Treating MS with excessive doses of vitamin D– Cicero G. Coimbra


Physician Cicero Coimbry’s presentation for the members of the Home of Chamber in Brasilia, the capital of Brazil, regarding the remedy of a number of sclerosis with excessive doses of vitamin D. August 2013.

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Cicero G. Coimbra, MD, PhD, Inside Drugs and Neurology Lab of Neuropathology & Neuroprotection, head Affiliate Professor of Neurology and Neuroscience Federal College of São Paulo – UNIFESP.

Treating a number of sclerosis with excessive doses of vitamin D Vitamin D3 & K2 MK7

My expertise primarily considerations excessive doses of vitamin D. Answering the questions on a number of sclerosis: across the yr 2002 we began to prescribe 10.000 IU of vitamin D a day to the sufferers with MS, on the idea of the info obtainable again then within the medical literature, displaying that vitamin D is an immunoregulator, regulating the immune system and never inhibiting it, stimulating autoimmune system and successfully serving to it battle infections, inhibiting improper autoimmune reactions, technically referred to as TH17.

Due to this fact, vitamin D is theoretically a really perfect part or a pharmaceutical substance, because it presents the ability of a hormone that fights contagious illnesses, since we don’t inhibit the protection system, fairly the opposite, we improve the potential of regular protection reactions.

We began the remedy with the doses of 10.000 IU of vitamin D a day and noticed the advance in our sufferers. With the dose of 10.000 IU the illness didn’t enter remission. The recurrences change into rarer, however the illnesses was nonetheless lively. Every time, when our sufferers skilled emotional stress, the danger appeared that this emotional stress will entail a brand new assault.

Years had been passing and we monitored the state of the sufferers underneath the affect of the excessive doses and noticed that after we elevated the doses, our sufferers skilled extra optimistic results. Round 2-Three years in the past, we might decide a really perfect dose, which might inhibit the pathological exercise of the autoimmune system and it’s round 1.000 IU per 1 kg of body weight. It’s a median dose for the sufferers, as in actuality, a person dosage calculation is utilized, which can be increased or decrease, adequately to the state of every affected person. We modify these doses individually to the extent of the parathyroid hormone (PTH). When the extent of vitamin D will increase the extent of PTH is decreased. We’re due to this fact attempting to keep up PTH degree at to backside boundary of the traditional scope.

Best Vitamin D-3 2000IU We seen that by sustaining the extent of the parathyroid hormone (PTH) within the decrease ranges of the norm (with out suppressing it), we might preserve the illness in remission. To attain such low ranges, we would have liked a dose, on common, of 1000 IU/kg of body weight.

To counteract the side-effects, which can seem with such excessive doses, except a strict food plan is utilized, we excluded from a food plan the merchandise wealthy in calcium, primarily milk and its derivatives and in addition the merchandise enriched in calcium, comparable to oat, rice and soya milk. When such precautions are taken, excessive doses could also be thought-about fairly protected.

In different phrases, we ask our sufferers for a minimal liquids consumption of no less than 2,5 l a day (water, juices, drinks, tea, soups…). All this collectively wants to offer 2,5 l a day as then diuresis of round 2 liters of liquids turns into potential, which maintains calcium within the dissolved state and eliminates it with urine. When calcium stays dissolved, avoiding its focus, we might counteract evoking the most important worry manifestation of vitamin D poisoning, which is nephrocalcinosis.

The doses of vitamin D (and its degree in blood) have been steadily elevated for years. Prior to now, we didn’t use any particular food plan and noticed that calcium ranges had been above the traditional rage, we due to this fact maintained vitamin D degree, however requested our sufferers to eradicate dairy merchandise and different merchandise wealthy in calcium. When this happed, we seen the discount of the extent of calcium within the urine to the extent even decrease than earlier than beginning the remedy with vitamin D. Primarily based on that, we might improve the doses of vitamin D to – as already talked about – a every day dose on common of 1.000 IU per kilogram of body weight.

For overweight sufferers, the dose could also be even increased than the typical one. Due to this fact, for instance, it wouldn’t be an absurd for an individual weighing 130 kg to take a dose of 200.000 IU a day. To compensate the subcutaneous fats absorption – as dr. Holick defined, subcutaneous fats eliminates vitamin D from the bloodstream – it’s essential to prescribe an extra quantity to forestall vitamin D deprivation from the subcutaneous tissues, in connection to the vitamin D obtainable within the physique.

Nonetheless, such doses have to be prescribed underneath strict scientific and laboratorial management and the sufferers ought to come to periodical management visits to ensure they comply with the food plan, as that is extraordinarily essential. 

Larger doses of vitamin D than those we prescribe might carry the reverse impact. An individual weighing 70 kg, who takes a every day dose increased than 150.000 IU of vitamin D, in any kind, might result in the discount of calcium in bones, inflicting hypercalcemia. This can be stopped by the medicines referred to as bisphosphonates, comparable to alendronian, etydronian and others to successfully block this poisonous impact.

Nonetheless, we not often attain for such doses, solely within the case of sufferers, whose weight and physique mass is much above the norm.

I’m not positive if I answered appropriately my query about expertise with vitamin D, however I solely wished so as to add that since 2002/2003, after we began, till as we speak, we’ve been treating nearly 1130 sufferers and 705 of them had been handled with excessive doses of vitamin D. Since we began treating sufferers with the doses of 10.000 IU, we’ve had 1130 sufferers and the outcomes are merely implausible. There are specific sufferers right here within the viewers and we’ve an excellent satisfaction that we gave them their lives again. These sufferers should not have different assaults of the illness or modifications within the magnetic resonance outcomes. They aren’t afraid of turning into blind or paralyzed or that they may change into disabled. They’ll look into the longer term and see regular life there.

The one factor that we have no idea but is for a way lengthy we must always preserve excessive doses of vitamin D. This query remains to be unanswered.

The query from the viewers: Is it related to another medication?

No, completely not. Solely excessive doses of vitamin D.

Vitamin D-3 2000 IUAs for the type of the dose, like I stated, professor Michael Holick supplied an excellent clarification that there are various types of dosing, that are equally efficient. Once we apply excessive doses, comparable to those I discussed, administering vitamin D underneath the tongue is an ineffective kind. We won’t obtain the identical leads to such a means and we’ve the sensation that the shape primarily based on lipids, combined with oils provides a greater impact than combining vitamin D with different kinds, even when the oil is combined with vitamin closed in dry capsules.

Let’s transfer on to utilizing vitamin D in sufferers with Parkinson.

Vitamin D causes a trophic impact within the nervous system, due to this fact this can be very essential. It additionally demonstrates antioxidant impact by stimulating nerve cells to glutathione manufacturing and synthesis, which is an important antioxidant. It additionally produces neurotrophic components, that are the substances that preserve nervous cells alive.

These neurotrophic components or neutrotrophins are produced from glial cells, comparable to astrocytes, underneath the affect of the stimulation by vitamin D. Vitamin D is picked up from the bloodstream and reworked in its lively kind, behind the blood-brain barrier, influencing all cells of the nervous system, affecting glial cells, stimulating the manufacturing of neurotrophic components, which –because the title suggests – are liable for the vitality of nerve cells, sustaining them alive.

Due to this fact, in each sort of neurodegenerative illnesses it’s extremely really helpful to prescribe vitamin D to sufferers and I imagine that there is no such thing as a sense in prescribing the doses increased than 10.000 IU. Normally it will depend on the affected person’s weight, however we prescribe 10.000 IU to the sufferers with the body weight 50-55 kg. Nonetheless, what we do for sufferers with Parkinson illnesses is simply normalizing the degrees, discount of PTH which is above the norm, leaving PTH it the decrease ranges of the traditional vary.

The dose might fluctuate from 10.000 IU to 25.000 IU a day for the sufferers with Parkinson illness.

Leaving a bit behind the subject of the affect of vitamin D on MS and Parkinson… Vitamin D-3 5000 IU

I monitored greater than 1200 sufferers with Parkinson’s illnesses. The largest issues of those sufferers consists within the truth, that the reason for their illnesses appears to be the state of continual struggling. The sufferers with Parkinson have at all times been stressed, worrying people, who chronically suffered.

Earlier than the analysis or earlier than the start of the illness, these people skilled distinctive emotional stress. When these individuals confronted a small downside, they reached the extent of struggling extremely above the norm. This can’t be seen except you perform an interview with the affected person and ask her or him about this concrete downside. Evidently this emotional stress causes forming in these individuals a neurotoxic substance known as salsolinol or N-Methyl(R)-Salsolinol, which is a powerful neurotoxin, which destroys neurons liable for the manufacturing of dopamine, since it’s fashioned inside these cells, which produce dopamine. This substance is present in excessive quantities within the cerebrospinal fluid of those individuals.

Vitamin D deficits in these sufferers could also be rectified and on this means we might assist these individuals, however their largest problem is to attain decrease degree of struggling. Thanks.


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