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Well being Information (Week 46 – 2019)
By Robert Redfern

I’m writing this text on Diabetes Day. Most of what you learn within the media immediately will urge you to get your blood sugar ranges checked and seek the advice of your physician. I discover that actually complicated as I imagine that is so severe that on daily basis ought to be Diabetes Day.

Diabetes Sort 2 is solely a warning of ‘actually dangerous’ issues to come back. Dangerous issues? With no exaggeration…how about blindness? Coronary heart illness? Alzheimer’s? Amputations? Melancholy? Shorter life? To call just a few. Do you assume this warning ought to be ‘headlined’ on daily basis?

Will docs assist me to keep away from these ‘dangerous issues’?

There isn’t any doubt that the medicine that docs prescribe are suspect for the reason that research come from the pharma/medical mafia. In case your docs are these courageous souls ready to let you know about dietary supplements and alter to a Keto weight loss program change, they threat assaults by the Pharma/Medical mafia and should ultimately be fired. Sure, docs get fired for getting you wholesome.

What’s Diabetes Sort 2?

Diabetes Sort 2 is a situation attributable to:

  • Lack of many important vitamins akin to Vitamin D
  • Lack of greens and fruit within the weight loss program
  • Consumption of carbs and sugar and different processed stuff within the meals
  • Failure of the physique to clear resultant excessive glucose from the bloodstream

Diabetes’ Damaging Results

After we devour excessive ranges of sugar, carbs or excessive sugar drinks, your physique converts this to a different type of glucose. Excessive ranges of sugar within the bloodstream damages each your immune system in addition to organs in your physique. Given time your physique will convert this extra glucose to fats. With additional excessive ranges, your physique instantly instructs your pancreas to supply insulin which is programmed to dump this harmful quantity of glucose into your cells. The surplus sugar in your cells now creates one other downside.

Your cells are programmed to supply ATP utilizing 80% oxygen and 20% glucose. ATP is among the most important and important power sources for constructing and repairing the physique. It’s in nearly all of those features. After we upset this cycle with a awful weight loss program and lack of important vitamins (together with oxygen from lack of strolling), there’s a discount in ATP and therefore a discount within the physique’s means to restore itself. Then the entire ‘dangerous issues’ above begin to occur.

The answer? Click on on my eBook then learn and observe my plan and alter your life. The dietary supplements are there however what you are taking relies upon how severe your Diabetes 2 is. Register at www.MyGoodHealthClub.com for assist from a Well being Coach.

The elemental factor you are able to do is to observe a Keto weight loss program.

There are a lot of research for Keto for diabetes, however not all of them use the Keto title.

An instance is a non-profit charity group, ‘The Nationwide Weight problems Discussion board (NOF)’ revealed a paper entitled ‘Eat Fats, Reduce the Carbs and Keep away from Snacking To Reverse Weight problems and Sort 2 Diabetes’.

This report was based mostly upon scientific analysis and evaluation of the causes of the epidemic of ailments suffered or awaiting our youngsters within the close to future. The examine was the results of impartial professors and researchers trying into the reason for ailments.

This week I noticed simply how evil (or totally silly) with their abuse of our youngsters, some within the medical system, the federal government (right here within the UK) and the meals business is. As an alternative of supporting NOF, they as a substitute attacked and rubbished the report. There have been many interviews with the assault canines of the junk meals business, however the official authorities line was the worst and most abusive of our youngsters and their future (see my phrases in daring):

Professor John Newton, Chief Information Officer at Public Well being England, stated:

“Suggesting folks ought to eat extra fats, reduce out carbs and ignore energy, conflicts with the broad proof base and internationally agreed on interpretations of it”.

The proof is overwhelming ketogenic weight loss program (carb/sugar-free) will begin to reverse most ailments in simply 30 days. It doesn’t want paid hirelings of the so-called meals business to ‘interpret’ getting wholesome in 30 days another means.

The report from the Scientific Advisory Committee on Diet on carbohydrates alone included round 600 peer-reviewed scientific studies. That evaluation was carried out over a number of years, reflecting how lengthy it takes to think about proof forward of fixing dietary pointers completely. These are meals business paid or influenced studies and are meaningless.

We interact with a broad vary of stakeholders once we make modifications to recommendation, and this consists of representatives of the food and drinks business. Because the group that encourages the federal government on dietary pointers, it will be irresponsible for us to not interact with those that produce and market the meals all of us eat. “This exhibits the federal government think about their views and pursuits above these of our youngsters and their futures”.

Our precedence is to advise the general public, clearly and persistently, basing the recommendation on broad, sturdy and goal proof. To enhance weight loss program, scale back weight problems ranges, the chance of great diseases, and coronary heart illness, Sort 2 diabetes and a few cancers, our recommendation stays that individuals ought to:

  • Base meals on starchy carbohydrates, particularly wholegrains
  • Eat no less than 5 parts of quite a lot of fruit and greens every day
  • Reduce on meals and drinks excessive in saturated fats, salt, sugar and energy

This is similar recommendation and the identical weight loss program that has induced the mass epidemic of illness over the previous 60 years together with; Diabetes, Quick-Sightedness, Macular Degeneration, Most cancers, Lung Illness, Coronary heart Illness and now mind ailments akin to Alzheimer’s.

The weight loss program in my books (and a whole bunch of different writers/researchers) show the federal government, medical system and junk meals business mistaken.

For Readability:

Sugar is the toxin that’s the prime reason behind illness and infections (it poisons our immune system).

Sugar is starchy carbs, bread, pastry, cookies, potatoes, breakfast cereals, rice, parsnips and wheat pasta. Reduce it out and exchange with wholesome options that you’ll discover at www.ReallyHealthyFoods.com

To get wholesome kids and guarantee their (and your) disease-free future, you’ll want to change your loved ones life-style to:

  • Eat ten or extra greens and fruits per day (in smoothies, soups, salads, stir-fries, cooked or uncooked
  • Eat loads of fats per day in avocados, nuts, fish and (natural) meats/chickens/eggs (Fats is a greater supply of power than sugar and important to your kids’s brains)
  • Eat loads of wholesome nuts, seeds, beans and pulses
  • Drink pure water because the prime supply of liquid consumption
  • Ensure you take natural minerals or get 1-Three teaspoons of rock or sea salt on daily basis in your weight loss program
  • Stroll Three-5miles every day


Everybody wants these for good well being if they’ve diabetes:




As an entire full-spectrum multivitamin, ActiveLife™ gives 130 vitamins in a single single capsule to help your good well being. Comprises a patented type of 5-MTHF Folate, making it good for 100% of the inhabitants and the 25% who can not soak up Folic Acid. Appropriate for vegetarians.

Comprises Ceylon Cinnamon together with American Ginseng, Bitter Melon, Chromium, Fenugreek, Gymnema Sylvestre and Nopal to help blood sugar ranges. Might assist these with Diabetes Sort 2 and help regular utilisation of hormones. Appropriate for vegetarians and vegans.

Customized cultured soil based mostly microflora that may profit good intestine well being. Supplies “Bio-An identical” soil-born organisms (SBOs) lacking from the fashionable weight loss program. Helps stronger digestion, immunity and general well being. Appropriate for vegetarians and vegans.

Keep in mind:

This extreme illness wants severe adherence to a plan. Extra well being info is obtainable by downloading my eBooks.

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