Vanilla Latte Recipe With Superfood Ingredients


Vanilla Latte recipe

Coffee is a questionable subject in health and wellness circles as well as I might compose similarly sustained blog posts regardingwhy coffee is great for you and why it is horrible The lower line is that when sourced appropriately, coffee could have some health and wellness advantages, yet there are likewise individuals that ought to prevent it. Like a lot of facets of health and wellness, the response is individualized to that asked the inquiry.

The Problem With Regular Vanilla Lattes

In university, I made use of to survive on vanilla cappucinos from the coffeehouse on school, as well as I still enjoy the preference of them. Since I’m not eating sterilized milk or sugars, I do not consume coffeehouse cappucinos as well as I most definitely do not consume pre-made coffee creamers (seriously … examine the components if you still eat these). I wished to locate an actual food option that tasted equally as excellent.

If you are a cappucino follower as well as normally invest $3-5 on a sugar-laden one at a coffee bar, attempt this genuine food dish rather!

Brain-Fuel Coffee: A Latte Better for You

I’ve composed prior to around my favorite way to drink coffee with added nutrient-dense foods like coconut oil, grass-fed butter, as well as in some cases flavors. I still enjoy alcohol consumption coffee by doing this as well as frequently include fluid stevia or flavors like cinnamon for added taste.

As an experiment, I took my initial preferred coffee dish as well as included collagen peptides, an easily digested form of gelatin.I enjoy that this dish integrates several of my preferred nutrient-rich foods as well as is a great mix of fats as well as healthy protein. I frequently consume this in the early morning as well as have lots of power as well as psychological emphasis all the time.

If you could endure stevia, including a couple of decreases of English toffee or vanilla stevia makes this preference much better compared to a coffee bar. Otherwise, a dash of vanilla produces virtually the very same taste.

But why is the dish a “superfood” vanilla cappucino? A couple of added touches:

Vanilla Latte Super Ingredients

  • Grass-fed butteris a fantastic resource of vitamin K2 which assists decalcify arteries as well as is very important for correct blood clot. There is likewise study that it could lower the risk of heart disease.
  • Coconut oil(or MCT oil) is a fantastic resource of lauric acid as well as medium-chain fats, which are a superb simple gas resource for the body as well as mind.
  • Collagen hydrolysateis a conveniently absorbable kind of jelly that sustains skin, hair, nails, as well as food digestion as well as is a great resource of healthy protein. (This is the collagen hydrolysate I use — heaven cover)
  • Chicory as well as dandelion originare normally helpful of the liver. I buy both dandelion root as well as chicory root in bulk as well as make them like coffee in a French press.
  • Another superfood choiceis making use of this mushroom coffee blend as opposed to routine coffee. I recognize it seems a little unusual, yet you will not also recognize there’s mushrooms in it, as well as the long lasting power as well as dietary advantages seriously exceed routine coffee. They have both caffeine-free as well as routine variations also.

Caffeine-Free Coffee Alternatives

When I was functioning to intensively sustain my body to obtain my autoimmune illness right into remission, I had not been consuming coffee, yet located that I might produce the very same tastes by making a solid tea of dandelion origin as well as chicory origin. When I checked out New Orleans as well as in some cases favor an herbal coffee or tea recipe like this one also when I could have high levels of caffeine, I dropped in love with the taste of chicory. If you require to stay clear of coffee as well,

This vanilla cappucino dish provides numerous alternates.

Superfood Vanilla Latte Recipe


A tasty cappucino with a coffee-free choice. Superfoods like coconut oil, grass-fed butter, as well as collagen for healthy protein make this a valuable fat-rich early morning beverage.


  1. Brew coffee in a French press for ideal outcomes, yet any type of coffee will certainly function.
  2. Place made coffee, butter, coconut oil/ MCT, collagen, as well as vanilla in a mixer. Do not make use of a Magic Bullet or various other closed-in mixer as it could blow up or split.
  3. Blend above for 10-15secs till froth types.
  4. Drink as well as delight in.


Use dandelion tea and/or chicory if you’re preventing high levels of caffeine.

Courses Drinks

Cuisine Superfood

Nutrition Facts

Serving Size 1 mug

Amount Per Serving


% Daily Value

Total Fat256 g


Saturated Fat208 g






Total Carbohydrates 0.3 g


Sugars 0.3 g

Protein 6.4 g


* Percent Daily Values are based upon a 2,000 calorie diet regimen. Your day-to-day worths might be greater or reduced depending upon your calorie requires.

What do you consume in the early mornings?

Superfood Vanilla Latte Recipe

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