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Health News (Week 15– 2018)
By Robert Redfern

Will You Live Longer?

The media is excellent at handing down phony information from federal governments as well as the clinical mafia, in addition to introducing brand-new ‘advancement’ therapies that never ever rather meet the news down the line.

One of the grand declarations that they make is that “we are all living longer”. They make this case for 2 factors, they wish to declare that the trillions invested in clinical therapies is the reason for all of us living much longer. They likewise utilize this case as the reason pension plan plans (AKA Pension Pyramids) are lacking cash. Both of these cases are as phony as federal government financial preparation.

The Facts:

Just in instance you have actually been deceived by the careless coverage by the media as well as the clinical system, ‘Life Span Expectancy’ is for how long you will certainly anticipate to live from birth to fatality which is altered by even more children enduring as well as ‘Life Expectancy’ is for how long you anticipate to live from a particular age e.g. from 65.

Of training course, healthier children were birthed in the duration after WW2 so there are even more individuals around. At 72, and also as I’m creating this post, I would like to know for how long my age could anticipate to live.

In New York in the 1890 s, a 65 year-old individual’s ‘Life Expectancy’ would certainly have been around 7 years. Life in New York in the 1890 s was difficult as well as absolutely not healthy and balanced. With all of the breakthroughs in tidy water, great sewer systems, more secure food, as well as trillions provided to the clinical mafia, the span has actually boosted by ONLY 6 years.

In truth in Athens, Greece, 2000-2500years back, a 65 years of age individual would certainly anticipate to live to the exact same age as an individual today.

In fact, the entire of the multi-trillion clinical study as well as therapy system is providing life span very little far better compared to in New York, over 120 years back as well as in Greece countless years ago when Hippocrates practiced healthcare.


Hippocrates lived around 2400 years back in Greece as well as is thought about to be the papa of medical care. As a doctor he exercised medical care primarily by diet plan as well as apparently created the expression, “allow food be your medication as well as medication be your food”.

The Medical Mafia that are reported as one of the leading 5 reasons of fatality must repent of itself as it utilizes the name of Hippocrates in its ‘Hippocratic’ Oath that clinical physicians are reported to take. “First Do No Harm” which ended up being the Hippocratic Oath taken by all physicians.

It is a pity the existing clinical system has actually neglected his trainings as well as his Oath. It is extra like a ‘Hypocritical Oath’, with their hazardous medications as well as unneeded surgical treatment.

Will You Live Longer?

You require a strategy about for how long you will certainly live. “If you do not have a strategy you prepare to stop working,” inning accordance with just what you check out in Personal Development publications. I concur with this declaration as well as I have my very own strategy.

My moms and dads were looked after by the clinical system as well as were both dead prior to aged 64 yet at aged 72, I prepare (as well as anticipate) to live longer compared to100 Did you discover I stated ‘strategy’ as well as not ‘really hope’? , if you desire an objective you need to have a strategy as well as comply with the strategy.. Wishing is inadequate.


Diseases are all brought on by a mix of an abnormal diet plan, high in carbohydrates, sugars as well as doing not have in crucial nutrients.

Not consuming alcohol water, not taking adequate raw salts, resting longer compared to 3-4 hrs daily, not strolling sufficient to obtain the body oxygenated, tension, as well as inadequate sunlight on your body all add as well.

All of these integrate to compromise your body immune system, hence leaving you available to condition.


Not adhering to a health strategy will certainly integrate to compromise your body immune system which is accountable for maintaining cancer cells in order. My Proof? The clinical system understand this as well as have actually lately evaluated immunotherapy medications with impressive outcomes yet you will not be provided as they have billions in revenue from the previous fell short therapies.

If they do, they will certainly as well as are billing up to 100,000each year for medications which set you back almost absolutely nothing. If they had actually incorporated it with an excellent wellness strategy, they can have had a close to 100% success price.

What can you do? Turn around the reasons outlined over as well as utilize my publication for your strategy to avoid or obtain a healthy and balanced body immune system that does not require medications.

Heart Disease

Countless research studies have actually connected infection with both the reason for obstructed arteries as well as fatality from cardiovascular disease. Several research studies have actually revealed healthy and balanced diet regimens as well as nutrient supplements could avoid as well as clear heart problem.

By boosting impromptu intends right into a full way of life strategy that likewise sustains a healthy and balanced body immune system, this will certainly take you closer to the 100% success price. Sticking with this strategy ought to provide you healthiness for as lengthy as you prepare to remain healthy and balanced.

Lung Disease

I make certain there are few individuals that typically aren’t currently conscious that infection is the awesome in lung condition, whatever title is provided to the problem.

My mommy passed away at aged 62 of lung condition as well as for several years I saw her essentially residing on anti-biotics. When did the physicians use a program of rehab at an insane asylum which was usual simply 100 years back– as well as is still recommended in some European nations, not.

Infection (germs, infection as well as fungi) just prosper in a body with a weak body immune system. Have a recuperation strategy to attain a solid body immune system as well as life could improve. My mommy passed away prior to I had actually investigated these points as well as the strategy in my publication has actually assisted plenty of victims over the past 20 years.

Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s etc

I have actually conserved one of the most tough up until last. Not since the strategy is any kind of tougher, it is simply tough for lots of people to understand that infection as well as way of life is the reason.

Like Hippocrates, my publications assist you to exercise healthcare as well as follow his popular mentor, “Let Food be thy Medicine, as well as Medicine be thy Food”. Also if you comply with medication extracting from the clinical system, the strategy in my books comply with, “First Do No Harm” so the strategy is 100% secure as well as could assist you to transform your life.

I am not exactly sure it is the leading reason of fatality as this info originates from charities as well as clinical resources, all with the feasible goal to obtain cash from public contributions as well as federal government.

It is fantastic that numerous millions has actually been invested in supposed Alzheimer’s study without any sensible outcomes, yet a research study from a college in California (UCLA) setting you back no greater than a couple of thousand bucks turned around Alzheimer’s making use of a strategy just like the one in my publication.

Did I point out body immune system? A pathology research in Spain recognized fungi in the mind of those that had actually passed away from Alzheimer’s yet ‘never ever’ fungi in the minds of various other fatalities.

Fungus just obtains a-hold with a weak body immune system. The healthiness strategy in my Alzheimer’s publication consists of whatever to provide a solid body immune system to get rid of all infection as well as particularly fungi.

We have some brand-new interesting services for mind problems consisting of BrainPower as well as Glutathione, although these have actually not yet been released in guide.


Like Hippocrates, my publications assist you to exercise healthcare as well as follow his popular mentor, “Let Food be thy Medicine, as well as Medicine be thy Food”.

Even if you comply with medication extracting from the clinical system the strategy in my books comply with, “First Do No Harm” so the strategy is 100% secure as well as could assist you to transform your life.

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