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Health News (Week 42– 2017)
By Robert Redfern

This is a repeat of an earlier e-newsletter as authorities all over the world are currently developing alarm system and also you will certainly check out fear headings such as:

” Flu stab caution: NHS cautions of MAJOR break out–
obtaining immunized can be life-saving”

” Overstretched health centers encounter winter season influenza dilemma”

” Get your influenza shots, cautions U.S., careful after Australia struck hard by flu”

All of these headings are developed to frighten everybody to obtain a FLU stab despite the fact that it is a small minority that would certainly profit.

So exactly what are the realities concerning FLU inoculations?

Only 3 individuals from every hundred could obtain some advantage 97% of the populace are terrorised to obtain a medicine infused right into their blood stream with suspicious long-lasting side results. When the 3 individuals that could profit, that are currently under close treatment of the physicians, can have silently been provided the the stab without these fear news release.

Who are the 3 from 100 that may profit?Seriously undesirable individuals currently dealing with harmful conditions.

What are the prompt negative effects of taking the Jab?The side-effects of the vaccination correspond the signs and symptoms of influenza: a stale or drippy nose, frustrations and also muscle mass pains, aching throat, anorexia nervosa, cools and also high temperature, and also earache. The medicine business reject you could obtain the FLU from inoculations.

What concerning the nose breathed in FLU Protection?Don’t also think of this. The prospective negative effects are ravaging as well as the medicine maker confesses in fact spreads out FLU.

So What Should You Do
( in addition to removing sugar and also carbohydrates?)

If you are in the seriously Ill phase of a life harmful condition after that ask your medical professional,

  1. If you have actually just recently begun adhering to a healing actually healthy and balanced foods diet regimen and also strategy from among my eBooks at www.NaturallyHealthyNews.com and also remain in healing after that adhere to the immune security strategy listed below and also particularly the Probiotics.
  2. If you are usually healthy and balanced and also desire to take safety measures from shedding time off job or just being contaminated after that adhere to the strategy listed below,

  3. When winter season approaches to remain solid,

  4. Seniors have a weak immune system and also must be adhering to the immune strategy.

My previous info:

To Jab or otherwise to Jab? That is the concern. My response with FLU (flu) is no. Even more to the factor those that have the FLU stab go to a higher threat of obtaining FLU.

All of the evaluations of research studies by independent scientists for FLU inoculations show they have little or no wellness advantages whatsoever for healthy and balanced individuals and also just those with significant health problems reveal any type of advantages. Even worse still, women that are expecting threat losing the unborn babies.

FLU Vaccine Can Cause A Miscarriage

A 2017 research study released in the Vaccine journal found that females that obtained the pH1N1 influenza vaccination for 2 years straight had actually a raised threat of having a losing the unborn baby within 28 days.

Most post-flu vaccination losing the unborn babies occurred in the initial trimester, with some in the 2nd. The brand-new study sustained the several insurance claims made by expecting females that reported miscarrying hrs or days after having their influenza shot.

Getting the influenza shot in the onset of maternity was linked
with nearly 8 times the threat of losing the unborn baby.

What Should You Do?

There are 3 teams of individuals: actually healthy and balanced individuals, actually undesirable individuals and after that everybody else that are someplace between these 2. The distinction in between undesirable and also healthy and balanced is straight pertaining to the quantity of starchy carbohydrates and also high sugar foods and also beverages taken in.

Eating an actually healthy and balanced foods diet regimen is your best option for a solid body immune system. Considering that we are coming close to the period when a lot more carbohydrates and also sugar are taken in as compared to other 4 month duration, I have some referrals to stay clear of FLU and also COLDS.

At the end of this 4 month duration is the greatest
variety of fatalities from infections.

The First Recommendation is For Those At Greatest Risk

1st Line is most likely one of the most effective all-natural supplement for promptly constructing your all-natural protections. First Line normally raises Thiocyanate degrees within the body that sustains the body immune system to fight several sorts of infection consisting of infections.

The 1st Line formula is patented by a British Chemist and also is included in water and also creates the exact same particles that comprise our body’s initial line of protection versus all sorts of microorganisms, yeast, fungi, influenza, infections and also bacteria.

Unlike anti-biotics, 1st Line does not ruin healthy and balanced microorganisms in the body. First Line is risk-free, very easy to make use of, a single therapy and also has no hazardous side-effects. I suggest for those at the best threat to take one dosage daily for a week and after that one each month. It could be made use of by individuals with an endangered body immune system to stop health issues, colds and also influenza and also to remain healthy and balanced on a regular monthly basis.

Daily Protection

Many years ago I lay out to develop the excellent formula to maintain us healthy and balanced and also to stay clear of the infections that happen as we age. At aged 71 I truthfully could not bear in mind being unwell with an infection. , if I had to presume it would certainly be 10 years back..

Below is an evaluation of the variables describing why each component (x10) was picked for the formula. It clarifies carefully about why it is the very best formula you could obtain (in my point of view) for a solid body immune system. This special mix of active ingredients (x10) could just be discovered with each other in Daily Immune Protection or D.I.P. as I describe it.

A Strong Immune System, To Stay Healthy …
Without a solid well balanced body immune system and also an equivalent solid body immune system reaction our bodies are unable of managing also the tiniest and also relatively most safe infections.

What are a few of the effects of direct exposure to these infections, particularly when the body immune system feature is jeopardized? Issues that you would not assume were discovered to be connected, such as:

  • Allergies
  • Out of control tension
  • Autoimmune condition
  • Inflammation
  • Weight battles
  • Digestive issues
  • Trouble resting
  • Aging also promptly

How does the body immune system shield us?

By triggering a body immune system reaction, either with the flexible or inherent body immune system. The actions of these body immune systems are identified initially by the body’s acknowledgment of international intruders and also their antigens (healthy proteins found on the intruder’s cell surface area) and also second of all, its reaction (assault) versus them.

D.I.P. equilibriums and also maintains both the flexible and also inherent body immune system actions in the body. This is due to the fact that D.I.P. is a body immune system “balancer” in contrast to various other immune items, which aim to unnaturally strengthen the body immune system.

All x10active ingredients in D.I.P are backed by study, they are:

  1. EpiCor ® (Dried Yeast Fermentate)– Super Antioxidant
  2. eXselen ™ Selenium– Critical immune Mineral
  3. Vitamin D3– Critical immune vitamin
  4. Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) Critical immune vitamin
  5. Zinc Glycinate Chelate 20% Critical immune Mineral
  6. Dimethylglycine HCL– Improves the body immune system and also absorption of Zinc
  7. Elderberry Fruit Extract 4:1– Stops the flu infection in its tracks
  8. Larch Arabinogalactan Powder– Supports development of your probiotics
  9. Immune Assist– Micron Powder– Medicinal mushroom remove
  10. Beta Glucan 1,3 (Glucan 85%)– Prompts all-natural immune awesome cells


  1. 1:st line Immune Kit— Your body’s initial line of protection versus infection.
  2. Daily Immune Protection (DIP)— Not simply an immune booster, DIP ALSO equilibriums immune reaction for ideal efficiency.
  3. Prescript Assist— This is my suggested Probiotic. , if you take a probiotic you need to actually consider this..
  4. Liposomal Vitamin C— Absorbs in the mouth and also is the nearby point to intravenous Vitamin C you could get.
  5. HydroSol Silver Spray— The ideal silver on the marketplace and also with


If you have a significant wellness issue after that call my Health Coaches for aid and also assistance at www.MyGoodHealthClub.com



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