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Health News (Week 27– 2018)
By Robert Redfern

For those of you that are American, I wish to want you a really delighted Independence Day for the other day! I recommend Independence. Directly, I think the USA ought to have a Benjamin Rush Day. Thrill was a Founding Father, endorser of the Declaration of Independence, and also George Washington’s individual century medical professional. He was a buddy of Thomas Jefferson (that is frequently priced quote from letters to Rush), authored among the very first significant essays versus enslavement in the Colonies (in 1773), and also is taken into consideration by some to be the “Father of American Psychiatry”.

” Unless we placed clinical liberty right into the Constitution, the moment will certainly come when medication will certainly arrange right into a covert tyranny to limit the art of recovery to one course of Men and also reject equivalent advantages to others; the Constitution of the Republic ought to make a Special opportunity for clinical flexibilities in addition to spiritual liberty.”

Benjamin Rush

Leaving national politics and also the Deep State Military Complex apart, my objective is to concentrate assistance on assisting populaces of the globe to commemorate their self-reliance from the Medical Mafia. The Medical Mafia around the globe are collaborating with gotten and also spent for political leaders to obtain you linkeded on their medications– making it required to have inoculations from birth till fatality. Allow’s be clear: They do not really desire you to pass away as they shed a revenue stream. They enjoy for you to endure so they could maintain you linkeded on medications with the aid of the FDA.

” If individuals allow the federal government choose just what foods they consume [The FDA?] and also just what medications they take, their bodies will certainly quickly remain in as sorry a state as are the spirits that live under tyranny.”

Thomas Jefferson

The federal governments of the globe are determining just what foods you consume and also most absolutely choosing (also making oppressive regulations) regarding which medications you take.

Are you Independent from:

Sugar and also Carbs?

The federal governments and also food business are definitely mindful that sugar and also carbohydrates and also sweet beverages are addicting and also might also plain the mind. I could not believe of one more much better method of producing an undesirable populace that need to count on the Medical Mafia and also end up being drug-dependent compared to high-sugar foods. Sugar indirectly shuts down the body immune system and also feeds undesirable germs and also fungus/yeast in the body. This results in every condition, consisting of: Cancer, Heart Disease, Alzheimer’s and also Lung conditions– the greatest awesomes of the western globe. To be clear, you need to be extremely fortunate to pass away of old age.

Processed Foods?

Strange as it might appear, individuals are addicted to refined (or as I call it, scrap) food. Refined foods are not actually foods as they are nutrient-deficient and also enzymatically dead. Naturally, there are descriptions. One is that people are animals of practice, and also as soon as we do something sufficient times, we will certainly end up being addicted to it. Are the high degrees of scrap salt (salt with all of the great salts taken out) and also various other ingredients … all understood to be extremely addicting. I have actually never ever comprehended why actually healthy and balanced foods are not as addicting?!


When I got to the age of 40,

My self-reliance from cigarette came. It occurred secs after I took a call from my spouse Anne to inform me my 62- year-old mommy had actually passed away. My mommy passed away of lung condition, however she was still smoking cigarettes till the day she passed away. After the telephone call, the enslavement to smoking cigarettes all of a sudden went away, and also I came to be independent. If you smoke, do not wait till something troubles you to activate your choice … rather, end up being addicted to the wish for self-reliance.

Pharmaceutical Drugs (or narcotics)?

If there is a rise in the number of individuals waking up to medications not obtaining you healthy and balanced … however it really feels like that to me,

I do not recognize. It is not an instructional aspect, however if I needed to think, it appears to me that the university-educated courses have the tendency to rely on physicians and also the Pharma medicine system a little bit greater than the remainder of the populace. It might be because, like them, physicians mosted likely to college, and also if physicians are incorrect, after that they might question themselves. To be clear, there are numerous reasons individuals make a decision to end up being independent … and also awakening, as I did after the telephone call, is the genuine factor. Have you had a wake-up phone call? It might be Independence calling.

Peer Pressure?

This is just one of the hardest difficulties for those wishing to end up being independent. Your buddies and also loved ones, unless they are all a comparable mind, will certainly present refined and even straight-out resistance to your Independence. There are numerous factors for this, however I think it is due to the fact that they do not wish to think that they are a servant to these organisations. That, if you end up being Independent, they might shed you from the colleagues and also even worse … you will certainly end up being drug-free and also healthy and balanced, accidentally revealing that they were incorrect and also still a servant.

A Real Independence Day

I wish you, the Americans, appreciated event of self-reliance from the British, however like Bush and also Jefferson, I desire you to experience genuine Health Independence. We Europeans have our very own fights versus Pharma enslavement. We could be complimentary: This simply requires a wake-up phone call and also a “Declaration of Health Independence”.

Me and also the Health Coaches are below all the moment and also could sustain your prepare for health and wellness self-reliance. The books could be downloaded and install to offer you all the aid you require, and also every problem and also healing strategy could be discovered at www.NaturallyHealthyNews.com


Time is out our side. I waited till age 40, and also at 72, I have actually had incredible outcomes, however I was birthed in the days when food was allocated, and also we might just obtain fresh, in your area expanded foods that still had an excellent dietary material. The difficulty currently is that processed food and also beverages are widespread, and also anybody under 40 currently will certainly be weak and also have to assert their self-reliance immediately.

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