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Well being Information (Week 12 – 2020)
By Robert Redfern

I’ll current all of this info afterward my FaceBook stay HealthNews.
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Simply because the Colleges, Companies, Airways, Sporting Fixtures and Civil Liberties are being closed and presumably bankrupted throughout the western democracies, the Chinese language introduced immediately that no extra new instances of Corona-Virus have been recognized. Even the BBC reporter in China has confirmed that restrictions have been lifted and households are strolling out into the spring sunshine.

Not So Good Information

The BBC appear to be pushing for a extra authoritarian method and though it reported the excellent news, it’s spending 90% of its airtime justifying restrictions and even used the phrase, ‘martial regulation’ this morning.

Police are to be given the facility to arrest somebody they ‘suppose?’ is contaminated. The problem is that the authorities and politicians in Western international locations have by no means had such powers over their populations and let’s hope the populations cease acquiescing and demand a extra balanced method.

Good Information Coming

In China they’ve been treating these effected with Vitamin C IV and Beta Glucan. I’m positive they are going to have sodium bicarbonate within the IV since even western emergency rooms embody this of their emergency therapy.

Fujifilm Holdings Corp have efficiently examined an antiviral drug in China and Japan. The Japanese authorities mentioned it could advocate using Fujifilm’s anti-flu drug Avigan to deal with individuals sickened by coronavirus.

Are you continue to in danger?

95% of the inhabitants had been by no means vulnerable to dying even in the event you contracted CoronaVirus.

The individuals on this 95% group who’ve contracted CoronaVirus could not even know they’ve it or get the signs of seasonal flu.

These within the 95% group who’re overweight or eat a junk meals weight loss plan could grow to be severely sick and wish hospital therapy. Even on this final group it is extremely uncommon for dying to happen.

The individuals at extreme threat of dying are these affected by lung illnesses or coronary heart failure. Deaths on this group are already many instances increased than the 95% group. It could be unattainable to know whether or not they died from CoronaVirus or in the event that they had been because of die from their lung illness – since 2000 individuals die EVERY WEEK within the UK from these circumstances.

I fear that the authorities are making the case for CoronaVirus DEATHS quite than admitting nearly any an infection might have tipped these individuals over the sting.

Assist your restoration from lung illness or coronary heart failure.

I repeat, my mom died on the younger age of 62 of Lung Illness or quite coronary heart failure from lack of oxygen because of failing lungs. My Lung Restoration ebook was the very first ebook I wrote almost 20 years in the past. I wrote this after many individuals efficiently recovered that had adopted my lung well being plan. Since then I’ve refined the plan however I should be very clear, the weight loss plan and life-style is the reason for Lung Illnesses. Dietary supplements could not save an individual that doesn’t change their life-style.

That is the plan in my ebook particularly for these in danger:

  1. Cease all grains, cereals, breads, truffles, cookies, breakfast cereals, potatoes and pasta.
  2. Cease all excessive sugar meals and drinks.
  3. Eat largely greens, salads, dark-skinned fruits, nuts, seeds, and pulses (natural if potential).
  4. Cease fat recognized as unhealthy (saturated or trans fat equivalent to margarine, soy, corn oils, and so forth) and eat excessive ranges of wholesome fat (avocados, coconut oil, olive oil, and so forth).
  5. Quit smoking, cease utilizing cleansing chemical substances, avoid automobile fumes, preserve your home properly ventilated.
  6. If your home is damp and smells of fungus, transfer out and stick with a buddy or relative. In the event you can’t transfer out to stick with anybody else then buy a twig bottle with a robust misting motion and blend sodium bicarbonate (baking Soda) and spray.
  7. Drink 6 x 500ml (16oz) glasses of water over the day with a ¼ teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate in every glass. Sodium Bicarbonate could be delivered with Magnesium or with Vitamin C by IV. This wants a health care provider or a professional nurse. You’ll be able to put this ¼ teaspoon on distilled water in a nebuliser and breathe it deeply into the lungs.
  8. In the event you can, stroll up to five miles each day. If this isn’t potential be taught diaphragmatic respiration which you’ll find on-line or in my eBook.
  9. Take the lacking vitamins which might be now not within the meals (even natural).
  10. 10. Get out into the sunshine and get as a lot pores and skin uncovered as potential. Until like in Spain you get arrested for venturing out into the sunshine. (I’m not joking about Spain).

Bear in mind:

Wholesome individuals who eat a nutritious diet usually are not in danger. If you’re in danger, get began immediately and ask for any provide help to want.

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