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Health News (Week 46– 2017)
By Robert Redfern

I am simply checking out a story from an extremely trustworthy resource, WDDTY, and also the bottom lines by author Bryan Hubbard at WDDTY disclosed …

Mobile phones create deadly sort of mind cancer cells, significant research study anticipated to state

A crucial research study right into the safety and security of mobile (cell) phones is anticipated to report very early following year that the gadgets could cause one of the most deadly kind of mind cancer cells, glioblastoma multiforme (GBM).

The United States National Toxicology Program (NTP) will quickly launch the complete outcomes of its $25m research study task that entailed subjecting research laboratory computer mice and also rats to 10- minute ruptureds of cell-phone radiation for 2 years.

In a very early launch of the first searchings for, the NTP scientists uncovered that mind tumors had actually established in the male rats, which DNA in their minds had actually been harmed something that sceptics have actually claimed was not naturally feasible.


My Take On This

Firstly, you could discover the authorities will certainly state their very own research study is flawed and also for you to overlook it. Allow me be clear it has actually been well examined for several years and also this is simply an additional final thought that reveals electro-magnetic areas threaten.

Being enthusiastic concerning all-natural health and wellness in addition to being a technical nerd I have actually seen the proof structure over the past 20 years concerning the damages done to people by electro-magnetic area gadgets.

These areas are almost everywhere and also there is practically no put on planet where we could conceal from them and also it is worsening with 5G anticipated over the following 10 years. Aside from walking in an aluminium aluminum foil bubble fit, there is no area to conceal.

There Is A Simple Solution

Last November I was presented to a method to make use of a quantum result that would certainly not neutralise yet protect and also ensure all the different areas around us. I currently understood that every little thing in deep space is developed by quantum bits and also I am delighted at this very early use this strategy to secure us from these regularities developed by people.

6 months earlier, I presented Quantum gadgets that supply security from electro-magnetic-fields and also microwave areas made use of to send mobile phone signals. I additionally presented a gadget for allowing a cleaner and also extra effective gas melt in any kind of automobile to conserve the setting and also both loan.

1. HoloGuard™Makes your phone, tablet computer, cordless phone, or laptop computer risk-free to make use of and also could also remain in your pocket or alongside your ear for extensive durations. It does this by making the electro areas much safer and also does not obstruct the signals. When you are out and also around in the electro areas that are almost everywhere in cities and also communities, it also safeguards you (as long as you have it concerning your individual). When on an aircraft, it will certainly also secure you or your youngsters at institution or.

2. SafeHouse™is a gadget that you merely link into any kind of electric outlet to secure everybody in your house, workplace or perhaps resort area when taking a trip. In addition, this additionally neutralises a number of the various other contaminants in the areas consisting of outgasses and also mould.

3. QuantoGram PCD™Placed on or near the gas storage tank, PCD utilizes a quantum area to boost the framework of the gas, allowing a cleaner and also extra effective gas melt in any kind of automobile to conserve loan and also the setting.


Please do not be worried concerning existing damages to your cells. Like any individual with mind cell damages, BrainPower™ and also ReFocus™ have excellent researches revealing repair service and also regrowth. I take both given that I was not excellent at boxing and also was knocked senseless lot of times in addition to in motorbike collisions throughout my teenager years.

This is very important expertise that you could inform on your own concerning therefore I suggest checking out a few of my previous posts in Naturally Healthy News.

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So, finally:

Studies Indicate Electro Magnetic Fields (EMF) and also
WIFI Microwaves Are Not Safe

I am persuaded that quantum technicians could be made use of to secure us from these threats. I am additionally persuaded that together with much better and also cleaner automobile gases, there are numerous various other advantages ahead from making use of quantum technicians.

I assured 6 months ago that I will certainly have an online video clip discussion where you could experience the quantum result and also I am simply when establishing a little workshop, so keep an eye out for the statement.

Lastly, if you could not believe of a Christmas existing for friend or family, after that take into consideration a quantum existing. You could after that show its power at an event as I do right here in this fast video clip Anne and also I developed: Click Here

The Good News:
You and also your Family will live much healthier and also much longer.


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