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Health News (Week 51– 2017)
By Robert Redfern

Turmeric Is NOT Curcumin

Long-time visitors will certainly recognize my interest for Curcumin as well as the nearly unbelievable advantages you could get from taking it. The concern of my e-newsletter today is once more, regarding me ducting my stress at the deceptiveness (or pure lack of knowledge) when online marketers (as well as some researchers) make use of words Turmeric as well as blend it up with words Curcumin.
They are not the very same!


Turmeric is a plant. The origin of turmeric extract is a typical yellow Asian seasoning utilized to flavour foods along with being utilized as a restorative over hundreds of years. It is terrific for food preparation as well as amazing as a restorative.
It is not Curcumin!


Curcumin is a compound (called a curcuminoid) removed from the origin of the turmeric extract in small quantities. Curcumin has several research studies revealing that it has fantastic recovery anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, antifungal as well as antiviral buildings.

Curcumin Studies

Curcumin is a compound (called a curcuminoid) removed from Tumeric. If you browse MEDLINE (PubMed) on the web there more than 1,800research studies currently noted for Curcumin as well as most of them reveal: Cancer (cell development), Skin Cancer (problems of the skin), Arthritis, Alzheimer’s Disease, Digestive System Disorders, Lung Disease, Bacteria, Viruses, Fungi, Parasites, Heart Disease as well as Liver Damage. As you could picture, there are much a lot of to discuss!

To perplex the concern, most of the research studies discuss the research is for Turmeric when they imply Curcumin. This is an instance of the sloppiness of several researchers.


Many online marketers utilize this complication to offer Curcumin watered down with Turmeric– yet beware. Curcumin is the energetic component, as well as Turmeric is an economical kitchen area seasoning utilized as opposed to the genuine Curcumin to mass it out.

For 15 years, I have actually dealt with Curcumin as well as have actually advised this fantastic component to assist sustain a wide variety of illness. Whether you are simply looking into for basic wellness or whether it is for an extra severe wellness recuperation strategy … Curcumin needs to belong to the solution you require.

It is so excellent I suggest it as a prime therapy for cancer cells. I question whether medical professionals will certainly ever before suggest this to you. The truth is that when something just as good as this meets Big Pharma, it will certainly constantly be subdued (in spite of the 1,800research studies!)

That’s why I created my e-book that information the entire history on this one-of-a-kind nutrient. From my e-book you will certainly:

  • Get a mutual understanding of Curcumin
  • Its historic usage
  • When fighting illness


  • Discover the duty that Curcumin could play.
  • Identify whether Curcumin could aid you

I additionally have loads of write-ups on www.NaturallyHealthyNews.com, which you could locate by looking for ‘Curcumin’.

Here are some connect to ones based upon research studies that I recognize you will certainly locate intriguing:

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Absorption Is Critical

When taken as a supplement, VERY LITTLE Curcumin is taken in as well as in research studies, 25 pills of common curcumin were had to obtain advantages. I suggest an item that uses the ideal absorption!

The Curcumin that I suggest is called CurcuminX4000 as well as this includes MERIVA as well as makes use of brand-new innovation to raise absorption.

A released research reveals that this depends on x23much better compared to common Curcumin while an unpublished research asserts maybe x45much better! One container will certainly last roughly 2 months if you comply with the guidelines. You could take a lot more relying on your important demands.

Exciting New Curcumin Formula

You might have checked out research studies that reveal Curcumin is useful for several problems of the mind, neck, throat as well as head. When taken by pills is challenging yet the brand-new appropriately called BRAINPOWER resolves all of these issues, to obtain Curcumin taken in right into these locations.

BrainPower includes Curcumin in a liposomal kind, much like my CurcuminX4000, yet in a fluid kind that could be soaked up in the mouth as well as right into the blood stream offering the throat, neck as well as mind.

As well as Liposomal Curcumin, BrainPower additionally includes an advanced component called Liposomal RESVERATROL. Resveratrol is an antioxidant supplement sourced from the skin of numerous berries as well as red grapes. This might provide every one of the advantages of grapes without going using the gastrointestinal system. The very early research studies reveal it might slow down aging.


All conditions are triggered by inaccurate foods, absence of nutrients, not consuming adequate water as well as stagnating sufficient. Beginning today to deal with these as well as relocate to Good Health.

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