks meals shortly at greater temp) and sous vide (which cooks meals slowly at decrease temp).

This identical logic—cooking meals to decrease closing temperatures than you’re accustomed to with different strategies—additionally applies in sous vide cooking to pork and eggs. You’re primarily pasteurizing the meals. So breathe straightforward!

Sous Vide Teriyaki Salmon

After cooking sous vide, can I take advantage of the juices within the luggage as a sauce?

Positively! There’s tons of taste in these juices, and so they reached precisely the identical temperature because the solids cooked in the identical bag—which is to say, if the stable meals is protected, the liquid is, too.

From a culinary standpoint, you would possibly need to cut back the liquid in a skillet to pay attention it. Simply remember that in case your cooking liquid contained salt, then lowering the liquid could make it style extra salty.

Sous vide pork chops submerge the bag

Is it protected to prepare dinner vacuum-sealed meals?

Nice information: it’s safer to prepare dinner vacuum-sealed meals. Cardio micro organism (micro organism that wants oxygen to dwell) can’t thrive in a vacuum-sealed bag with little to no air.

What about botulism?

Botulism spores can dwell with out oxygen, so it is sensible to surprise about it when cooking vacuum-sealed meals. To begin with, know that botulism circumstances are very, very unusual in first world international locations (within the US, there have been 205 confirmed circumstances in 2016, and solely 14% of these circumstances have been foodborne).

The easiest way to forestall botulism generally is to maintain sizzling meals sizzling (131°F or greater), cool cooked meals shortly (we already know that’s a snap with an ice bathtub), after which get them into the fridge or freezer, stat.

Additionally, because it takes extended storage for botulism spores to achieve poisonous ranges, it’s not even a problem with meals you’ve cooked sous vide and refrigerated since you gained’t be retaining it for months and months, as you’ll home-canned meals.

Bone-in Sous Vide Pork Chops prep the chops

Does it make a distinction if I’ve vacuum-sealed the meals or simply pressed out the air in a zip-top bag?

The extra air you take away, the extra you stop bacterial progress. So it’s higher to make use of a vacuum sealer, however it’s nonetheless loads protected to DIY it utilizing food-grade, zip-top luggage by urgent out air utilizing the water displacement methodology.

By the best way, despite the fact that it’s not needed to make use of a vacuum sealer for sous vide cooking, anybody can profit from one for normal meals storage. Vacuum-sealed luggage take up much less area in your freezer and the meals inside is loads much less inclined to freezer burn. Better of all, vacuum sealers are simply actually enjoyable to make use of!

  • Meals Saver is a very in style model as a result of it’s straightforward to make use of and is comparatively cheap; this mannequin is an effective place to begin.
  • In case you assume you would possibly actually spend a variety of time cooking this fashion, you might need to get your hands on the Waring Professional Pistol, which I choose as a result of as a result of you may typically re-use the luggage (they’re sealed with zippers) and it additionally shops meals with sauces/liquids in them. Nevertheless, the mannequin I like has been discontinued, however you would possibly be capable to discover one thing on-line someplace.

Is it protected to chill meals cooked sous vide whereas nonetheless sealed within the bag, after which refrigerate them?

It’s! As soon as once more, it’s safer to retailer meals in the identical bag it was cooked in, since you don’t run the chance of contaminating the meals by transferring it to a different container.

Simply be sure you cool your luggage shortly earlier than refrigerating them. Plunge the sealed bag in a big bowl of ice water to chill it down tremendous quick. That is useful if you wish to prepare dinner forward, after which gently reheat, say, hen thighs you will have cooked sous vide. It could all occur in the identical bag.

Sous Vide Teriyaki Salmon

What about cooking meals immediately of their frozen state?

In case your raw meals was vacuum-sealed in higher-grade plastic (like we mentioned earlier) after which frozen—sure, it’s protected to prepare dinner it sous vide straight from the freezer.

When cooking meals from frozen, you’ll want to regulate the prepare dinner time accordingly, so there’s a bit of math concerned (right here’s a helpful information from ChefSteps).

The rule of thumb is to divide the cooking time for non-frozen meals in half, after which add that to the usual cooking time (e.g. 60 minutes for recent hen could be 90 minutes from frozen). If you consider this when it comes to meal planning and batch prep, think about the chances!

There’s a leap of religion right here, as a result of it wouldn’t be protected to pop a frozen hen in a 450°F oven, however belief us, it really works. A number of the security has to do with the packaging, truly. With vacuum-sealed meals, there’s manner much less floor space uncovered for micro organism to develop on, so the meals you’re cooking is in a way more pristine surroundings than loosely wrapped meat that’s been thawing within the fridge, or in a pan within the sink.

Sous Vide Teriyaki Salmon

If I can prepare dinner frozen meals sous vide, can I additionally reheat leftovers sous vide?

You guess. If it’s nonetheless sealed within the bag you cooked it in and also you’ve adopted the rules laid out above, then the meals is pasteurized and suitable for eating. In case you opened the bag, you may seal cooled leftovers in a recent bag and later reheat the meals sous vide.

You solely have to warmth it up sufficient to get it to the perfect temperature for consuming. Typically, that’s a couple of levels under the temperature it was cooked to initially.

How lengthy do meals cooked sous vide hold within the fridge?

Meals cooked sous vide and refrigerated within the sealed luggage they have been cooked in have an extended shelf life than meals that have been cooked and transferred to a distinct container.

You possibly can refrigerate cooked, correctly cooled meals of their unopened sous vide luggage as much as 10 days. In case you’ve opened the luggage, your leftovers may have the identical shelf life as conventionally cooked leftovers.

Sous Vide Grilled Pork Chops serve the pork chops

Is it protected for pregnant girls, youngsters, the aged, and folks with compromised immune techniques to eat meals cooked sous vide?

If the meals have been accurately ready, sure. The truth is, due to extended prepare dinner occasions, you can also make meals safer by pasteurizing it sous vide—making it attainable to serve a uncommon steak with out the identical threat of it carrying pathogens as a conventionally ready steak.

They secret’s to comply with a time and temperature desk accurately. (Right here’s one other nice information for that from ChefSteps.)


When you get the hold of sous vide cooking, its benefits on the meals security entrance turn out to be clear. The secret is to only get snug with the method, and to hunt out stable data once you want it. Most producers of sous vide tools have glorious articles on their web sites in the event you’d like a more in-depth have a look at something.



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