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Pound cake is the very best pal of the treat globe. It’s not picky. It could be spruced up with whipped lotion as well as berries, rubbed with butter as well as put on a grill, or just cut as well as taken pleasure in together with a steaming mug of coffee. It’s pleased to be liked precisely as it is.


Since it’s an old dish with basic components that’s been passed vocally from one chef to the following,

Perhaps extra pound cake really feels so lived-in.

The cake in fact precedes its American arrival in Amelia Simmons’ 1796 recipe book, American Cookery, which is acknowledged as the very first American recipe book. This innovative publication was the very first on document to integrate in your area offered foods such as turkey, cranberries, as well as corn.

It additionally consisted of a really basic dish for extra pound cake, which got its name due to the fact that the baker required 1 extra pound each of eggs, butter, flour, as well as sugar to earn it. Simmons’ dish additionally requires a “gill,” or 4 ounces, of rosewater (which was much more commonly offered as well as more economical compared to vanilla) as well as flavors as you want.

Easy Vanilla Pound Cake Recipe


For this dish, I desired a timeless extra pound cake with basic vanilla taste. I changed the rosewater because initial American dish with vanilla remove as well as decided not include any type of added flavors. I went for an extra pound cake with a buttery, yellow, soft crumb, as well as with a gold as well as crisp external side. It’s durable as well as gently pleasant.

You could cook this cake it in a loaf frying pan, bundt cake, miniature loaves and even cupcake tins, but also for this dish, I preferred to utilize a loaf frying pan due to the fact that I believe loaves supply the best versatility when it involves offering extra pound cake. It’s a lot easier to salute or grill a piece of cake compared to a wedge of cake. (Keep in mind that this is a thick cake as well as in a loaf frying pan it will certainly take greater than a hr to cook.)

For an additional touch of sweet taste, I produced a vanilla polish to put over the ended up cake.

Vanilla Pound Cake with Vanilla Glaze add the flour


Many dishes for extra pound cake include milk, sour lotion, or other type of milk in order to help maintain the cake moist, yet in my examinations, I located it had not been essential.

I made a variation with ordinary yogurt, an additional with milk included in the standard batter, as well as a 3rd with no milk. The loaf made without either milk hurt as well as moist, and had a far better crust as well as a greater increase compared to those made with it.


People typically do a dual take when they see a cake dish doing not have cooking powder or soft drink, yet you are appropriate to leave them out with this dish.

Traditional extra pound cake precedes contemporary leavening representatives. Rather, it obtains its increase from the eggs as well as the air defeated right into the batter. Eggs supply leavening in 2 means:

  • First, eggs are filled with waterand also as the flour soaks up water it starts to create the framework of the cake. That fluid changes right into heavy steam throughout cooking as well as assists the cake increase.
  • Second, cakes obtain a lift from the healthy protein in the eggs.When eggs are defeated, air is included right into them, creating bubbles. The bubbles increase in the warmth of the stove to offer the cake added leavening.

The actual trick to extra pound cake without raising representatives? Add the eggs one sometimes up until totally included as well as scratch down the dish in between each enhancement.

Vanilla Pound Cake from Scratch


The biggest power of extra pound cake is its flexibility. You could offer it a lot of means, below are a few of my faves:

  • Slather with butter, salute in a frying pan (like smoked cheese), after that dirt with powdered sugar as well as leading with macerated cozy berries. Offer cozy.
  • Slather with butter, salute in a frying pan, as well as leading with an inside story of vanilla gelato, drizzle with delicious chocolate or heated Nutella
  • Top with whipped lotion, lemon curd as well as berries
  • Dress it up with a lemon polish as well as strawberry pieces
  • Use it for gelato sandwiches
  • Grill pieces of extra pound cake as well as top with summertime fruit
  • Pound cake covered with bananas as well as honey

You understand. The variants are countless.


Wrap the baked as well as cooled down extra pound cake in cling wrap as well as it will certainly keep the counter for 4 or 5 days (do not save in the refrigerator; it will certainly dry it out).

You could additionally ice up the cake. Cover the entire loaf snugly in cling wrap as well as area it in a huge zip-top bag. Freeze for approximately 3 months.

When you prepare to offer it, unwrap as well as move it to a plate. Freely cover it with cling wrap as well as allow it thaw. Just how quick a cake defrosts depends upon the temperature level of your cooking area, yet as a whole 2 hrs ought to work. Do not be lured to thaw it in the microwave or a cozy stove; the cake will certainly dry.

Should your thawed out cake appear a little completely dry, make an easy syrup with equivalent components water as well as sugar as well as brush it on private pieces of the cake. Nobody will certainly ever before understand you made the cake 3 months ago or that it’s been socializing in your deep freeze.

Vanilla Pound Cake in a Loaf Pan glaze the cake


Pound cake is additionally a really versatile dish as well as takes well to a wide range of basic tweaks. Attempt any one of these:

  • Add the juice and/or passion from oranges or lemons
  • Add rum
  • Soak with a flavorful basic syrup
  • Replace vanilla remove with almond remove
  • Fold in dried out fruit
  • Top with nuts
  • Fold in blueberries

To make the extra pound cake as cupcakesyou simply should lower the cooking time. Begin inspecting at 20 mins. When a skewer jabbed right into the facility of the cupcake comes out without crumbs, they are ended up.

To make the extra pound cake in a bundt frying pan,make certain the frying pan is floured as well as well greased. Depending upon the dimension of your bundt frying pan could should increase the dish to load it. That being stated, do not load it to the leading due to the fact that the cake will certainly climb.


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