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Health News (Week 11– 2018)
By Robert Redfern

This was the heading of an e-newsletter I simply obtained. I assumed it was a puzzling remark which the author was actually capturing the visitor’s focus so they might after that strike them with all the factors not to consume sugar.

I was incorrect. They were stating that some sugar and also various type of sugar are OKAY. I had no choice yet to clarify my tackle this.

Just to be clear on this:

When you consume a completely sugar-free diet plan (a Ketogenic diet plan with healthy and balanced fats) you will certainly begin to recoup whatever else you take or do,

The researches on this return in background perhaps countless years yet the even more official researches began in the 1920’s and also remain to today.


One of the a lot more unusual problems it lowers or quits is epilepsy. When I asked physicians why they do not suggest it they just state the general public are not to be depended adhere to it and also it is more secure to provide medications with severe adverse effects.

Diabetes/Metabolic Syndrome

Diabetes is harder for physicians to utilize the exact same reason. Researches reveal that simply 2-4 weeks on a ketogenic diet plan will certainly clear Diabetes Type 2. Currently physicians might securely suggest this. Also the person could evaluate their very own blood sugar level degrees and also the ketones to suggest the Keto Plan is functioning.

The technique registered nurse or diet professional might sustain the person over the 4 weeks in order to help them maintain to the strategy. Why do most physicians not suggest it? The trouble is that Doctors, Nurses and also State Registered Dieticians are all instructed that condition is not brought on by diet plan and also as a result could not perhaps treat many points.

PCOs and also Other Gynaecological Problems

As well as nutrient shortages, sugar and also carbohydrates are the prime root cause of these problems creating high degrees of Glycosylation (Glycation) and also hormonal agent disturbance. When you have actually consumed carbohydrates and also healthy protein at the exact same dish (or quickly after each various other), this could take place. It likewise occurs with some foods prior to you consume them such as toasting parsnips, blackened/grilled high-sugar web content veggies and even smudged salute … specifically utilizing multi-seed wholegrain bread.

Autism And Other Conditions On The Spectrum

Ketogenic diet plans lower mind cell over-stimulation in all minds and also not simply epilepsy. Just what’s even more, they show up to profit practices despite adjustments in seizure task. A research study of 30 youngsters with autism located that 18 revealed some enhancement in signs and symptoms after adhering to an intermittent ketogenic diet plan for 6 months.

The obstacle with all Ketogenic researches is that they require researches in a research study centre where food is kept an eye on. An instance of staying with the strategy: A girl with autism that complied with a gluten-free, dairy-free ketogenic diet plan for numerous years skilled remarkable enhancements. These consisted of; resolution of somber excessive weight and also a 70- factor boost in INTELLIGENCE.

Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson’s Disease (PD) is a nerve system problem defined by reduced degrees of dopamine generating numerous signs and symptoms, consisting of shakes, damaged position, rigidity and also problem creating and also strolling.

Anne and also I nursed her dad for years to maintain him off medications and also from the assisted living home with his PD. We were much less rigorous regarding staying with an outright Ketogenic diet plan yet it still functioned rather well for years. When he went in a nursing house his diet plan was the normal carbohydrate mush and also he went downhill really quickly.

In an unchecked research study, 7 individuals with PD complied with a traditional ketogenic diet plan. After 4 weeks, 5 of them balanced a 43% enhancement in signs and symptoms. The primary problem the carer likewise has is to adhere to the exact same prepare for the people to adhere to … yet it’s worth it.

Traumatic Brain Injury

Traumatic mind injury could arise from a strike to the head, going a football, boxing, an auto mishap, whiplash, or a loss in which the head strikes something. Any one of these could have disastrous results on physical feature, memory, clinical depression, character and also senility.

Studies are suggesting the earlier a Ketogenic diet plan is complied with the much faster swelling and also electric motor feature boost. I do not have a healing prepare for this yet however both supplements to choose the Ketogenic diet plan are Liposomal BrainPower and also ReFocus. All researches get on pets which I differ with given that there are no security researches required. If you endure from any of these head problems given that there is never ever a disadvantage to adhering to a Ketogenic diet plan, do not wait for regulated human researches.

Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer’s Disease is a kind of mental deterioration believed by some to be brought on by plaques and also tangles in the mind. I think researches that suggest Fungus is the only usual variable of the reasons that hinder memory. Researches reveal that supplementing individuals’s diet plans with Coconut oils, MCT oils and also a Ketogenic diet plan to enhance ketone degrees boosts Alzheimer’s signs and symptoms.

It Always Works

A Ketogenic diet plan benefits every problem, also Cancer and also Anti-Aging. You do not need to wait to obtain unwell to begin a Ketogenic diet plan.

The Essential Steps for a Ketogenic Diet:

Lifestyle adjustments

  1. Avoid refined foods, junk foods and also sugar.
  2. Avoid starchy carbohydrates such as bread, rice, potatoes, pasta, cookies, breads, morning meal grains, biscuits and also associated items.
  3. Add sea salt or rock salt to your foods for extra minerals.
  4. Replace your starchy carbohydrates with healthy and balanced options such as quinoa and also various other alternatives as described at www.ReallyHealthyFoods.com
  5. Consume a minimum of 5 parts of nuts, seeds or beans daily.
  6. Boost your intake of veggies to 5 to 10 portions each day.
  7. Consume 3 to 5 parts of dark-skinned, low-sugar fruits each day.
  8. ONLY consume wild captured, oily fish such as wild Alaskan salmon, sardines or black cod/sablefish, which are all high in omega-3 fats.
  9. Choose paleo grass-fed meat alternatives.
  10. Drinking lots of water is a have to: beverage 6 to 8 250 ml/8fl oz glasses each day and also include a pinch of bicarbonate of soft drink.
  11. Foods high in omega-3 are important for health and wellness; These consist of Krill oil, Olive oil, Coconut oil, MCT oil and also Hemp oil in your diet plan.
  12. Walking each day is important for both of you to boost cell, blood circulation and also oxygen health and wellness.
  13. See the complete strategy in any one of my e-books that will certainly assist both you and also your family members’s health.

See dishes at www.ReallyHealthyFoods.com


All human health issue are brought on by inaccurate foods, absence of nutrients and also not strolling sufficient. Begin today to deal with these and also relocate in the direction of Good Health.

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