The New Year: Another Fresh Start Or Set Up For Self-Sabotage?


As a lady over fifty, you’ve been though your share of New Year’s resolutions. For several years we boomers have actually vigilantly detailed our meticulously chosen objectives: slim down, execute some kind of cardiovascular workout daily, lift weights 3X’s each week and so on. And also we’ve sought each of them with the single-minded eagerness of an activist on a goal. Up Until concerning January 15ththat is … (Okay, I’m speaking about me)

Somehow, mid month, the fire in my stomach morphs from intending to minimize my center to intending to feed it. All my great objectives escape as the grey haze of January covers my being and also my mind. They call it Seasonal Affect Disorder– SAD for brief. And also, after the pressure of the holiday, January could create a gloomy and also chilly disappointment. The initial month of the New Year offers simply the appropriate incentive to provide myself a much-needed lift: the serotonin blast from numerous crispy bags of straightforward carbs. (Yep, corn chips are my preferred!)

So this year my New Year’s resolution is to eliminate sensations of self-sabotage and also the scourge of busted guarantees: say goodbye to fooling myself with rigorous diet regimens and also routines I can not maintain. Since lure obtained the much better of me, no extra defeating myself up. Since I assume I should, no extra attempting to press right into the dimension of a teen waif. No chance! I’ve chosen I’ve made the right to welcome every middle-aged crease and also roll on my body.

Therefore, as I commemorate the beginning of 2018, I’m maintaining my vacation spirit and also tossing care and alsomy New Year’s resolutions to the winds. Worn my joyful finery, you’ll see me relaxing pleasantly on the front door– relaxing and also taking pleasure in life.


( I understand you will not think it– this picture isn’t truly me.) A little bit of April Fool’s Day wit can not injure in the dead of winter months. Below’s to sharing a light-hearted chuckle or 2 and also, currently, forward with those doggone resolutions!


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