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Health News (Week 45– 2017)
By Robert Redfern

Are You Still Taking Statins? Why?

Do you or somebody you enjoy still take statins due to the fact that you have been informed they will assist to conserve your life? I make sure the details you carry this originates from the clinical system that obtain all their details from the pharmaceutical service that are recognized phonies and also have actually been penalizeded billions for their deception. The lie is just that high cholesterol is a significant aspect as a root cause of high condition and also an even worse lie is that taking statins will certainly conserve your life.

How Big Is The Problem?

Many numerous thousands pass away yearly from heart problem, and also you would certainly anticipate your medical professional to provide you precise details regarding the source of the heart problem and also the fatalities that arise from it.

I can invest web pages pricing estimate the resources of my previous paragraph which are all top-level medical professionals, scientists and also teachers that are clear that statins are not the divine grail for avoiding sudden deaths from heart problem.

The Pharmaceutical market is not a health-care market, it is a condition treatment market. They generate income by you being and also remaining harmful. If they tip out of line they are out of a task, they provide the details through a taught and also tame clinical system that understands.

Worse still is that statins have negative effects such as reducing vital CoQ10which by itself is most likely to reduce your life. The last of the lies are revealed by the reality that fifty percent of all individuals that have cardiovascular disease have reduced or regular cholesterol.

These lies are misshaped by the several cases concerning negative and also excellent cholesterol however the reality is cholesterol, degrees are not the issue however just yet one more cautioning that we have an issue. Reduced cholesterol is a higher threat to our wellness.

What Are The Real Tests for Heart Disease?

There are 3 pens of heart problem and also sudden death however attempt asking your medical professional for an examination for this very first vital pen, and also you are not likely to obtain an indeed.

The First Test is for Homocysteinea chemical in the blood that is generated when an amino acid called methionine is damaged down in the body. Most of us have some homocysteine in our blood, and also a healthy and balanced examination needs to reveal a degree of 6. Every factor rise over this base degree is a sign of ill arteries and also disease of the heart and also ultimately sudden death. An unwell, at-risk degree, is around16 Obtain it examined whatever it takes and also ascertain to 6.

Why May I Not Get A Homocysteine Test From My Doctor?

Since it does not require medicines to fix,

Your medical professional is deceived concerning this primarily. If I was negative, your medical professional is misdirected due to the fact that, if you repair your Homocysteine, after that you are well on your method to excellent wellness, and also after that where is the earnings in healthy and balanced clients for the Pharmaceutical market?

High Homocysteine Is Too Easy To Fix?

The issue for the Pharmaceutical Industry is that reducing your Homocysteine is long-term and also very easy and also you do not require medicines.

All you should do is to transform to a healthy and balanced diet plan, consume even more fats and also take a supplement which contains the B vitamins consisting of folate as opposed to the artificial Folic Acid which medical professionals have actually been informed benefit you.

This is one more lie and also particularly negative for expectant ladies. There is a huge portion of the populace for which Folic Acid is ineffective but 100% of the populace take advantage of Folate. My formulas including Folate are B4Healthand also Active Live.

The Second Test is High C-Reactive Proteinwhich is something even more individuals read about, and also is a step of swelling in the blood. Those with high degrees depend on 4 times as most likely to pass away from coronary artery condition, cardiac arrest or stroke compared with those with reduced degrees.

Again, your medical professional will certainly not supply you the very easy option and also has actually been informed exactly what medicines they are enabled to supply. Once more, there is no earnings in a simple solution for the Pharmaceutical Industry.

The very easy solution for swelling in the blood is, transform to a healthy and balanced diet plan, beverage 6 glasses of water, and also to take anti-inflammatory enzymes and also curcumin. My formulas for swelling are SerraEnzyme, CurcuminX4000 or Serranol.

The Third Test Is For High Triglycerideswhich might become part of your medical professional’s examinations and also because the medicines are not suggested, they just might suggest fish oil (which appears odd?).

If they research the source of damages from High Triglycerides, they would certainly see that after consuming healthy and balanced fats, there is still a boost for a brief duration, however the negative fats and also carbohydrates are the actual offenders that do the damages.Unhealthy foods and also particularly consuming carbohydrates, sugar and also high sugar fruits.

The very easy solution for healthy and balanced Triglycerides is to comply with a healthy and balanced diet plan and also to take krill oil.
My suggested formulas are Krill Oil or Hemp Oil.

Studies Shows Diet is More Effective Than Statins

If you desire much healthier cholesterol degrees and also a reduced threat of heart disease, after that a brand-new research study at Harvard Medical School by researchers that checked out the arise from 49 different professional tests revealed that a much healthier diet plan was far better compared to statins.

Unfortunately, your medical professional might not be listening from this research study however might continue permitting medication firms and also their reps to provide prejudiced details.

Diet Is the Real Disease

The actual source of condition is diet plan, and also veteran visitors of my publications and also e-newsletters will certainly see, I have actually not transformed this suggestions for the past 25 years. Grains, grains, GMO foods and also pet feed in agriculture, together with refined foods are the prime reason, and also this is a much better and also a lot more precise pen for condition compared to high cholesterol. This pen is called ‘High Homocysteine’. High degrees (over the base of 6) rise threat of sudden death by as much as 10% for every single factor over base. A bad diet plan, particularly if doing not have in B-vitamins is the prime consider raised Homocysteine.

Where Does This Leave You?

I trust you are investigating all the details and also read this as component of your research study. If so after that these are the truths as for the most recent scientific research programs:

  1. Statins do not function to provide you a much longer much healthier life and also have various mind and body side-effects.
  2. High cholesterol is not a condition and also if anything, it’s a caution and also your body’s finest effort to secure your arteries from the inflammatory damages brought on by consuming grains, grains, and also various other abnormal foods.
  3. High Homocysteine is a condition and also reducing it will certainly assist you to live a longer and also much healthier life.
  4. This swelling is brought on by consuming grains and also grains and also various other abnormal foods. This consists of the supposed ‘healthy and balanced’ whole-grains.

How do you live a longer and also much healthier life?
Gain healthy and balanced cholesterol?
Achieve healthy and balanced Homocysteine?

  1. Stop all grains, grains, sugar, high sugar fruits. Yes, all them and also if doubtful– leave it out!
  2. Take B4Health Spray as the most effective and also most absorbable and also effective B-Vitamin facility.
  3. Take Active Life— 130 Nutrients/Vitamin/Minerals to provide a complete range of trace elements.
  4. 4. Think about UB8Q10 Ubiquinol if you are over 45. Take 50 mg x 2 times daily (this is x8 far better compared to regular CoQ10).
  5. Consider BlockBuster or Serranol as a lasting cardio anti-inflammatory.
  6. Consider Krill Oil or Hemp Oil.


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