Supplementation even with little doses of vitamin K2 counteracts osteoporosis


The analysis from the yr 2013 proved that supplementation with vitamin K2 within the type of MK-7 counteracts the decline of bone density and energy amongst ladies after menopause. The analysis lasted Three years and was achieved by 233 ladies. MK-7

Earlier than beginning the correct research, the researchers carried out a trial of doses on the restricted variety of healthy volunteers. On this preliminary analysis they established the dose of 180mcg a day as a minimal dose of MK-7, required to make sure full osteocalcin carboxylation. Due to this fact, for the Three-year research such dose was adopted, taken in a single portion with the primary meal of the day.

MK-7 utility positively influenced mineralization of bones, their density and resilience.

Conclusion: supplementation with vitamin K2 within the type of MK-7 could assist to counteract bone mass decline amongst women after menopause.

The analysis didn’t show any negative effects of taking vitamin K2 MK-7 aside from the sufferers taking warfarin.

Dr. Cees Vermeer from the College of Maastricht, finishing up the analysis on vitamin K, describes within the interview the which means of vitamin Okay:

MK-7 Vitamin K-2 The obvious function of vitamin Okay is the very fact that it’s the cofactor of osteocalcin carboxylation, a protein created in massive quantities by osteoblasts (cells creating bones). The stage of carboxylation is the preliminary situation of organic exercise of all proteins depending on vitamin Okay. Osteocalcin is attributed a number of capabilities, the obvious of which is its function as an inhibitor of calcifications of the luminal facet of collagen fibers in bones. These fibers are essential to take care of bone resistance to bending. One other approach, by which vitamin Okay contributes to bone endurance is the advance of bone geometry in crucial locations, corresponding to femoral neck. We noticed via inducible vitamin Okay, the rebuilding resulting in stronger femoral neck.

Nutritional vitamins K1 and K2 share the identical operate of the cofactor of protein carboxylation, however a extra lipophilic character of vitamin K2 allows its completely different transport within the human physique. Vitamin K1 is preferentially transported to the liver, the place it’s engaged within the synthesis of blood coagulation. Vitamin K2, however, is integrated in lipoproteins of excessive density and is transported to extrahepatic tissues, together with bones.

Vitamin K2 is an umbrella time period for a number of intently associated constructions, known as menaquinone. Their nomenclature is MK-n, the place “n” means the variety of isoprenoid remnants in aliphatic facet chain. Dietary important menaquinones are ML-Four (just like K1), MK-7 (current within the Japanese natto) and MK-Eight, MK-9 and MK-10 (that are current is cheese and fermented meals). The three types of vitamin Okay can be found as dietary  dietary supplements: vitamin K1, MK-Four and MK-7. Each vitamin K1 and MK-Four are bought as artificial merchandise with a really brief time of half-life within the circulation (round 1 hour). The one naturally out there type of vitamin Okay is MK-7 (the industrial identify MenaQ7), which is obtained within the strategy of fermentation and whose half-life is round Three days. Completely different intervals of half-life clarify why MK-7 has significantly larger effectiveness than K1 or MK-Four.

Dr. Vermeer concludes:

Nutritional vitamins are used for illness prophylaxis, not as medicines. Due to this fact, I strongly advocate beginning supplementation earlier than the decline of bone mass begins. Beginning supplementation solely after detecting osteoporosis is just too late. It’s higher to begin on the age of 40 and on this approach keep bones in an ideal state.

Dr. Vermeer provides within the interview that although the analysis was carried out on women after menopause, there is no such thing as a cause for the remedy to be ineffective in different teams, e.g. amongst men (though in the identical analysis they concluded that it ought to be confirmed in additional analysis).

Dr. Vermeer concludes that the research with using K1 and MK-Four on the doses 10-50 occasions larger demonstrated much less evident effectiveness and even lack of results as for bone energy.


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